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Ex-American Apparel Chief Rallies Workers To Organize At Secret Meeting

Dov Charney appealed to more than 300 current and former textile workers this past Saturday in a backyard meeting in South Central Los Angeles. The American Apparel founder was officially fired in December but refuses to walk away from the company he created in the late ’90s. 1,316 more words


Fuck The Dress (or, I am not a lemming)

First of all, I’m not even sure if lemmings actually follow each other off of cliffs. And I don’t feel like looking it up, despite the fact that it probably took me longer to write this sentence than it would have to find out. 310 more words

Digital Video

Desperate Prince

Oh dear.
Why do I feel like this is how it really happened?
Those poor princesses.
Good thing they were able to look past the personalities… 11 more words


4 Clickbait Questions You Were Afraid to Ask—The Answers May Surprise You!

We’ve all heard whispering and grumbling about the proliferation of clickbait, those irresistible, attention-grabbing headlines that have become an inescapable part of the social media landscape. 573 more words

Marketing & Advertising

The Body and Self-Empowerment

March 1 marked the end of the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week (EDAW)! While I was a little disappointed about the lack of outreach programs at my university, it was very pleasing to see the amount of media attention this topic created. 352 more words


Creative Genius

In just a few short months, CreComm students will be working, quite possibly, their last “summer” job. Because of the technologically advanced world we live in, we have the flexibility of using a bit more creativity when applying for jobs. 198 more words

This Incredible Photo Of A Baby Weasel Riding A Woodpecker Is Straight Out Of A Children's Fantasy Book

It’s a photo of a weasel trying to kill a woodpecker. Le-May, a hobby photographer, was taking a walk with his wife through the Hornchurch Country Park in east London in the hopes of her seeing a green woodpecker for the first time. 62 more words