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Additional Useful Macros


I will in this post shortly present a few more of the macros that could be of use to always have ready when starting out a new project. 636 more words


Composition over Inheritance in C#

This is a great article that really simply states the advantage of Composition over Inheritance  in C#. Very simple and very reproducible code and a love sample code that is a game as well (albeit very simple) 6 more words


Lecture 2 : Writing Statements

Write Statements

What is Computer Variable

1. A symbol or name that stands for a value.

2. For example, in the expression x+y.

3. x… 430 more words


Lecture 1 : Flow Charts

What is Computer Program

A computer program is just a collection of computer instruction , that are necessary to solve a specific problem

The approach/ method used to solve the problem is called algorithm… 73 more words

"Let's just fix this one last bug"

… these were my words at around midnight today. Now its almost 5AM in the morning here at my place. Oh well.

On the bright side I would consider UnityFS as completed. 401 more words


C++ Resources

Here are some resources for learning C++ 13 more words


5 More Little Things in C++11


Function objects is a template in the c++11 library that generalizes the idea of function pointers. One advantage over function pointers is that it can refer to any callable object.

452 more words