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Everyone is Nothing

So one of my favorite things to talk about within psychology (probably because no one seems to know about it) is the bystander effect. What’s that, you ask? 450 more words


A New Conception of Heroes | Philip Zimbardo Lecture

Yesterday, I attended a psychology lecture at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster.

All the way from San Fransisco, Philip Zimbardo and his wife, Christina Maslach both talked about certain psychological issues within society, which really opened up my mind a little to a few points they discussed. 870 more words


Eye power is no power leh!

By Lynn Chia

‘Eye power’, as quintessentially Singaporean as it sounds, is really not just a Singaporean thing.

A local social experiment produced in 2014 on the passive bystander effect was one of the first local experiments that shed light on the importance of the diffusion of responsibility. 977 more words

Society & Culture

They Brought It On Themselves!

Admit it, you totally thought your passive aggressive cousin had it coming when someone called them out on Facebook.  We’ve all been there, but nowadays cyberbullying can be a serious issue which can make the victim depressed or even suicidal ( 92 more words

Bystander Effect

The Bystander Effect

Recently a friend told me about an incident that happened at a gas station in our small town. She was at the gas pump finishing filling her tank when she saw an elderly man fall. 595 more words

a sermon on one person and the bystander effect...

The Holy Gospel according to Mark 1:21-28


In 1964, before the internet and social media was reproducing news fast enough to be called viral, there was a murder in Queens, New York.   1,831 more words


The "It's None of My Business" Epidemic

Last night I fell. I fell hard. It all happened as I was walking out of a spin class. It was a great class, and I was feeling good. 1,267 more words

Thursday Thoughts