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What Do Sandals, Uber, and Netflix Have to Do With BYOD?

It’s easy to see how the all-inclusive vacation idea became so popular. No hidden fees, no budgeting for meals, drinks, transfers, tips – just pay one fixed price, hit the beach, and order as many Mai Tais as you want. 723 more words


Bringing Android to Work With BES12: BlackBerry and Google Alliance Explained [Video]

The partnership between BlackBerry and Google brings together the leader in mobile security with the world’s most popular mobility platform. Enterprises are embracing the Android platform to transform their business through mobile innovation, and the complementary solutions delivered by BlackBerry and Google accelerate that change while ensuring compliance with corporate security policies. 477 more words


BlackBerry WorkLife Solutions Put an End to Uncertain BYOD Reimbursements

As rapidly as mobility has taken hold in the workplace, so has BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), for many good reasons. Allowing employees to use their mobile device of choice for work leads to happier workers, who can carry a single device for work and personal use, and controls employers’ mobility costs because they no longer have to buy smartphones or tablets for all their mobile workers. 690 more words


Android Security Roundup: 5 Things You Can’t Leave Out of Your Mobile Workforce Security Policy

Sometimes mobile security practitioners get so involved in the technical minutia of their missions that they miss the forest for the trees. That’s why documents like the National Institute of Standard and Technology’s recently released “Guide to Enterprise Telework, Remote Access And BYOD Security” are so useful because they serve as a reminder of the big picture. 568 more words


Five Major New Multi-OS EMM Features in BES12 V12.3

As you well know, today’s IT departments have to deal with multiple mobile operating systems, all of which are regularly evolving new capabilities – and all of which need quick access to corporate resources, a reality which significantly drives up complexity. 874 more words


Android Security Roundup: Google’s Real Bug-Hunting Goal; Key BYOD Lessons

Our collection of stories in Android Secured last week included one about a team of researchers from Google’s Project Zero bug-hunting group setting out to find bugs in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone and coming up with a haul of 11 in just one week. 525 more words


Android Security Roundup: Ransomware Tops Lists of 2015 Mobile Threats

Two of the blog items featured in Android Secured last week stand out for different reasons.

One is about a survey from Gemalto showing that 92% of IT departments globally still restrict workers from using their mobile devices to access corporate applications and data. 557 more words