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A pair of shades were the perfect mask his eyes could ask for,
Cigerette smoke was all that his lips had to say,
He looked at the stars but he had already wished for her not to go away. 24 more words

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SecretFangirls.com Interview Before You Exit

There’s just something magical about a musical band of brothers, from Hanson to Jonas Brothers to AJR. ¬†Brothers Connor, Toby and Riley McDonough formed Before You Exit in their hometown of Orlando, and have a knack for crafting catchy pop tunes with infectious harmonies. ¬† 550 more words


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if you ever chanced upon
my writing and read
the words and sentences
that hold the memories of
what you feel would never
come close to the piercing pain… 8 more words

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Day One: Email Two

To: You

From: Me


Subject: Okay, I’ll stop after this one (I hope!)

Oh, how I love Brain Pickings. And Susan. And Albert (I sent you… 83 more words