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Broken Finger and JSON

I broke my left middle finger last week. I think that may have been one of the reason’s I was in so much pain last week. 327 more words


Thoughts About Finals

Because of my major, we don’t take finals in the testing center. We don’t have scan tron sheets to fill out. A lot of my finals are research papers and grammar tests. 332 more words


Undocumented at BYU-Idaho

*Carlos Torres is one of 1.2 million undocumented students who is one step closer to the American Dream because of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. 1,555 more words

Finding my Cure




       1. Light painting an image and being ecstatic when it turns out as good as this.

No, this South American drink, maté, was not my cure to end all anxiety, (but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did). 360 more words

Fine Art Print

This picture was chosen to be printed out and hung in the Spori building. I do love this one. I took it on our photo excursion to Bannack Ghost Town in Montana. 153 more words

COMM 300 Digital Imaging

Here's 5 Easy Steps to Conquer Your Studies.

It wouldn’t be college without some studying, right?

Here’s some of the best tips we can give you for making the best out of your study time! 236 more words


3 Dating Myths You Should Ditch

3 Dating Myths You Should Ditch 

1. If he isn’t texting you, he isn’t into you

This myth is ridiculous because things can never be that cut and dry in dating. 308 more words