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My Journey

Ppl be quick to judge without getting the full story. This 1st release will just be a sample. A taste. Just some music to tickle your ears. 36 more words


Doing It Wrong When It's Right There In the Book pt 2: Magic in B/X

We’re all familiar with how magic in Dungeons & Dragons works, right? You have your daily spell slots with the spells you memorized from your book, you gain new spells by finding scrolls and enemy wizards’ spell books and adding them to your own. 1,458 more words


Rations In The Post-War Era

The whole idea of rations sounds so World War II–doesn’t it?

Anyway here’s the lowdown on how fuel rations work.  Once you get through the labrynthian obstacle course that is registering your car, you will be given paperwork that you will then take to the BX customer service counter-along with your car registration from Pass & Reg.  240 more words


BRICK New York Meets FIT RxN

30 Minutes CYCLING
30 Minutes TRX
30 Minutes B|X
with Mr. Ray, Coach Heidi, Brennan and Jeff
90 Minute unbelievable SWEATFEST!

FIT Events

Weekly market round-up: 13 July 2015

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.
– Benjamin Franklin


The Amazing Capital Cities Roll-Up
Some of you fellows may think I tie you to Capital Cities by corrupting you with compensation and stock options. 196 more words


Spencer Feels for Kate

Spencer’s heart sank. Oh, no. This will not be good. He continued on to his station, where he dropped into a chair and blew out his breath. 218 more words



I wanna take this time to thanks those who have been supporting me thus far. I really appreciate your efforts. The likes, shares and comments. It’s still a long road ahead but with your help I know I’ll make it. 50 more words