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glibc - nexttowardf viable candidate for optimization on aarch64

In my previous post, I went over the steps to finding a function that was optimized for x86_64 but not on aarch64.

After going through the list of functions, I came across… 404 more words


glibc - finding functions optimized for x86_64 but not aarch64

One approach to finding a possible candidate function for optimization was suggested by our professor. This approach was to look for all functions optimized in x86_64 but not on aarch64, since these are the two architectures we have worked with throughout the course. 365 more words


My experience with stims


.My first experience with Adderall came about in my freshman year at college.  I dont know why but my



Code First Default Value - Easy way

There is a easy way to set default values in Entity Framework   Code first. all you need to do is just set your default value in your constructor. 47 more words


glibc difftime - no need for optimization

Upon further investigation, difftime can be left as is with no further optimization. Any optimization that can be done will have minimal effect in execution time. 521 more words