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On Good Friday there were two kinds of bystanders.

There were those who were just part of the crowd; the ones who mocked, beat him, or just watched as the Lord was put to death. 24 more words


What great calamity could e’er befall
The stoic who refuses to engage
Whose uncrack’d boots stand shiny in the hall
Who licks her fingertips to turn the page… 69 more words


The 'Polish death camps' controversy: Poland is not the only country that should confront its Holocaust history

By Daniel Tilles

Poland’s proposed law deserves to be criticised, but the country is not the only one that should be asking itself questions about its actions during the Holocaust. 1,730 more words

Bystanders or Upstanders: Which One Are You?

Bystanders-(def.) a person who is present at an event or incident but does not take part.
synonyms: onlooker · looker-on · passerby · nonparticipant · observer · spectator · eyewitness · witness · watcher · gawker · rubbernecker. 620 more words