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Material Design in XAML v2.1

After the prolonged release of 2.0, I promised to get back to shorter release cycles. So, despite the summer holidays :) , here it is.  I’ll keep this post short too.   17 more words


Hacker Rank "Sherlock and Anagrams"

Given a string , find the number of “unordered anagrammatic pairs” of substrings.

Input Format
First line contains , the number of testcases. Each testcase consists of string in one line. 243 more words


Stack and Queue

Stacks are a type of container  designed to operate in a LIFO context (last-in first-out), where elements are inserted and extracted only from one end of the container. 271 more words


STL (Vectors)

Arrays in C++ have a number of drawbacks that make them inconvenient to use:

  • The size of the array must be a fixed constant.
  • Passing an array as a parameter to a function is inconvenient; you must also pass…
  • 1,073 more words

Python yield and C++ Coroutines

Back in 2008, an old friend challenged me with a programming puzzle, when we both attended a wedding. He later gave a solution in Python. Comparing with my C++ solution, the Python one has about half the code lines. 1,825 more words


Using VS2015, SQL CE and EF

Previously, I have blogged about SQL CE and how cool it is to use with .NET and Entity Framework. Now in VS2012 it was very simple to use. 303 more words


Binary Search

Binary search is one of the fundamental algorithms in computer science. and an effective algorithm as compared to linear search .

Binary search algorithm in C++ relies on a divide and conquer strategy to find a value within an already-sorted collection. 647 more words