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OTRS 3.1 | DashboardBackend | Possible attributes for filtering

You will find it in DashboardTicketGeneric.pm


Top 10 Resources You Must Follow for Android Development

A decent blog can be a lifeline for an engineer. Some give great foundation perusing on the business being taken a shot at. Some give code help, clues and tips, and other viable resources, while others simply give a very much earned diversion, which can be imperative on a tough or challenging project. 685 more words

Custom Mobile Application

port redirect with ssh | connecting services listening on localhost only | studio-link hack :)

This listens on interface and redirects to service listening on localhost port 42065

ssh -g -L -f -N root@localhost

Wrap your brain around this...

Math has never been something I feel confident in. It’s always been a roller coaster of me feeling overwhelmed, to understanding then back to not getting it at all. 198 more words


xmlstarlet + icecast // return a value

curl --get -s -o - --user 'admin:adminpass' "http://localhost:8000/admin/stats"  | xml sel -t -m '/icestats/source[@mount="/myradio.mp3"]' -v listeners -v channels -n - 

How to Help Creative People: Be (Or Support) Claude Shannon’s

How to Help Creative People: Be (Or Support) Claude Shannon’s

 By Shlomo Maital

Claude Shannon

   Claude Elwood Shannon (1916- 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and cryptographer. 303 more words

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