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Strategies for Kids Responding to Bullying

By William T. Mulcahy, LPC, NCC, CEAP, author of the Zach Rules series

It’s not easy to admit it, but when I was younger, I bullied another kid in my parochial grade school while out on the playground. 1,014 more words

Free Spirit Author

Author Interview: 'Bystanders' by Phillip Murrell

About the Book:

Colberton has a vigilante, named Votary, attacking the criminal element that operates in a city with a limited police force. A social climbing reporter, Claire Kennedy, is determined to discover the identity of this would-be hero to boost her station’s ratings and her own clout with her boss. 1,427 more words

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Abuse is Happening, RIGHT Next Door...


Abuse is happening, RIGHT next door, you hear it, the glasses shattering, screams, feet, running to and fro, like someone, trying to escape being, HUNTED down? 220 more words

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Why being a bystander is not an option

My column Personal Political published in the Cambridge Chronicle, June 8, 2017

Beena Sarwar

“You don’t even speak English,” comes a male voice across the fading evening light. 1,087 more words

Human Rights

A Blind Man, Standing on the Sidewalks

Saw this, on the bus ride earlier in the day today…

A blind man, standing on the sidewalks, he seemed, a bit lost, prodding around, with that guiding cane of his, and I saw people, passing him by, and not offering him any assistance, and I couldn’t either, because I was on the bus, and, there was no way that I can, get off, before my stop too (and yeah, maybe, I’d turned into, one MORE of those, unrelated “bystanders” too???)… 253 more words

Experiences Of Life

The Portland murders and the threat to bystander intervention 

When the Portland murders hit the news this week, they were rightly shared as an example of brave defence of the rights and dignity of our fellow humans. 762 more words