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A Visit From Byron Hurt

Social Activist Byron Hurt visited Furman’s campus today and brought a fiery passion along with him. He spoke during a Cultural Life Program (CLP) about his journey as a documentarian, and how his journey has progressed and his talents have increased over the years. 201 more words


Making a Change though Documentaries.

On Thursday award winning documentary filmmaker, Byron Hurt, came and spoke to our class and at a CLP. Hurt Talk about what it is like making a documentary that could be used as Social Activism, and how in each of his films he strived to change the way at least one person viewed their actions, or the actions of our country. 363 more words


Byron Hurt: Using Film to Make Changes in Society

 Byron Hurt is a visionary documentary maker.  Some of his works he talked to us about were Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes, Soul Food Junkies, Barak and Curtis: Manhood, Power, and Respect. 354 more words


3/11 - Hip Hop: Beyond Beats & Rhymes

Greetings everyone:

For our 3/11 class, you will watch the documentary Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes. Towards the end of class, be sure to answer 5 out of the 9 questions found in the film worksheet. 114 more words


Third day of 2014 Reel Civil Rights Film Festival focuses on Soul (Food and Music)

Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site commemorates the 57th anniversary of the desegregation crisis in September with the Reel Civil Rights Film Festival featuring special guests, panel discussions, and a special commemoration to honor local educators and civil rights activists. 401 more words


soul food junkies


i had no idea that this wonder-full man had created another movie, let alone this crucial one. shouts to the fort york branch… 120 more words


Hip Hop: Beyond the Beats and Rhymes


Longtime hip hop fan Byron Hurt takes a critical look at the infamous violence, misogyny, homophobia and destructive notions of masculinity in hip hop, raising important questions about realness and authenticity in a culture that has become an industry.

Hip Hop