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How to Convert Compressed Text: bzip2 to gzip without Temporary Files Multithreaded

The tools that you will need is: lbzip2, pigz and split.

lbzip2 => http://lbzip2.org/
pigz => http://www.zlib.net/pigz/

If you are using Ubuntu (I’m using 14.04 LTS). 86 more words

Hasil Nyoba

Compressing and decompressing files with BZip2 in .NET C#

BZip2 is yet another data compression algorithm, similar to GZip and Deflate. There’s no native support for BZip2 (de)compression in .NET but there’s a NuGet package provided by… 118 more words


Compression ratio and time for common tools

One application I’m working with produces horrendous amounts of log files. They are so large that the process of compressing them and moving them to another server actually has a performance impact on the system in spite of nice and ionice. 93 more words