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BX polisi!

Citroën BX pernah menjadi unit armada kepolisian spanyol. Konon pernah ada 500 unit.

dikutip dari website www.nostalgia80.com ,

“As the police. Their work requires having a solid, fast and with the most advanced and find Citröen have known vehicle technology. 42 more words

More LL combat tweaks

I got a lot of positive feedback on social media channels for my weapons rules, although a few commentators highlighted that polearms seemed too powerful. I’m ok with polearms being more effective that most other weapons in combat, but that should only be part of their value. 411 more words


Danmaku Girls - Bullet Hell Bossfights for B/X

“You see an exasperated girl wearing a dress and an apron using a mop to clear cobwebs from around the wizard’s door. You’ve caught her eye; she stops sweeping and throws 10 million knives at you. 687 more words

Market Rally Has Insiders Making Massive Sales: Apple, Blackstone, Michaels Companies, IHS Markit, Hudson Pacific Properties and More

Nothing like a good old-fashioned market rally to get the insiders to part with some shares, and who could blame them? With two 10% or so corrections over the past year, a stock market hitting all-time highs is a gift-wrapped present for shareholders at major companies to take profits. 716 more words


4 Stocks to Buy Yielding 8% or More as Yields Continue Plunge

Most investors know that buying the U.S. 30-year Treasury bond at a 2.17% yield logically makes little sense, especially with yields hitting lows seen just once in almost 60 years. 712 more words


B4: The Lost City - Pt 9 (Conclusion)

I managed to finish off B4 last friday, which is good, because I was beginning to feel at the end of my DM rope. I don’t really know if my players enjoyed it or not, but the various issues I was having with the module’s design had turned running it into a chore. 812 more words


B4: The Lost City - Pt 8

Last friday should have been our final session in the Lost City, but because of how things played out, we’ll be having one more session so that there’s at least a nice epilogue. 895 more words