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Little Maine Girl On The Move

These may be shitty pictures, but I have once again left vactionland so a short adventure. While I always love seeing this bridge and leaving Maine behind, the feeling of peace when I pass back over it is just as nice. 37 more words



I wait down your window everyday hoping for you to come by it, to smoke, and just then when you catch a glimpse of me, in fear of getting caught you throw the smoke off. 114 more words

How to Silently Exit a Party

You’ve been invited to your friend Deb’s party, and after just an hour, you’ve decided you’ve had enough. The music is too loud to talk over, you don’t recognize many people in the crowd, and you have to get up with your kid at 6am. 1,626 more words

The Sweetness of Swiss and the Boons of Byes

#neveragain #heaven’sfeelsoon #top10animebetrayals -ruo

Well, sad to say that as much as Doki Doki Literature Club has taken storm over the gaming community, I can’t cover it at the moment, and that’s mostly because you can’t review it without spoiling the surprises, and the fact that I have not  1,313 more words

Weiss Schwarz

Let you go

Today I let you go

If you’re meant to be mine

You will find a way

Back to my heart, back to my life

But I am saving myself this heartache… 35 more words


Insta Bye

Big news people. I deleted my Instagram. There. The news is out. Like full on deleted it. You can now call me “Insta Gramless.” Cool. It happened last Friday and I’ve never been happier. 799 more words