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B4: The Lost City - Part 3

The party spent a decent amount of time screwing around in the Jester’s tomb, making all sorts of wild speculations on the uses of magic jars linked to the Jester’s sarcophagus. 694 more words


B4: The Lost City - Part 2

Things proceeded a bit more smoothly in our second session of the Lost City.  I had time to better flesh out the factions and even come up with some mini-quests that each side would possibly offer. 1,415 more words


Building a Better Zombie

One of the problems that D&D has, I feel, is that low level undead just aren’t all that scary.  Ghouls are frightening because they have paralysis and aetherial undead are terrifying because of their level drain, but Zombies and Skeletons tend to be kind of boring mooks who are usually less threatening than encountering a group of 1st level human bandits.  442 more words


B4: The Lost City - Part 1

B4 is certainly living up to its reputation as a pyramid of blood.  The party has already faced multiple PC losses as well as losses from their potential replacement pool. 1,511 more words


Doing It Wrong When It Was Right There In the Book Pt 3: Still doing Magic Wrong!

Where do I keep getting these assumptions about how magic works in D&D?

I was brushing up, looking at the Magic Users class section in Blueholme, a Holmes clone, when I realized I had it wrong again.  647 more words


Countdown to Running B4 - The Lost City!

Things I’ll need to address tonight in running B-4: the Lost City.

-Character pool: B/X is a high mortality system, and B-4 is very sink or swim (find food and water within a day or two or die) and opens with some pretty dastardly traps and an encounter that may be out of depth for 0 xp characters.  581 more words


Basic D&D Class: Prodigal Apprentice

Looks like I’m set to run B4 – The Lost City starting this friday.  I’m revisiting my old homebrew B/X classes in case someone would like to play test them. 78 more words