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The Best Books of 2016

I was talking to a friend the other day, someone who shared my love for literature and I mentioned that I’ve been reading a lot of contemporary fiction and nonfiction as of late — that I feel like I should delve into classics a little bit more. 520 more words


The Lost Cause

I looked it up,

The thing about rainbows…when none are in sight

What do you do with a fallen, broken

Rain-drenched world?

Ignore the indirect saturation of light (filtered through heavy… 119 more words

Child Advocacy

Women Test Their Breast Cancer Risk

” I need to know for my own health and wellness.” Discover more at Color.com.

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Women Try Holographic Lip Glosses

Holosexuals, is this worthwhile?

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Which "Final Fantasy" Hero Are You?

With great hair comes great angst.

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Jaesa. Finally an easy one, whew RT @BuzzFeed: Which “Final Fantasy” Hero Are You?

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When You’re New To Makeup

I do not require brushes. I can simply utilize my hands!

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