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The Bystander Effect

Recently a friend told me about an incident that happened at a gas station in our small town. She was at the gas pump finishing filling her tank when she saw an elderly man fall. 595 more words

What is the Bystander Effect?

The world has become a busy place full of people on a mission to get to their destination. In this busy world, we all call home; there may be an emergency situation in which bystanders will witness an accident, criminal attack or a domestic dispute between a couple. 705 more words


a sermon on one person and the bystander effect...

The Holy Gospel according to Mark 1:21-28


In 1964, before the internet and social media was reproducing news fast enough to be called viral, there was a murder in Queens, New York.   1,831 more words


The "It's None of My Business" Epidemic

Last night I fell. I fell hard. It all happened as I was walking out of a spin class. It was a great class, and I was feeling good. 1,267 more words

Thursday Thoughts

The 'bystander effect' is a lie

The “bystander effect” is one of those things that, when I read about it, I instantly sensed it was garbage theory, and it turns out it was. 578 more words


旁觀者效應 Bystander Effect (1968)

1964年,紐約市發生一宗致命嘅兇殺案,28歲酒吧經理 Kitty Genovese 喺寓所外被人用刀插死。令人震驚嘅係,行兇者喺第一次襲擊當事人後十分鐘再回到案發現場,將重傷至神智不清嘅當事人再插多刀並強姦至死。紐約時報喺事件發生後兩星期刊登一篇報導,指當時有多人聽到或目擊事件而無採取任何行動,當時事件係社會引起好大迴響。

幾年後,社會心理學家 John M. Darley 及 Bibb Latané 發起一連串嘅實驗,想了解究竟有咩因素會影響一個人決定介入一個危急情況。其中,Darley 同 Latané 邀請咗71位大學生參加實驗,每位參加者都會獨自去到一間房透過對講機進行一場討論(題目同研究無關)。開始前,研究人員亦會解釋用對講機係為免尷尬。每位參加者係討論途中都會聽到有人癲癇症發作(由錄音聲帶模擬),佢哋無法同其他參與討論嘅人溝通,亦唔知有無人已經申出援手。參加者由事發到決定將事情告知研究人員嘅時間會被記錄(dependent variable),而實驗中主要嘅自變數(main independent variable)係參加者認為有幾多人同佢一齊聽到有事發生,而非其他人實質行為(事實上每次只有一位參加者)。Darley 同 Latané 係呢個研究得出,旁觀者認為越多人同佢一齊聽到有人出事,佢哋會幫手嘅可能性就越低,呢個現象叫做責任分散(diffusion of responsibility)。

後來,Darley 同 Latané 總括一個旁觀者需要經歷以下 23 more words


Make way omstandereffect: door het omsteltijdeffect doen we veel vaker niet het goede

Velen kennen het omstandereffect: hoe meer mensen getuige zijn van iets wat niet in de haak is, hoe minder ze geneigd zijn in te grijpen. Maar er is een nog veel krachtiger effect: het omsteltijdeffect. 913 more words

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