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바이바이배드맨 ~ 모노러브

Bye Bye Badman, “Monolove”

I kind of fell in love with Bye Bye Badman at last year’s Valley Rock, but ever since then my fate hasn’t seemed to line up with their gig schedule. 317 more words


K-INDIE: Bye Bye Badman, Raw By Peppers Making Comebacks

After Hyukoh’s comeback on April 24th, it’s time for some more Korean bands to make this year a rockin’ one.

After some years, ByeBye Badman is now coming back with a new EP and they’re calling it “너의 파도” which will be made up of 4 tracks “너의 파도, “Collin”, “Mercury”and “Bestfriends”. 86 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ 데칼코마니

Bye Bye Badman, “Décalcomanie”

Long before Mamamoo’s “Décalcomanie” (also good but vastly different), Bye Bye Badman released a song of the same name on their first album, … 324 more words