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K-INDIE: Bye Bye Badman, Raw By Peppers Making Comebacks

After Hyukoh’s comeback on April 24th, it’s time for some more Korean bands to make this year a rockin’ one.

After some years, ByeBye Badman is now coming back with a new EP and they’re calling it “너의 파도” which will be made up of 4 tracks “너의 파도, “Collin”, “Mercury”and “Bestfriends”. 86 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ 데칼코마니

Bye Bye Badman, “Décalcomanie”

Long before Mamamoo’s “Décalcomanie” (also good but vastly different), Bye Bye Badman released a song of the same name on their first album, … 324 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ Genuine

Bye Bye Badman, “Genuine”

Beautiful song. Beautiful video.

Can’t wait to see them at Jisan Valley Rock Festival


살며시 감긴 너의 눈에

어쩔 수 없게 숨어버린 266 more words