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Create a simple cache in C# .NET

Here is a little sample of code I have written to simulate a cache, wich write the data every second on disk in the background in a dedicted thread. 209 more words


Heap overflow and Stack overflow

Heap Overflow:

Heap is a region of process’s memory which is used to store dynamic variables. These variables are allocated using malloc() and calloc() functions and resize using realloc() function, which are inbuilt functions of C. 391 more words


Reasons for a C++ program crash

We sometimes come across abnormal crash of C++ programs. Below are some possible reasons which may cause C++ to crash abnormally.

  • Segmentation Fault: It is the major reason for program to crash.
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C++ concepts

  1. What are the various OOPs fundamentals?

OOPs stands for Object oriented programming. The basic OOPs fundamentals are:

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Dynamic binding
  • Message passing…
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Functional Programming with C#

I’ve been interested in learning more about functional C#, and how it differs from the OOP style C# that I’ve been doing for years. Ed Charbeneau… 646 more words

General Development

Difference between C structures and C++ structures

  1. In C++, struct and class are exactly the same things, except for that struct defaults to public visibility and class defaults to private visibility.
    Some important differences between the C and C++ structures:
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How to test user namespace with clone system call with CLONE_NEWUSER flag

Testing the sample from Containerization with LXC to demonstrate User namespace.

It is supposed to print both outputs from the child process in a new user namespace and outputs from the parent process. 401 more words