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despair and fury: being a woman in rape culture

[art by Liza]
[content note: rape, sexual assault, depression]

This is an extremely difficult post for me to write. The words have been simmering inside of me for a long time, and I hope that getting them out of me will … help. 1,156 more words


A Mother Took Her Young Son to Watch the Display of Fireworks, and, a Firecracker Came Towards Them, the Crowd Dissipated

So, the BYSTANDERS didn’t DO diddily SQUAT still!!!  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The 34-year-old woman, Chen, on the third of the Lunar Calendar New Years, took her two year old son to view the fireworks, and, the fireworks flew towards her, caused her lips, her face to have burns, she was taken to the hospitals, but gladly, she’d protected her son with her two hands, that there was only minor swelling on his face; the Hsinbei Fire Department is working on amending the law of displaying fireworks. 338 more words


APATHY AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN: Marcia Henville, Kitty Genovese, "de unknown Chile Mudda"

Let’s talk violence against women. It’s a topic that could get some feeling a bit squirmish. Because the truth is that we all, at some point of our lives, have seen an act of violence against a woman that we either are familiar with or not. 1,859 more words


I Used To Dive Roll Through Hula Hoops at St. George's College; Now I Can Dive Roll Out of Speeding Vehicles

They say everything happens for a reason. Back in my High School days, I used to do gymnastics/ acrobatics. Funnest memories were of dive rolling through hoops for a presentation for the school.

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Life Stories

Opinion: Avoiding the 'bystander effect'

The story of Radil Hebrich (“Bystanders ignored dying man on métro platform, coroner says” Montreal Gazette, Feb. 7) is a tragic reminder of a curious fact about big city living that social psychologists have long known about: There is an inverse relationship between the number of people present and the likelihood of getting help in an emergency. 531 more words

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The Bystander Effect

The bystander effect is something that’s very real and very wrong.  People not only have the bystander effect when it comes to the Earth, but they even show that attitude towards their own health!   137 more words


Abhijaan 2015 – Bengali Film Festival In Dubai | Atanu Ghosh's 'Ek Phali Rodh'

Every morning my wake up tweet to the world is – Good Morning! What is your food and travel story today? But for the last few blogposts, it has been film posters. 2,065 more words

Dubai & The UAE