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Meet Liset

Meet Rebecca Liset Rivet.

Liset is 20 years old and is studying Communication with an emphasis on News/Journalism at BYU-Idaho. She loves Latin dancing, running her YouTube channel on beauty and lifestyle, and flying.

Comm 360

Video Journalism Web Post # 2

Student Biography: Ruff Cut

This Ruff Cutt, or portions thereof, will be included in a student biography. Dan is a student at BYU-Idaho University. He currently works for soapbox and has loved editing ever since his first home video. 20 more words

Joshua Gourley

Vox Pop

The Dollar Dilemma

What would you do if someone offered you a dollar for no reason? What would you use that dollar for? Is a dollar worth a secret? 20 more words


Video Journalism Web Post # 1

Vox Pop: The Most Creative Date

This was a fun group project that we each edited separately. I chose to do all my editing and color correction using Avid Media Composer 7. 59 more words

Joshua Gourley

Motion: Blur and Freeze

Having no idea about the focusing with objects and shutter speed, it took me a while to get any decent pictures. By the time I was really enjoying myself,  it was already dark outside. 88 more words


Photobook Design

For this project, I wanted to make my photobook design to be clean and simple. Just the photos were enough, I had no need for backgrounds to distract from the pictures. 40 more words


Past Photos

おっす!  My name is Sonny Nguyen. Not my real name… yet, but only my family really calls me by it anyways, so we will leave it at Sonny.  350 more words