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The Bystander effect; Help or Record?

As we notice, there are massive amounts of bystander pictures and videos. Bystanders use their electronic devices to capture those incidents.

The public often offers help such as… 222 more words


Episode 1 Bystanders and Prisoners

Welcome to Sassy Psychos! In this inaugural episode, Sharon and Liz chat about the most notorious psychology studies of all time: the murder of Kitty Genovese and the Stanford prison experiment. 61 more words


What the Kitty Genovese Killing Can Teach Today’s Digital Bystanders

Excerpt from this article, which is accompanied by a documentary film:

…the story of 38 people coldly ignoring a murder beneath their windows had a life of its own.

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Filming emergency scenes as a bystander: a tortious duty for those who do not assist victims?

In light of the recent London terror attacks in which bystanders filming the incident both hindered and assisted police, debate has raged as to whether this type of conduct at emergency situations should be seen as acceptable – particularly as nearly every individual now carries a device capable of recording such scenes and uploading them onto social media instantaneously. 849 more words

Bystander Effect

Dog has no "bystander problem"

On June 13, 2017, a white dog was hit by a car and died on the road in China’s Nantong City of Jiangsu Province.  The deceased dog’s friend, a black dog, had pulled it from the busy traffic to roadside and tried to “revive” it by shaking and pulling the dead body. 187 more words

Ken Lai

Yang lain akan melakukan(Bystander Effect)

Pernah liat orang jatuh? apakah kamu menolongnya?
pada tahun 1964 ada seseorang yang ditusuk hingga mati dan ada sebanyak 38 orang yang menyaksikan, tetapi tidak  yang melakukan apapun karena mereka merasa orang lain akan melakukan. 220 more words


Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

Episode #177: Testosterone, and the Coward Gene

In this episode:

Jay has some decorative plant ideas for the gym; treatment of animals; Beau’s angst brings up the topic of testosterone and replacement therapy; the recent Portland train stabbing, the economics of morality, the coward gene, and appeasement behavior; and quick parenting tip from Jay. 50 more words