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The Privacy-Protecting Software Solution for Compassionate Doctors

Because of mobile phones, people now expect anytime, anywhere access to information and answers. This creates a double-edged sword for doctors. While the ability to immediately reach an on-call doctor during an emergency could make the difference between life and death, most doctors hesitate at giving out their personal cellphone number for fear of intrusions into their private and personal life. 493 more words

Enterprise Software & Security

What's the Achilles' heel of BYOD agreements? Employees

As every IT professional in the world knows, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement that began with the first iPhone introduced a number of immediate security challenges to enterprise data and networks. 443 more words


Access, Access, Access

The concept of a digital workspace has evolved over time. Most clients we speak to can imagine new ways of offering services to their users. Questions remain though;  How much gear do I need to provide them? 488 more words


オフィス電話の不便さとBYODによる個人負担を解決―、「Dialpad」が日本に上陸 [ #cloud ]




The Amazing Electric Circuits Race

Before Class Preparation:

In Class Activity:

  • analyse diagrams of series, parallel, and mixed circuits with reference to Ohm’s law (V = IR) and Kirchhoff’s laws …
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Group Work

What is CACHATTO? A broader look

CACHATTO is a remote-access service for enterprise; a solution for companies to revolutionise their  business workstyle.

BYOD (Bring your own device)

CACHATTO has all the necessary ingredients to be a BYOD solution. 270 more words


Upgrading BYOD Devices To Win10 Education

UPDATE: I have had a number of schools asking me whether this upgrade path below allows students in a BYOD programme with MacBooks to upgrade to Win10 Edu for… 320 more words