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... How Idiotic !! [#the height of juvenile idiocy]...

.. yeah , that damn Buzzfeed video .

.. POTUS actually participated in the damn thing . Even worse , it was an ad for Buzzfeed . 41 more words

Personal Opinion

BuzzFeed is experimenting with news video 

In the same way that BuzzFeed started out focused on lighter content like listicles and then moved into narrative and investigative journalism, the company is taking steps to insert more news into its video operations. 57 more words


Twitter Effectively Makes Tweets Longer With Handful Of New Tweaks

Twitter is making a series of product tweaks that will allow you to cram more characters into a tweet, and finally ditch the “.@” syntax when you want to start a tweet with someone’s username. 55 more words


Approved catcalls of Buzzfeed

So now Buzzfeed is going to tell me what catcalls I prefer. Personally, I don’t care much for catcalls. Yeah, they’re dumb, but I don’t know, I like people telling me I’m beautiful xD But these are things you can easily ignore and if it’s getting creepy then call the police.


「FBI, DON’T MOVE!」 呢句嘢我哋睇戲睇劇成日都聽到,但係若果你有能力講到呢句嘢又會點呢?




Tool & Sources

My favorite social media tools to listen to and monitor trends are Facebook and Instagram. I particularly enjoy using Facebook because I can simultaneously monitor what is happening in my friend’s personal lives, but also what is trending in other peoples lives around the world. 506 more words

Why put people in categorys?

So, i’ve just been stalking YouTube and watching videos about all kinds of things as i stumble upon a video from 2014 (Lol, OS right?) about a “new” term and/or definition of people who like to be creative but also moneymaking. 417 more words