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Fictions radiophoniques en classe 1/2 ECOUTER

Mon récent passage à la Maison de la Radio en tant que professeur relais l’an dernier m’a permis de découvrir en profondeur l’univers des fictions radiophoniques… 1,174 more words

En Classe

The Pros & Cons of BYOD

Does your company have a BYOD policy?

BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, is a growing trend in Business IT that allows employees to use their personal mobile devices for work purposes. 366 more words


Cosa fanno le organizzazioni per la protezione degli endpoint?

Nella prima metà del 2016 F-Secure ha condotto online un test dal titolo “cyber security stress test” per ottenere una panoramica sullo stato della sicurezza delle organizzazioni e per dare loro strumenti utili a valutare la loro maturità quando si tratta di cyber security. 458 more words


Live at GovWare 2016!

E-Jan International is reporting to you live from Singapore’s GovWare 2016!

Govware is an event that provides the latest information on security technology to fight… 55 more words


Apps you must consider whilst forming your Company’s BYOD Policy

Are smartphones good or bad for productivity in the workplace? This is exactly what I asked myself when I recently visited a Company with over 1000 employees.  483 more words


A Quick Introduction to the Types of VPNs

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs have become commonplace for millions of users across the world in both their personal lives and their workplaces. In essence they allow computers on separate local networks (LANs) in different locations to connect to each other across the public connections of the internet without anyone else being able to see or intercept the information that is travelling between them.They are ideal and vital for connecting employees who are working on the move, from home or from satellite office locations as well as private individuals who need to connect with their home networks when they’re out and about. 572 more words

How to handle multiple devices and passwords at once

These days it seems that for every work device you use, you have a personal alternative. But this means having twice as many gadgets – two smartphones, two tablets or even two notebooks – and even more security concerns. 425 more words

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