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New C-130J for Israel

Israeli’s “Elephants” squadron recentely recieved from Lockheed Martin the fourth C-130J to it’s fleet.

Israel is still conducting some tests with the new aircraft such as in flight refuelling with a Boeing 707 tanker and low level-flight.

Photo: Lockheed Martin

Day One...Mistake One...

Hey Y’all,

In the spring of 2005, my crew took me out from home back to war. This time we were not headed to the relatively flat Iraqi desert, but to the very mountainous Afghanistan region. 1,294 more words


When the camera was off...

Hey Y’all,

Full disclosure before you read any further. I was not there; this experience did not happen to me but I saw the picture so it must be true. 556 more words


Here we go again...

Hey Y’all,

I am going to start a new series as I go back in time to recount my personal experiences in the military. For a number of reasons, I have been putting off finishing off this documentation of my time “over there.” For our new friends, I don’t document this time of my life because I am trying to relive past glory or because I want to tell you how cool I was back in the day. 2,346 more words


August 18 - C-130H, IL ANG

Thu, Aug 18 — In at 7:05. Talked more than an hour  with my email provider to resolve a major problem. They will have to work on it at their end and get back to me. 223 more words

August 6 - Lockheed C-130E

The following is my last daily blog post for awhile. Feedback and support generated for AKM are sub-nominal. Until I can recruit some volunteers to help with the museum, I must develop the museum first.  392 more words

July 8 - C-130

Fri, July 8 — In at 9, warm, not a hint of a breeze, not an airplane on the ramp, and I’m grouchy again. Working noon to 5 at employer Tuesday through Friday is really souring me, and with two weeks between the MODEST paychecks, I’m still eating MODESTLY and making DAMNLITTLE progress with hospital, internet and other bills. 187 more words