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The Bystander Effect & Evading Responsibility

There was a story a while ago that made it’s rounds on the internet in late 2011. It was of the death of Wang Yue. You likely won’t remember the incident by her name, but most will recall to some degree the two year old in China who was run over by a truck twice, and how nearly 20 bystanders quickly passed her by without doing anything. 742 more words

Problem Called Apathy

Problem Called Apathy

Say what you may,

We have a growing problem in the world we’re living in called apathy.

It is easy to find sympathy, 287 more words

On This Day - 13 March

Welcome to another installment of ‘On This Day’ brought to you by the Dead Letter Agency.

Here are your headlines: 200 more words

On This Day

Talk facts, not smack.

Why is that when people turn their backs we’re so quick to talk smack? We clear our throats and speak with no tact about rumors that are backed by no facts. 288 more words

The Durchsetzungsinitiative: A Very Dangerous Path

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) led political initiative known as the Durchsetzungsinitiative to be decided on February 28, 2016 will have drastic consequences for Switzerland should it pass and set the country on a dangerous path that it does not want to go down. 1,820 more words


The Will to Act

Every time I open Facebook, the news feed is longer than the last time: new articles, activity and videos that keep piling up. Most of it doesn’t really affect me in any way, but sometimes something comes along that deeply saddens me. 442 more words

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