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Binomial Coefficient

/* Binomial Coefficient – Write a function to find factorial of a number. Using this function,  find value of binomial co-efficient (B) where B = n! 101 more words


Months in words

/* String – Program which reads month number and displays the same in words. (Use two dimensional array) */ 57 more words


Prime Number

/* Prime number – Program to print first n prime numbers */

/* Assume 2 is a prime number but 0 and 1 are not */ 90 more words


Symmetric matrix

/* Matrix symmetric – Program to check whether a given matrix is symmetric or not */ 182 more words


Decimal to Octal, Hexa, Binary

/* Decimal to Octal , Hexa , Binary – Using recursion write a program to find octal , binary and hexadecimal equivalent of the natural (decimal) number entered by the user */ 103 more words


Square number

/* Square number – Write a function to check whether a given integer is a square number or not. Eg. 4 , 9 , 16 , 25 etc */ 92 more words


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