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Flowers in the Sky

No one would have looked up into the sky for any particular reason that night. Stargazers? They didn’t exist, or more aptly, couldn’t exist on this island simply due to the inadequacy of the visibility of stars here. 358 more words


RAF Retiring C-130Js, Perhaps an Opportunity

The RAF is reportedly planning on premature retirement of its fleet of 24 C-130J transport aircraft, so that they will have a homogenous fleet of Airbus A400M transports. 74 more words


Check Out This Wild Behind the Scenes Plane Drop from Furious 7

It’s official; Furious 7 is a smash hit, a monster at the box office. In fact, last weekend, the franchise juggernaut reeled in an ASTONISHING $340+ million worldwide. 325 more words


Chilean Wingsuiter Blasts His Country's Flag In Apparent Display of National Pride

As badass as this all is I think I’m set with the whole wingsuiter blasting through styrofoam thing. It just seems demeaning to go face first through some bullshit obstacle like a… 75 more words


Down time...part II

Hey Y’all,

Picking back up on the story I started last week. Again a reminder to everyone that these memories are mine and mine alone, I only speak for me and I reserve the right to misremember important details from something that happened in 2004. 2,247 more words