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A goodbye for you, and I don't regret it.

Life doesn’t always tell us why things happen. Sometimes the situations we live don’t make any sense. Maybe that’s why we continue to seek the answers to those questions that have been given us from time to time. 384 more words

Bella's Reflex


Holding her hand I took her to the quiet place. She broke the ice between us but I didn’t utter a word. Thinking wildly inside but showing nothing. 355 more words


Dear New York Public Radio,

Many of you reading this don’t know me and, chances are, I don’t know you.  I never took that initiative to really seek people out and create relationships outside of my department.   405 more words

Living Life

This Is Goodbye

I feel I can’t keep up

I cannot keep you waiting on me any more

I have to let go

I have to let you explore other options… 107 more words

Bye Winnie, Hello Mickey

One of the first decisions we had to make after Aaron’s passing was what to do with his nursery.  We had worked on it for months before he was born and could not wait to bring him home to it. 363 more words


Hands on the Wheel

I have finally taken control of my life. I will no longer be dictated by the social norms of our puritan-esque society. You might be thinking, “Who the hell is this guy, thinking our world follows the basic beliefs of the Puritan’s?” The thing is, I’m not wrong… I’m never wrong. 327 more words