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Minor updates

I’ve finally concluded that the story I’d been working on as a follow-up to City at the Top of the World is simply unworkable as a Choose Your Own Adventure story, and once you read it, you’ll see why. ¬† 197 more words

The Ep

Getting things together to start recording the 1st video off the upcoming Ep. The 1st single will be Fire and i definitely looking forward to adding the visuals to that track. 72 more words


Creatures Everywhere

First let me say that New Big Dragon is awesome…they have cool products, a blog, and they are going to release the twice doomed… 214 more words

Shadow Over Alfheim Pt 15: The Second Death of Nuromen

The latest session of of my B/X game saw the wild mage rejoining the party (yay! another arcane caster!). The conclusion of the run of the Maze of Nuromen was complicated slightly by the loss of the original player’s map from nearly a year ago and the player who normally maps’ absence that night. 1,240 more words


Work Hard.

Hard work pays off but you have to put in that time and effort. Anything worth having won’t come easy. Stay focused. Stay hungry. The best is yet to come.


GE Outlines Industrial Future With Massive Asset Sales and $50 Billion for Stock Buybacks

Just on Thursday afternoon, General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) was reported to be in talks to sell up to $30 billion in its real estate assets. 729 more words


What a $30 Billion Asset Sale Might Really Mean to GE

Reports were out on Thursday that General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) is close to selling a large part of its real estate holdings. As the company aims to shrink its finance and capital business, it seems as though the real estate portfolio would be the most logical space to look, outside of other credit receivables. 568 more words