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Business Internet Security - Some Tips

Just passing on some knowledge, hope this gives you food for thought.

Characteristics of Successful Organisations

  • “Assume Breach” is the operating principle and systems are tested against this…
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Tech Trends: BYOD + Kahoot!

For this assignment, I chose to research the tech trend Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I wrote a paper discussing the advantages as well as the challenges of implementing this trend. 235 more words


Article reflection: Mobile Learning and Copyright Issues (BYOD)

BYOD: Mobile Learning and Copyright Issues

This article discusses the “BYOD” phenomenon- Bringing Your Own Device. They discuss this in the context of education, and weigh the consequences of how this relates to copyright law. 439 more words

Media Law

How I Work: Digital Nomad

Recently approached by a student doing a paper on how “Mid Life Career people approach digital business today” and was asked to answer some questions which he admitted that he took from… 1,376 more words


Console Management raised to a new level with Opengear Smart OOB™

Out-of-band (OOB) access to critical infrastructure was pioneered 30+ years ago. It began as a DIY solution where engineers used terminal servers or repurposed hardware with serial ports to access infrastructure. 170 more words


How to Connect your Trimble to a Smartphone hotspot

Watch this video for tips on How to Connect your Trimble to a Smartphone hot spot


iPad Apps

I’ve been using my iPad for more than two years now but it took me most of that time to get beyond using it as a glorified piece of paper. 2,308 more words