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Where's the Beef?

Eating is fundamental, and if you don’t want to spend a fortune eating out every day of your life, then at some point you will venture into a grocery store.  763 more words


Tower of Zenopus Pt 3: Sopor Aeternus

At 1st level, it’s not about having a balanced party. It’s about having Sleep, goddamnit! And have it they did: we were back up to 4 party members yesterday, the fighter and magic user who missed last time and thus survived and the new fighter and dwarf that the players who died rolled up. 500 more words



Been working hard to get this album together. Picking songs, making the line up, taking care of paperwork and getting this cover art together. Also working with Gil Rios (www.GilRios.me) on some videos and promo content. 53 more words


Into the Tower of Zenopus Pt 2: TPK

We had a reduced party for the second session of Zenopus, with only two players showing up. I let them pick up a few mooks from just off the ship to help pick up the slack. 990 more words


The Forgotten Temple pt. 1: The Well Caves

The party landed itself in pretty hot water while exploring the Ulthar Hills, and by hot water I mean up on a barren ridge fighting a pack of griffons at the entrance to their lair.   37 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Into the Tower of Zenopus + plus some ranting

My first session of Tower of Zenopus went quite well Wednesday.  The players I had were enthusiastic and seemed to have a good time.  Drawing a map of Portown, even if it wasn’t a great map, was very helpful for improvising a few things here and there, getting a general idea of what was going on around the Tower and give players an idea of what they could do and where they could go.  1,400 more words