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Black People Don't Exist

The hetero-normative racist confusion smiddling about in the ethos of today’s giraffe community has made me question the validity of Dr. Hugh Janus and his dim-witted medical minions’ claims that include the notion that no cats have real teeth, all men named Terrence are on rogaine, and that black people don’t exist. 97 more words


The Explosion of Home Sewing Enthusiasts

A little off topic today, but here’s a Buzzfeed article I recently wrote…

Goodbye cyber cafes; hello sewing studios.

In Paris, you can rent a sewing machine by the hour to go along with your coffee and croissant. 1,232 more words

Thoughts & Memories

This Lion That Appears To Be Laughing His Ass Off Is Disturbingly Hilarious

So hil-RAWR-ious!

The wild is a fierce ass place, no lie! But it’s not always that way. Sometimes to assert your dominance you just gotta laugh your ass off, like this… 70 more words


7 Famous Dogs Who Could Run A Company

Click to see which lovable canines could run your company in the case of a dog-pocalypse!


Company: Protection services. Would you mess with a 25-foot tall dog? 205 more words


14 Cuties Who Could Definitely Break The Internet

It was tough competition, but these cuties out adorabled everyone on the Cute or Not app! Prepare your heart for a whole lot of cute. 71 more words


If The Cast Of "Friends" Were Tiny Little Cats

Could they BE any more cat?

A very neat cat with a particular palate, Meownica is often seen cleaning her paws and avoiding most store-bought cat foods. 116 more words