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Something Different, Maine in The Early 70's

This is a bit of a departure as in recent years I spend most of my time taking pictures of nature in central Ohio so I beg my readers indulgence. 151 more words

Central Ohio Nature

Gloves Off

Now that I’ve had a taste of the good stuff, I wanted better!  The time had finally come go metric, get a scale and try one of the original recipes.  187 more words

B&W Film

Adventures in Bulk-Loading

Shooting film costs money. There is no denying it. With film one can easily estimate the cost of shooting a single frame of color film. For example: a roll of Portra 400 currently costs $7.99 on B&H.com. 284 more words



I tried a few more test shots w/the Canon and TMax (developed for 15m),and this time eureka, I got my first “good negative”!  While not perfect, I couldn’t be happier.  60 more words

B&W Film

One Step Back

I finally decided to actually try some new, unexpired film just for kicks (TMax 400).  Also, picked up a fresh battery for the oldie/goodie, the Canon AE-1 so I could get a as good an exposure as possible.  109 more words

B&W Film

Caffenol: The 2nd Attempt

My second go at Caffenol was much the same as the first.  Using all the same gear/film,  I once again was able to get an image from the negative but they were VERY dark/dense.  250 more words

B&W Film