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If you see something, say something

There is a boy in my school who i have one class with. To keep him anonymous, I will call him Joe. Recently, Joe got suspended from school for a few days for punching a fellow student. 601 more words

Your Body, God's Temple

“Within your temple, O God, we meditate on your unfailing love.” – Psalm 48:9

When my husband and I were struggling with infertility, I was also grieving my father’s death and my mother’s new role as a widow.

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"Friends" Suck

Have you ever had those people who call themselves your friends, but when you are in actual need or in a time of crisis they are nowhere to be found?   797 more words


Do Bystanders Have a Responsibility to Intervene When There is Trouble?

One of my favorite TV shows, ‘What Would You Do?‘ aired on ABC, is a 60-minute hidden camera broadcast show forcing viewers to contemplate what exactly they would do since 2008. 394 more words

Pop Culture

Therefore, We Do Not Lose Hope

Several years ago, I suddenly stopped writing this blog. What I didn’t tell you was that life had taken an unexpected turn… as it often does… and everything I’d ever written was being put to the test. 482 more words


Identifying and challenging oppression through forum theatre: Moving bystanders to upstanders

On Sunday March 1, a cast of nine performed ‘C’mon Granny’ to a full house at Lambton House in Toronto: Joy, Riva, Jeannette, Mike, Paivi, Aurora, Amelie, Cody, and Luc assumed their roles – and welcomed all of the audience members to participate in their dialogue. 564 more words

How About We Stop Acting Like Animals?

Growing up, like many of us, my parents questioned the motives of some of my friends. And I heard what we all heard:

Now, if I was to be entirely honest with you, entirely honest, I was labeled a bit of a “goody two shoes.” And even then, in school, as a high school student, I was the the girl who had to be going in order for others to get to go. 745 more words

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