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Bystanders hits theatres and Dark Dates 3 gets closer

Well, it’s been a busy year so far in 2015, and I’m looking set to end the year in a high note. After being much delayed (I know, I know, I’m sorry) Dark Dates 3 is now back from all my beta readers and so is on track to be published early 2016. 74 more words

Street harassment is a form of oppression

Street harassment is a human rights issue. It limits victims’ ability to be in public by reducing their confidence, feeling of safely and freedom.

Former executive director of United Nations Women, Michelle Bachelete*, has acknowledged the prevalence and impact of street harassment: 295 more words

How to respond to being street harassed: 3 steps

As a women, when you are catcalled, touched inappropriately or verbally assaulted, it isn’t uncommon for your mind to go blank or for you to freeze. 400 more words

Silence is compliance

It happens all the time. We see something that makes us feel uncomfortable. We notice a situation that is a bit ‘off’. We witness something that is just plain wrong. 372 more words

Firat Ozcelic: Thank you

Londoner Kaitlyn Regehr, has tracked down her Good Samaritan, Firat Ozcelik, after she was “grabbed” by a stranger on a bus and launched a social media search to find and thank the man who intervened to defend her. 338 more words

Emma's Story - "The worst part wasn’t being groped"

The following story of street harassment was written after an interview with Emma, a reader who contacted us and wanted to share her story to make a point about the importance of bystander intervention. 684 more words

Stepping in: 5 tips for intervening

Bystander intervention is the best tool we have to change our streets and end street harassment. By stepping in when you see street harassment you tell the harasser that what they’re doing is not OK and also let the victim know you have their back. 489 more words