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North Carolina-Blewitt Falls Crash-May 10

North Carolina People, Places, and Things-May 10

I am the dad to five adult children. As they were growing up I attempted to remind them they were special and to implore them to learn something new. 361 more words

North Carolina

Blue Angels

Sorry I haven’t been here in a while but here are a couple of photos I took last month. I took a few days off to watch the Blue Angels practice in Pensacola. Enjoy!


Anyone who’s owned a car will know that a trip to the petrol station is one of the biggest expenses you have to cope with. Well, imagine that instead of one car you have hundreds of cars that need to be fuelled all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Heads Up

The airshow

The airshow

Back in March 2014 (yeah, where has THAT time gone??) I attended the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force at Point Cook, armed with nothing more than my iPhone. 428 more words

Aviation Photography

Welcome Aboard, Brian Roman!

Brian Roman is the newest member of the ReviewBeforeFlight team! Brian is a welcome addition to our group and will provide an extremely unique point of view and experience base that we can all learn from. 417 more words

Willy Field

I made two visits to Willy Field on the Ross Ice Shelf during my seven week stay in Antarctica. The first visit was on the day I visited the nearby… 150 more words