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Perspective of Twelve

12 images. 1 subject.

Being able to photograph my favorite book (my great-grandmother’s at that!) in twelve ways was an incredibly fun challenge to tackle. I took this opportunity to try and make my images better. 135 more words


Perspective of 12

This week I took 12 shots of the same object. As I walked around, I looked to see if I could find anything worth shooting. I was hesitant to do a plant, but I ended up shooting some plants and a piece of architecture. 123 more words


P3 Activity: Photography

It was pretty rainy and dark out when I went to take pictures so I got on a balcony and took some pictures of the beautiful Willows apartments next to mine for my Light 1 – Outsides and Foreground/Background pictures. 100 more words


Project 3 - Six Images

I’m basically a novice with my DSL camera. It does have a ton of modes to shoot in. I just did a straight, no flash shot for the first one. 274 more words


Project 2: Event Ad


A color event ad to promote an Ultimate Frisbee event made with limited resources, using only Microsoft Word and a scanner.


I first scanned a picture from the Ensign magazine for the background. 183 more words


Project 2: Fun with Event Flyers!

Description: A flyer for Archangel Foundation of Arizona to benefit the Officers of the East Valley DUI Task Force.
Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): MS Word, Adobe Reader, Pen, Paper, 25# laser printer paper, printer, typography, design layout, alignment, hierarchy, asymmetry (picture), color, gestalt and focal point. 213 more words


Depth: Deep and Shallow

This week was ran a bit smoother than last week. It’s comforting to know that I’m getting more comfortable with my camera.

Shallow Depth of Field… 288 more words