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Backstory to Mantra Formation - Savitri

I recently attended the Sri Aurobindo / Savitri yoga immersion. Savitri is a poem written in English by Sri Aurobindo and he says that the poem is all a mantra, meaning the ways the sounds are aligned in the arrangements of words are meant to strike a resonant chord of enlightenment with both the reader and the listeners, or something like that.  368 more words

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Hollande Vows to 'Destroy' IS.

Okay, this is so obvious its not even funny. By vowing to destroy IS, Hollande is revealing that he is really vowing to destroy himself. I get it, Hollande, deep down I know that I am totally dependent on the fossil fuels and have been manipulating and murdering other people with my mindlessly aggressive and greedy behavior my whole life just like everyone else in my privileged western culture. 116 more words

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Mantra Formation

“Anything is possible.”

I am anything,

I am possible,

(therefore) I am I.

“Nothing is possible.”

I am nothing,

I am possible,

I am I. 23 more words

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Ophiuchus: The 13th Constellation of the Zodiac or the Wings of Scorpius?

One of the most impressive constellations in the nighttime sky is Scorpius the Scorpion. However, because of where it is centered in the sky, it mostly misses the ecliptic and its presence on the zodiac is a bit short-lived. 336 more words

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What Comfort Zone?

Having recently been successful in an application with the Robertson Scholarship Trust, I was invited alongside 140 other first time university goers to attend a three day “Outward Bound” course with the… 1,193 more words

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Are you a project-a-holic?

Projecting instead of owning is a symptom of psychosis. Do you really want to be a psychopath? I don’t. So what can one do?

Please, start looking at your abuse of projections. 224 more words

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Accumulations: Casting Spells of Communion.

I myself am the air, I breathe myself in and out with every breath. I myself the stars in the sky, distant galaxies, other life forms, multi-dimensional beings – all me. 462 more words

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