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Are you a project-a-holic?

Projecting instead of owning is a symptom of psychosis. Do you really want to be a psychopath? I don’t. So what can one do?

Please, start looking at your abuse of projections. 224 more words

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Accumulations: Casting Spells of Communion.

I myself am the air, I breathe myself in and out with every breath. I myself the stars in the sky, distant galaxies, other life forms, multi-dimensional beings – all me. 462 more words

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Anxiety? I Want to Help.

I have been reading many blogs recently about people dealing with anxiety and I want to help. It seems to me that the ones suffering from anxiety, depression, or some other kind of “disorder” are actually the sane ones. 273 more words

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Setting Sail

It has been important for me to write my thoughts down about what I have learned so far on my path, to reveal my truth to my world, to question collective beliefs, and to see how people like you responded. 427 more words

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Introducing Duality Yoga

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Duality Language Yoga, or Duality Yoga, uses a type of linguistic translation to reveal the one-sided nature of the English language. Duality expresses itself in terms of pairs of opposites (good/bad, happy/sad, right/wrong…). 797 more words

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I've Got to Show You The Lane

The photo doesn’t do it justice. Nestled away in the West End of Glasgow lies perhaps the cutest, most amazing place ever. It’s called Ashton Lane and if I could, I would live there. 170 more words

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Become Your Own Guru.

Taking care of yourself first is the most effective way to help others. When I put others before me, I just end up projecting my own problems onto them, and projecting my own problems is some the most selfish behavior of all. 192 more words

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