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ThrillseekerXTC - VoS

The ThrillseekerXTC is an exciter, with some saturation.

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This is another really good plugin by VoS.  It comes with a beautiful GUI and lots of stuff. 136 more words

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Museu Nacional de cèramica i de les arts sumptuàries, Valencia, Spain

The National Museum of Ceramic and Decorative Arts is Valencia’s wonderland of luxurious, fantastical and rare old objects. You feel in awe when you walk towards the building and see the walls made of different colored stone, plaster and metal. 354 more words


spring by side

part as the weather

and coming as its own roses

and fuel as its own long

and taken as its own moment

and kept as its own changing… 44 more words


By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail.

Now, there are people who can improvise certain situations, but I promise you it will not work every time. Maybe that one time you aren’t prepared ends up being your last opportunity. 48 more words

Design Thoughts: Playtesting Thoughts

Was at a playtesting event for projects today and it was amazing seeing how good people are at making games.

First year students making 3d Mech combat games, communication games where you have to navigate a smuggler ship together through mazes, a frog that inflates and deflates itself and just many, many more things. 297 more words


"DREAMCATCHER" by Nano Music Clip ✔

“DREAMCATCHER” by Nano Music Clip

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Rodney King’s Life Gets The Hollywood Treatment By Morgan Freeman

 Rodney King’s life is getting the Hollywood treatment by Morgan Freeman.

Freeman along with Lori McCreary and their company Revelations Entertainment are developing a docuseries chronicling the life of King, who in 1991 became the poster child for police brutality. 111 more words

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