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Air, Air Everywhere.

I have a personal game project I’ve been contributing to now and again, and it seems to be slowly devolving into a case study of over-engineering. 1,730 more words


Remind Ap for Grad 2017

Text: @catsgrad17 to 778-654-0435 for reminders from the counselling office about information that is pertinent to your grad class.

Text: @two30six to 778-402-0082 for homework updates for English 12.


Story and Structure

Today we went through Plot and Structure.  No Online resource, paper copies only.


Basic Data Types

In computer science and computer programming datatypes are a way to  classify different various types of data. This is important in a computer program  process to enable the computer to know which operations can or cannot be performed.For example the addition symbol(+) has a different meaning for a string data type and an intiger datatype. 143 more words


Ternary operator: Missing in Python?

Operators are classified into three kinds: unary, binary and ternary. An unary operator has only one operand, binary has two and ternary has three.

Unary operator act upon a single operand. 137 more words