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Sadly, talent has taken a back seat to controversy. There was a time when the talent spoke for the artist. When skill level was the only thing needed to make an impact. 28 more words


Shadow Over Alfheim Pt 14 - Mirror Image is a Pretty Brutal Spell

I think I may have underestimated this spell a bit in the past, but when given to an evil NPC, things turn into the last big fight from the end of the old TMNT Arcade game. 712 more words


Despite Stock Market Highs, 13 Major Dividend Cuts

Investors have a lot to cheer about these days. The bull market is now six years old, the major stock market averages have hit new all-time highs, and most major companies seem to be raising their dividends year after year. 2,858 more words


Quelques riches enseignements UX à destination des publicitaires

Trois trucs m’ont tapé dans l’oeil dans ce deck.

1. L’intégration de l’UX, CX et BX (User, Consumer et Brand). C’est basique mais la question se pose souvent, Cette visualisation est astucieuse et pragmatique. 88 more words


Private Equity Bottom Fishing in Oil and Gas, Sign of a Bottom?

If you live in a city or state where the local economy is dependent on or is massively enhanced by the oil and gas sector, it is an understatement to say that people are worried about the drop in oil prices. 566 more words

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