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My Friend Sent A Good-bye Note

I need to share about this. I don t know that I need anything other than to share about this. She appears to be suicidal. She sent the note 17 hours ago through FB. 84 more words


I was recently reminded about the promise I made myself. That promise was not to talk to this guy once I moved to San Marcos. I did not go through with it. 424 more words

Post 5: Divergent vs. Hunger Games

A lot of people say that the Hunger Games and Divergent are practically the same. I don’t think so, and here is why. There are spoilers so if you haven’t read the books I wouldn’t read this. 288 more words


Bye Felicia!

For the record, I regret no decision that I have made. If you do, that is on you.

All I have to say is Bye Felicia! Enjoy the ride.


Quick Update 3

Dear readers,

I’m sick…AGAIN! Aaaaaaargh!!!! Sorry but in one month I had the flu, a gastro, fever and now a cold – I’m really tired and I have no energy at all. 32 more words



Hello Coolest Kids,

I know you haven’t heard from this space in a very long time. We are all very sorry if you have missed us. 124 more words


The End

The end of a month

And the end of a week

A terrible week

Sunday: Got cancelled on by friends. I wasn’t even aware this was an omen. 554 more words