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Allow screen captures within Blackberry Dynamics apps on Android devices

It’s exciting to see Google has picked up steam in bringing more Android devices to the corporate environment with Android for Work. In certain environment like mine, however, sticking with iOS makes sense as the experience has been very consistent from initial setup to day-to-day usage and support across a wide range of devices. 140 more words

Panasonic Group selects CACHATTO as the remote-access tool for smart-device BYOD

On 21 February 2018, e-Jan Networks Co. stated in a press release that the Panasonic Group had selected CACHATTO as their remote-access tool to use with smart devices for BYOD. 75 more words


Polycontextual bridging - how to be in two places at once

Polycontextual bridging (Elstad, 2016) is a useful term that allows us to explore literacies around engaging with hybridity, blended learning spaces and learning literacies. Simply, it refers to the experience of being in two or more places at once. 540 more words


Annotation and close reading

When I was a sophomore in high school I was assigned selections from Hamlet to read in my English class. I read it, understood it, and took notes in the margins as I was asked to do. 290 more words

AP Language And Composition

Considering BYOD for your workstyle

We live in an era where workstyles are changing faster than ever. While telecommuting has been adopted by many companies for many years often the option to work outside of the office was relegated to specific jobs. 301 more words


Smart Watches in class

Most classes I take now have 2-3 students with a smart watch. I ask students to put their phones away, into their pockets or bags. Not so sure how they put away their smart watches.  21 more words