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Reading bzip2-compressed Hadoop files with Spark

I’ve been chasing this problem for quite some time, and finally found a solution / workaround. So the problem is that I’m reading compressed RCFile with Spark’s newAPIHadoopFile, and… 240 more words


How to untar files in Linux/Ubuntu

In Linux, a common file format is the tarball. A tarball is a compressed folder similar to a zip file. Most Linux distributions include a graphical archive manager that allows the user to extract and manage different types of archives. 239 more words


Compressing and decompressing files with BZip2 in .NET C#

BZip2 is yet another data compression algorithm, similar to GZip and Deflate. There’s no native support for BZip2 (de)compression in .NET but there’s a NuGet package provided by… 118 more words


Compressing and decompressing strings with BZip2 in .NET C#

There are times when you need to return a large text from a web service. The large text will then need to be handled by the recipient. 215 more words