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Hello my friends, today, April 24th will go down in history as the last day of my blog posts! Yes yes yes, it is quite sad, but I am a caterpillar that’s transformed into a butterfly, I need to spread my wings and fly! 153 more words


Its been amazing. Thank You

As many of you have heard, today is my last day on WordPress. I am leaving to the next topic we are learning.

Leaving wordpress and, more notably, the MAD team was a really blessed decision for me. 160 more words


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“Remember me and smile, for it’s better to forget than to remember me and cry.” 339 more words

I don't know

I don’t like the things that’s been happening. I feel like everything’s changed and all. I’m used to all the stuff that she’s been doing to me or for me, and then suddenly, she woke up one day and changed everything into a totally different… 563 more words