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Banning mobile phones

I wonder if New Zealand will go down the path of banning cell phones in schools. Possibly a little bit futile, given that many schools have BYOD (not cellphones) policies in place and students can still communicate via a range of apps on these devices. 84 more words

From outside-in to inside-out (and possibly back-to-front) rethinking #feedback

Back in the 1990s I was a young developer working in the Learning & Teaching Institute at Sheffield Hallam University. One project that I was not directly involved with, but which I was present for, was on developing the use of feedback. 391 more words


“Things that the mind already knows” - what is an assessment? #assessment #briefing

The American artist Jasper Johns, whose retrospective exhibition at the Royal Academy closed over the weekend, was fascinated with exploring the theme ‘Things that the Mind Already Knows’. 718 more words


Learning obscured due to overcrowding

Following on from my previous post on the criticality of students being clear about their assessment, I note that Black & Wiliam (1998, pp. 9-10) make similar points, while talking about self-assessment, about the engagement of students with their assessment. 224 more words


All clear? It’s more than #feedback

I am in the middle of a large programme of work at my university addressing assessment and feedback. I have always understood that addressing the enhancement of academic practice in this area is more complex than some of the hygiene-focused discourse suggests and the conversations we are having with academic staff confirms that designing and delivery effective assessment is indeed a complex matter. 850 more words


Digitization “pulls” universities to a student-centric era

Australian universities are going through a rustle of activity.

The government plans to reduce the Education Investment Fund by $3.7 billion in 2017. But universities are advising the government to reconsider the decision. 464 more words


Wireless In-Flight Entertainment Is Hot, If It Works

Now that it’s cool to bring our own device onto an airliner, in-flight connectivity and entertainment are set to become a booming market. In fact, a new report out of Grand View Research says… 90 more words