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C/C++ Performance, mmap, and string_view

A C++ discussion group I participated in got a challenge last week. Someone posted a short Perl program, and claimed that it was faster than the corresponding C version. 1,199 more words


Optimistic concurrency control

Optimistic concurrency control is a technique used for concurrency.

  • It is used in databases and internally by concurrent data structure libraries
  • It assumes that actions will generally complete without contention, so proceeds to perform the update immediately, then checks afterwards if the action can be committed or must be rolled back…
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Describe the significance of volatile, const and static keywords.

volatile qualifier

The volatile qualifier is used for removing the compiler optimization for variables defined in C/C++.

Normal variable definition

uint32 DevStatus;

In the above case, the compiler optimization exists, that is unless there is an assignement for the variable, it is considerered not to change and the value would be cached and when accessed would return the cached value rather than reading from the memory. 613 more words


Still waiting: 1956 Victress C-2 Coupé

Back in the fifties it was not easy to afford an Italian sports car, it was indeed much easier to buy a fiberglass body shaped like the european GT’s and merge it to an american chassis and engine. 101 more words

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What to do when you don't have a crash dump for your Windows program

If you’ve ever been in the frustrating situation of having a crash report from a machine where crash dumps are not enabled, then you’ve probably been left scratching your head wondering what to do. 821 more words


C Language Reference| set(1)

Introduction to C:

The programming language C was developed in the 1970s by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Labs (Murray Hill, New Jersey) in the process of implementing the Unix operating system on a DEC PDP-11 computer. 1,329 more words