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These Animals Danced With Their Reflections For The First Time And Turned It Out

Ape-ography FTW!

Some wildlife experts stuck a mirror in the middle of the Nyonie forest, in Gabon, Africa to see how animals would react to it. 52 more words


Here's How To Make A Tiny Stuffed Animal For Your Cat

Your cat won’t know you love her if you don’t give her presents.

Here’s all the materials you’ll need:

1. Felt
2. Scissors
3. A pen… 132 more words


This Strong Independent Dog Don't Need No Human To Fill Up Her Pool

Yaaass, girl, yaaass.

This 6-month-old Labrador named Maddie knows how to summer.

youtube.com / Via youtube.com

Take note, all other dogs: This is how you do it.

Via youtube.com



18 Faces Everyone Who Has Raised A Puppy Will Recognize

It’s not all cuddling and cuteness.

The “How Do You Have To Pee So Often” Face.


The “I Guess I’m Never Sleeping Comfortably Again” Face. 33 more words


I am an Ambivert

I know Buzzfeed probably isn’t the list reliable source of information but, with its help, I have concluded that I am an ambivert.

Ambivert is to be both -or neither- introvert and extrovert. 612 more words