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Cyberbullying and the "Bystander Effect": The Dark Side of Social Media

Social media has the ability to bring people together from across the globe. It’s become a source for people to connect, learn about new things, and expand their networks. 574 more words

Social Media

Bystander Effect

The “Bystander Effect” is real. It’s actually “a thing”. A real thing that real people, like you and I, succumb to. And it’s easier and more rampant than you think. 964 more words


Tại Sao Chúng Ta Dửng Dưng Trước Những Lời Kêu Cứu?

Hồi năm ngoái tôi có viết một bài tựa đề “Tại Sao Chúng Ta Dửng Dưng Trước Nỗi Đau”, đặt ra câu hỏi đồng thời giải thích nguyên nhân vì sao nhiều người có thể bỏ mặc, làm ngơ luớt qua khi thấy nguời khác gặp nạn. 4,046 more words

Các Khái Niệm Chung

The Bystander Effect

The Bystander Effect is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present. 

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Everyone Mind Your Own Business, Unless It Doesn't Affect You?

Seriously. Something I’ve realized thanks to social media + my current classes in my program:

Everyone loves to get into everyone else’s business, posting opinions and arguing about everything, but when someone…

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The Bad Samaritan

The TV sitcom Seinfeld (in)famously ended with the foursome getting arrested for violating a Good Samaritan law. They saw something good to do and ignored it, which was typical for their characters. 2,300 more words