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Automated Security Testing with OWASP Zed Attack Proxy: #2 Creating & Running Automated Security Tests on Visual Studio Team Services

In the previous article, we installed and configured OWASP ZAP on an Azure VM and added a reverse proxy to access it over the internet. In this article, we’ll discuss on how to use the OWASP ZAP API and Visual Studio Unit Test project to create Automated Security tests and then run them in a Visual Studio Team Services build pipeline. 1,698 more words


C++ Log - Entry #28

Oh, hi. I’m back. Not like it matters. *ahem*. Shit…


Greetings people who may read this! It is I, RudeGuyGames, who has finished his programming class and actually learnt what the hell an object is and how one would go about using one for anything! 91 more words


Find duplicate characters in string

Our task is simple, find all the duplicate characters in a string.

Input: I am test program

Output: a m t r

Algorithm: Logic is quite simple, see below steps: 179 more words


Let's Play a Game

The authors of the PVS-Studio analyzer invite you to test your attentiveness.

Code analyzers never get tired and can find errors a human’s eye cannot easily notice. 347 more words


Before you commit...

Another great article on things to do before you commit your code … heavy focus on .net tooling support



College Bound Part C.2

Hello and welcome back!

We’re starting this out exactly where we left off with our new lovers.

They’re both thinking about each other, but only Carmen is looking at him lovingly. 998 more words