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This Is The Scary Good "Scream Queens" Drinking Game You Need

Good evening idiot hookers, it’s time to get drunk!

As you probably know by now, Scream Queens is like, far and away the best new show on TV. 15 more words


11 Bowls Of Oatmeal That Will Change Your Breakfast Forever

Because all you need when the weather gets cold is a hot bowl of delicious oatmeal.

Game-Changing Savory Oatmeal

Who said oatmeal needs to be sweet? 46 more words


American Kids Tried Dinners From Around The World And Their Reactions Were Next Level

“Another eyeball… Yaasss!”

Cut Video and SideChef gathered American kids to try dinners from around the world. You guessed it: The kids were ~very~ opinionated. 69 more words


Do You Own A Cat Or Does Your Cat Own You?

Have you accepted your place in the universe as a lowly, can-opening human?



12 Presidential Candidates Reimagined As Extinct Animals

Watch out for that Trumpatherium. You never know what he is going to do next!


Closest relative: Megatherium, a.k.a. an elephant-sized ground sloth. 205 more words


My latest obsession: Just Between Us

When I find something I like I usually obsess over it until I don’t like it anymore. Some people do this with music or food or TV series. 263 more words