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Electioneering in Sheffield Brightside... in 1897

Today voters across the country go to the polls. In Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, electors will choose their new MP after the death of Harry Harpham… 1,067 more words

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Where to eat before the BB rallies?

Political hustings have begun with Nomination Day. Bukit Batok residents, prepare yourself for rallies from both sides where politicians will bombard you with numerous promises. Promises may be empty but your stomachs shouldn’t be. 404 more words

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我极其厌恶这次的补选。我本来就不喜欢政客在大选时,为了赢得选票而 “装腔作势“,”搔首弄姿“。但,我也意识到投票是你我必须履行的公民责任。可是,不管怎么看,这次武吉巴督的补选就是一场因一人的过失而造成的不必要闹剧。

王金发因婚外情辞退公职,已让我深感失望 。 一个人民的代议士竟为贪图一时之乐而弃居民不顾。现在,居民又得备受折腾,去考虑把票投给谁。一方是政坛老将,即使 “战死沙场”多年也没有退出的意愿;另外一方则是政坛新秀,初生之犊却称在武吉巴督行走多年。

究竟该投给穆仁理(阿穆)还是徐顺全? 最后,是小心驶得万年船还是阴沟里翻船呢?

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我觉得阿穆的形象和性格就像杯白开水,没什么味道,加上政治经验浅薄 ;我只能说对他无感。





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How city hall will fill Rob Ford’s vacant council seat

It’s a rare occurrence: The last sitting councillor to pass away was Frank Faubert in 1999. According to the City of Toronto Act council must now declare Rob Ford’s seat vacant in the next two sessions. 342 more words


Interpretations of the Calgary-Greenway By-election

Yesterday’s provincial by-election in Calgary-Greenway has contradictory interpretations.

It was a four-way race ranging from 27.7% for the winning PC candidate to 20.2% for the fourth-place NDP.   643 more words


Crusader Cruz.

Alex Wong // Getty Images

I recently suppressed my gag reflex long enough to investigate Ted Cruz’s campaign website, which has more in common with the manifesto of a paranoid schizophrenic than it does a presidential candidate. 904 more words


Con(servative) Artists

A recent investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed that the Conservative Party may have over spent in three by-elections. Reportedly hundreds of receipts have been obtained by the news programme showing a massive amount of undeclared expenditure by the Party. 416 more words