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Of an evening, when you're hurrying to get home for the dog and want something quick and satisfying, driving around Edinburgh, during the Fringe, when everywhere is rammed, it's actually quite difficult to find somewhere that does takeaway. 346 more words


The European Malady - An examination of Byron's Fragment of a Novel


The focus of Byron’s Fragment of a Novel is Augustus Darvell, who attracts the attention of the story’s unnamed narrator. Darvell is described as suffering from occasional inquietude “approaching to alienation of mind”. 1,552 more words


Gilded Chalet

The Gilded Chalet PB is designed by me and the portraits are drawn by the wonderful illustrator Alan Vest. Learn more about the literary greats such as Byron, Mary Shelley and James Joyce in this book.

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We are Cocina, Join our Table

We love food, just like every soul on this planet. But we’ll take hands over fancy silverware, anytime. No jacket required.
For a dress code, a smile. 130 more words


Byron's Temperament Awarded Elma Dangerfield Book Prize - Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is very pleased to announce that Byron’s Temperament: Essays in Body and Mind, edited by Bernard Beatty and Jonathon Shears, has been awarded the prestigious Elma Dangerfield Book Prize by the International Association of Byron Societies (IABS). 421 more words

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Postmodernism, Part 18: Antichrist

What is postmodernism? Is it a problem?  The following continues a series of posts explaining postmodernism.  It is based on the excellent Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault… 1,091 more words


The Obelisk Gate: As good as the first book (A Review)

Just because they want to kill her is no reason to forget her manners.

The Obelisk Gate by N.K. Jemisin is the second book of the Broken Earth Trilogy, the fantasy epic that began with the Hugo Award-winning  243 more words