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Kwaku Hires Catholic Nuns to Help Establish Modesty at His Next Social Gathering

Provo, UT—Kwaku has hired an entire abbey’s worth of Catholic nuns after receiving some heavy criticism for attending a party full of half clad women dressed in clothes that don’t live up to the modesty standards found in the, … 75 more words


BYU Announces All Buildings on Campus Will be Named After Brigham Young's Wives

Provo, UT—BYU’s newly formed diversity committee has announced that all buildings on campus will be named after each one of Brigham Young’s wives.

“As a committee we decided that we needed more women represented on our campus, and since this is technically Brigham Young’s University why not just simply name the buildings after all his wives?” 21 more words


Lapoint: Navy Debacle Unveiled New Safety Concern

It feels so good to have college football games to look forward to again. College football Saturdays feel like Christmas day for me, except once a week for five months straight instead of once a year. 533 more words

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BYU Considers Revoking Temple Recommends for Not Wearing Masks on Campus

BYU is starting its second week of classes Tuesday, and says it is now considering revoking temple recommends for students seen on campus without a mask—that means denying temple recommends to students who have not yet been to the temple, and revoking them for those who have already been endowed. 266 more words


Review Operator Seluler Digital - By.u vs Live.on vs Switch Mobile

Apa sih operator seluler digital itu?

Kriteria yang saya definisikan adalah sebagai berikut: penyedia layanan telekomunikasi seluler yang menyediakan proses pendaftaran, pengaktifan, dan layanan purna jual 100% tanpa interaksi tatap muka. 520 more words


How BYU can beat Navy without Matt Bushman

by Daniel Olsen | The Cougars are about to embark on a football season unlike anything ever before. The last time they did not field a team was during World War II from 1943-1945. 447 more words

BYU Rugby Team Will No Longer Perform The Haka Due to Cultural Appropriation

Provo, UT—The BYU Rugby team announced that it will no longer perform their ritual Haka Dance before games due to concerns about cultural appropriation.

“We used to really honor the Haka dance until one day we realized that we were just a bunch of privileged white dudes unconsciously disparaging the islander culture on purpose without knowing it,” said one white teammate. 58 more words