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Self-Awareness is Important

This is a fairly old self-portrait that I based on the lyrics to a song called “Me and My Bad Attitude”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek song. It’s cute, but it was also a pretty accurate description of where I was at the time. 623 more words

Foggy Days and Chicken Chores

I know we need the rain, but it has really been getting to me this weekend. It’s grey and dreary, yesterday was chilly, and today is muggy. 320 more words

Getting the Blog Rolling

When I decided to start a lifestyle blog, I had all kinds of ideas for blog posts. Luckily, I wrote most of them down, because I realized I need to give some background before launching into opinion pieces, new projects in my studio, or stories about my desire to start decorating our home and work on a landscaping plan for the  yard. 66 more words

2017 Heartbomb Revisited

This post appeared first on my art blog Libertas Americana Art. You can read relevant posts here.
I want to save an old building in my community. 718 more words

Sketchbook Project - Raven


If you are familiar with my work, you won’t be at all surprised that I am including a raven in this project.

We don’t have ravens this far south, but we do have crows and I often feature them in my paintings. 231 more words

Sketchbook Project - Vulturine Guinea

Vulturine Guinea

For about six months, I had guinea hens as well as chickens in my coop. I really enjoyed them because they had so much character. 308 more words

Sketchbook Project - Pileated Woodpecker

I have been working on rough draft line drawings for my submission to The Sketchbook Project. These illustrations and the quotes I have been collecting tell a story, but they also create individual pieces of art that will be the inspiration for larger fine art pieces once the project is completed and I meet some deadlines for ongoing projects. 246 more words