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Securing End User Devices - Conflicts between mobility and security

As businesses demand increased productivity, employees search for the optimal work-life balance and with the number of items connected to the “Internet of Things” (IoT) about to explode from… 712 more words

Secure Email

IoT considerations for CIOs

Gartner has predicted that by 2020 the Internet of Things will grow to 26 billion objects. (This excludes smartphones, tablets and PCs, which will account for a separate 7.3 billion devices, Gartner adds.) With these kinds of staggering numbers, there is a disruption in the making — and we CIOs need to be ready for it.   7 more words


Can Microsoft convince IT pros to make the tricky transition to the cloud?

Given the hype, you might think that all applications and data in the universe are now sitting in someone’s cloud. But you would be wrong. The corporate world is at the beginning of the cloud computing era and tons of applications—especially those at the largest businesses—still run in server rooms or data centers operated by the companies in question. 756 more words


The Patient’s Office

We’ve discussed how IT can extend the borders of the patient experience. Hospitals and specialists can serve rural and remote communities; the walls between hospital and clinic and doctor’s office can be virtually removed. 574 more words


Want Your Business to be More Productive? Start Treating Your Employees Like Consumers

Here’s an example of how NOT to roll out new mobile technology. Recently, the Brighton and Howe City Council in the UK decided to implement cashless parking using residents’ smartphones in order to get rid of all its parking meters. 662 more words


Making the Classics Relevant

This post is by Bree Valvano, an English teacher at Randolph High School

While I believe reading classic literature is a valuable experience, helping students see how the themes and ideas in these works are relevant to their own lives can be a challenge. 222 more words


Controlling the who, when and how of data access

Making every piece of information count

I have been following the strategy that larger corporations adopt on how to handle corporate data and how to keep it safe while still enabling for users to be able to work wherever they need and want to. 467 more words

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