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Dr. Neumann's Daughters

B/X / BECMI stats for robot construct girls inspired by the band Psydoll.

Dr. Neumann’s Daughters

Armor Class: 2 (17)
Hit Dice: 8HD*** (M)
Move: 40′ 174 more words


4 Stocks to Buy Yielding 8% or More as Yields Continue Plunge

Most investors know that buying the U.S. 30-year Treasury bond at a 2.17% yield logically makes little sense, especially with yields hitting lows seen just once in almost 60 years. 712 more words


B4: The Lost City - Pt 9 (Conclusion)

I managed to finish off B4 last friday, which is good, because I was beginning to feel at the end of my DM rope. I don’t really know if my players enjoyed it or not, but the various issues I was having with the module’s design had turned running it into a chore. 812 more words


B4: The Lost City - Pt 8

Last friday should have been our final session in the Lost City, but because of how things played out, we’ll be having one more session so that there’s at least a nice epilogue. 895 more words


Jefferies Loves Top Buy Rated Stocks Yielding 8% and More

Most investors know that logically buying the U.S. 30 year Treasury bond at a 2.26% yield makes little sense. Ditto for a 10-year yield under 1.50%. 751 more words


B4: The Lost City - Part 7

If we weren’t using a Death and Dismemberment variation*, we probably would’ve lost most of the high-ish level characters and most of the rest of the original party members. 815 more words


Free RPG Day - HALLS


Are the first couple levels the best levels?  Spend even more time as low-level characters constantly in peril of dying in the High Adventure for Low Levels System! 101 more words