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The Truth About Beef Byproducts

What exactly is a byproduct? A byproduct is an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacturing or synthesis of something else.
So what does that mean for the beef industry? 380 more words


Toxic Chemicals and Oil Byproducts Found In Treated Irrigation Water

(Beyond Pesticides, May 11, 2015) Oil giant Chevron has been helping farmers in Kern County, CA find a solution to raising crops during the ongoing drought but it may cause long-term health effects. 58 more words

Allergy to Nuts on Valentines Day

Hi.  I am 9 years old and it really sucks being allergic to nuts on valentines day.  My friends were handing out chocolates today at school and I couldn’t eat any of them because they didn’t have the ingredients on them.   159 more words

Valentines Day

Measuring Success

We are not byproducts of achievements or accolades, but the fire that exists within all of us to keep us burning strong along our journey! Keep persisting and always hold the faith!! #MeasuringSuccess #FaithOverFear


A World Without Ag Wednesdays: Marshmallows

Of all of the byproducts that pigs and other animals give us, I think marshmallows are one of the most fun. I mean, they are squishy, delicious, and a necessity in hot chocolate and at campouts. 160 more words

World Without Ag Wednesdays

Byproducts of God's Presence

Many; but thankfully not all, popular modern religious institutions and influential ministers today focus mainly on the feel good side of religion. This in part, is due to an honest yearning to reach someone anyone in the secular world to draw them into the blessings and love of God. 1,020 more words


What is in your dog food, and why does it matter?

When KU student Becca Clark switched her Golden Retriever’s diet from a cheap, low-nutrient food to a high-quality, grain-free food, she expected her dog to show signs of improving health. 975 more words