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Patriotic? You're probably Republican

Well the fact that many conservatives are feeling the country slip through thier fingers is not effecting thier patriotic spirit, however Americans of other political persuations are not as much as they once were. 174 more words


American Flowers Week culminates today on July 4th. Happy Independence Day!

As I wrote the headline for this post, I asked myself, “Why is this one-week celebration so important?”

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American Flowers Week 2015

By the Numbers

When Garrett lost his voice it was a blessing – for an entire week not a single teacher called on him to answer a question, and he could freely pass notes to his friends under the guise of “discussing the lesson.” When his voice came back the following Monday – much to his chagrin – his life returned to normal, with one exception: among the recipients of his notes was Jessica Hall (at least an 8 to his at-best 6), who agreed to go on a date with him, under the sympathy spell just like everyone else. 41 more words

Short Short Stories

The workshop: a view from social media

Some numbers from this year’s workshop with a Storify from students and faculty.

By The Numbers: May 2015

Like in any industry, comic books and their companies listen most to one thing and that’s your money!  What does your money tell them?  What does it tell us as fans?   5,735 more words


The Fall of Marriage

For Christians and traditional conservatives, the recent supreme court ruling legalizing gay marriage was another slap in the face to the values that the nation was founded on. 640 more words


Source: Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife

By The Numbers