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Your Stomach Will Hurt

October 13, 2011, on a narrow little road in Foshan, Guangdong, a two year old Chinese girl lay bleeding for several minutes after being run over by two vehicles. 714 more words

Anti Bully

Het imaginary bystander effect

Als autodidactisch sociaalpsycholoog ben ik al langer bekend met het bystander effect, of omstandereffect in goed Nederlands. Sinds kort ken ik ook het imaginaire omstandereffect. 701 more words

Kwaliteit Van Leven

Does Pure Altruism Truly Exist?

“Demonstrating pure altruism is almost impossible”

Pilivan et al. (1981)

So people are not capable of helping others without self-interest?

I’ll start by asking, if a stranger risks his life to save yours, is he displaying pure altruism?

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How Did the Debates Become a Spectator Sport?

I can’t watch the Presidential debates for the same reason I can’t watch boxing. I can’t stand violence. When the objective is to batter and bruise my opponent and, ultimately knock him or her senseless, that’s not sport. 1,373 more words


The Threshold for Goodness

We are all familiar with thresholds. Some of them we know so well that we can almost objectively measure its limits. For example my pain tolerance is higher than the North American average (which is one of the world’s lowest by the way). 1,030 more words

October 2016

Episode 24: Bystanders Affected

Every year anxious freshmen shuffle into lecture halls for intro to psychology courses, they’ll learn names like Freud, Jung, Skinner, James and Piaget. Without a doubt, they’ll learn the name Kitty Genovese along with those. 286 more words


Assertion on Another Moment of Sexism in the Workplace

Usually I speak up when I think it’s necessary. Recently, I had a moment where I did not do this and I feel mildly regretful, especially as a feminist who believes in educating those who don’t know better. 391 more words

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