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Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

In this episode:

Jay has some decorative plant ideas for the gym; treatment of animals; Beau’s angst brings up the topic of testosterone and replacement therapy; the recent Portland train stabbing, the economics of morality, the coward gene, and appeasement behavior; and quick parenting tip from Jay. 50 more words


We are still Humans- The Bystander Effect

If you live in a metro, you must have got this a lot, “People living in big cities have no heart. A man died waiting after the accident but no one tried to help.” Or one of the most common misconceptions about city people is that they are way too practical for the things that matter. 309 more words

Facts And Knowledge

The Bystander Effect: Diffusion of Responsibility

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. Albert Einstien

In our daily life, we read, face and listen different types of cases in road, office and other countries and love to speak like that there was so many people but no one came for help or after any road accident victim needed help and that time we were looking at each other and think ,who will take initiative.

855 more words

Bystander Intervention Could Be the Answer to Sexual Assault Prevention

Bystander intervention is another method we can use to get the whole public engaged in eradicating sexual assault. Often people aren’t interested in social issues because they feel as if there’s nothing they can do to help fix them, and if there is something they can do, the solution often isn’t simple. 320 more words

Bystander Bop

On a cold New York night, we killed ourselves a cat
Kitty screamed as we ran her through, stabbed her in the
Back, her hands, worse. 197 more words


The Bystander Effect: Why we don’t always act and what we can do about it

(published in Bonjour France, 19 March 2017)

The other day, like many days in this beautiful city, I found myself stuck in the chaos that is the RER A with trains delayed for up to 2 hours. 1,286 more words


True Talk With Temper: Breaking The Bystander Effect

As Real Life Super Heroes (RLSH), concerned citizens, HUMANS… it’s our job to look out for one another. I’ve found that it’s an easy thing to say, and even commit to, but what does it actually look like? 603 more words