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2016 Pre-Debate Numbers

I know in these articles we have been concentrating on social issues as of late, but By the Numbers is more than just about that. The 2016 election is approaching, and this week we will be having the first Presidential debate on Thursday. 603 more words


Why Newsroom is the Best TV Show...And Other Friday Thoughts

So any of you who have access to youtube probably saw this clip a few years ago – it made the rounds while I was in undergrad, and even now, it’s still one of the more moving moments I can credit a tv show with (most of the other ones belong to my cheesey sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows). 260 more words

By The Numbers

Is Fear Effing You Up?

Look, everyone is afraid at some point.

Quitting my job before I had a backup plan? Terrifying.

Accepting a job that doesn’t start until September? Also terrifying. 120 more words

By The Numbers

Not Quite an Embrace

It has been a month since the supreme court ruling, and guess what? The sun did rise again, and we are still here fighting the good fight. 307 more words


Peace Corps Service By Numbers

Months in country: 22

Books read: 9

Movies watched: ~21

TV series completed: 4

Packages received: 21

Fish bones swallowed: 1000+

Rolls of toilet paper used: 4… 183 more words

A Sweet Weekend Update

The universe is a funny old place, ain’t it? Considering my last post was pretty much a mini-freak out session over quitting my job without another one lined up, yeah, yeah it is. 668 more words

By The Numbers