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바이바이배드맨 ~ Daisy (feat. 윤주)

Bye Bye Badman, “Daisy (feat. Yoon Joo)”

I tend to disapprove of featurings or collaborations these days, because it seems like artists are more likely to work with someone who will increase their popularity rather than someone who actually suits their music style. 316 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ 너의 파도

Bye Bye Badman, “Your Wave”

Because they’ve been around for quite some time, and because they’re more or less constantly releasing mini albums and singles, I feel like it’s been hard to get a full picture of Bye Bye Badman’s discography. 364 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ You’re Always Right About Love

Bye Bye Badman, “You’re Always Right About Love”

Bye Bye Badman is one of the best bands in terms of using English lyrics. Vocalist Jong Bonggil’s pronunciation is comprehensible and the lyrics themselves not only make sense but are also truly meaningful. 125 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ Always in Love

Bye Bye Badman, “Always in Love”

Bye Bye Badman seem to be stringing out their releases as singles, keeping the IV drip of salvation alive. To be honest, I can’t tell whether I prefer this method or the traditional album method. 393 more words


K-INDIE : Bye Bye Badman New Single Released, More Coming From SeSoNeon, WETTER

Bye Bye Badman returned with a new EP this year, marking a much-awaited comeback by their fans. After their last single “Monolove” released in September, the band is back with a new single called “I’m Always in Love” released yesterday, October 25th. 118 more words


바이바이배드맨 ~ 모노러브

Bye Bye Badman, “Monolove”

I kind of fell in love with Bye Bye Badman at last year’s Valley Rock, but ever since then my fate hasn’t seemed to line up with their gig schedule. 317 more words