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I'm Looking.. Searching for something

Heyo! Have you ever seen that picture that asks you to find the number 9 in a screen’s worth of 8s? No? You can find that picture by typing “Find 9 in 8” into Google. 72 more words

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macOS and Mac annoyance list

Because not everything out there is Linux. This is a collection of solutions to problems I found while using the bitten apple products.

One important issue is always  502 more words


C++ time operations

It’s not that I’m programming now, but I’m somehow reviewing old techniques that I don’t use since my PhD. You can play with them. To… 85 more words


Draw some more!

A bit late today, but nevertheless, your weekly dosage is here!

Did you like last week’s drawing class? XD Don’t worry it doesn’t end yet!¬†We’ll be drawing triangles in different forms. 55 more words

Status Update

C++ data acquisition

These are snippets that I created some time ago, and since they are small, they don’t have their own space. To store on data.txt

//store datach0 in a file
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
    ofstream *fout = new ofstream("data.txt",ios::app);
    *fout<<"datach0: "<<data0<< endl; 
    fout->close(); 82 more words

Draw! ... Draw!! ... Draw??

It’s time to draw some art in the console. It’s goin’ to be beautiful, it’s going to be fabulous, it’ll be incredible!

True art is an explosion!

75 more words
Status Update

Two Steps Back

Howdy, Y’all! It’s time to step back a bit. Let’s do some simple projects to refresh your mind. The first will be a Discount Calculator… 41 more words

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