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5 amĀ 

Went to a night club called Treasure. Now we’re starving from all that dancing …and by dancing I mean head bobbing/ body swaying (Ps. didn’t find any treasure)…but it’s okay we found some Cheetos instead and ate them. 20 more words

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Getting a "new house"

I know it’s a bit early but I’m leaving WordPress and “moving to” Blogger, I just feel that it’s better for what I want at the moment. 35 more words

What do I want to do?

Art. Art is my first love and the one thing that I know will never let me down, because it is everywhere.

But apart from art I have other loves. 811 more words


Let's get through this! Together!

AHHHH! This week is full of tests! From computing to social media, there’s just so many things to do. I have to study for tests that are coming one after another and at the same time do the report writing for my application that is going to due next Tuesday with only two out of eight sections done. 294 more words


I read this quote and it really spoke to me. Yes it’s simple but it makes such a statement.

If someone isn’t treating you right why should you stick around waiting on them? 60 more words