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P6: Meridian Temple Montage

  • Description
    • A Montage featuring a spiritual theme.
  • Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/Steps taken while designing)
    • I always wanted to do something with the temple, so once I had the Idea, I leapt into action…
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Bronco Photodesign


A Photodesign that utilizes good photography and design skills to create a poster that shows a consistent color scheme

Well-written process (Programs/tools/skills/FOCUS principles)

I had a hard time find something I could photograph, until I remembered my Dad and his Ford Bronco. 299 more words


This Is My Happiness: Coming Out

In my Foundations Capstone class, I sat quietly as my classmates voiced their opinions about gay students. Many, though not all, were unkind. They assumed that all gay students were acting on their feelings, and taking advantage of opportunities for reduced tuition that could go to more “deserving” students. 1,664 more words


Aló vwe are füd critíque

We are Claudia and Gabe, a cute little couple (aw) and we are typing this. Well, not at the same time. It’s actually just me (Gabe) and she doesn’t know I’m doing this right now. 337 more words


About Me & This Class....

I’m creating this blog to document my journey as a Student at BYU Idaho. You might be able to tell from my photo that I am a bit older than the average college-aged student at BYUI. 471 more words


Business Models & The Basics

Before I get too invested in this blog post, I would like to report that I have survived my first week of classes. Yay! To keep things brief, this blog is an online journal where I will share and discuss the topics covered in my Web Business class. 363 more words