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Goodbye and Thank You

My therapist has left and I know that I’m going to miss the hell out of her.

Throughout my whole life, I’ve had the misfortune of being stuck quite heavily in co-dependant relationships and thus, a lot of toxic relationships. 118 more words


"The Saddest Day Of My Life"

“The saddest day of my life, is when you left me with a broken heart I was feeling the pain, the pain, the PAIN” ; you might be asking yourself ” Emily why are you singing this song “Saddest Day” by Wayne Wonder and from what Google is telling me Foxy Brown? 389 more words

Goodbye Switzerland

Hello you!

So my flight is leaving in a few hours (at 12:05). I am so excited right now!! I am physically ready and I am really looking forward to living abroad, but on the other hand I am a little nervous (at the moment not as much as I expected me to be, but I bet that it will increase as we leave for the airport!!) and a little bit anxious due to not knowing what’s coming! 151 more words


Do I? 

“Do I deserve this?”

When I take a break from life I ask this to myself,

“Do I deserve this?”

When I enjoy doing something I ask this to myself, 124 more words


Migrants going home

Never going to make unemployment go up is it?


Also going to free up some jobs.


London rent down enough to afford one beer a month. Short party!



2:15AM: 30th Jan., 2016

Dear classmates,

I intensely feel that I should write this letter for you before leaving. Actually everyone should, if they feel that they have something to tell, some things to answer, some pending promises some pending things to say, some reply to skepticism or at least to say goodbye. 1,931 more words