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3 Shots of Creative Mornings

After my double-fun on Friday, I figured I’d share some more about Creative Mornings.

I already told you the basics, though, so I figured the next best thing to do would be to use our current version of the Time Machine to give you more of the actual experience — 3 quick shots of inspiration. 562 more words


My Top 10 iPod Tracks - 010815

  1. (-) – Trash Monster Hardcore – Bully Mammoth
  2. (-) – Sunseekers – Coke Weed
  3. (-) – All Songs Considered For Friday, 1 June 2007 – NPR…
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You’ll kill it if you follow these simple rules!

I’ve got to say, this book is a fun read.  I had hoped it would be light-hearted and easy to digest and so far it’s exactly that! 1,107 more words

Ann Handley

Does Content Rules rule? We'll see!

I started my blog, Calabrisella Mia, several years ago, mainly because I enjoyed writing and wanted to have an outlet to nurture that love.  In the beginning it wasn’t something I took too seriously; it was just there when I needed it. 285 more words

Ann Handley

An Interview with C.C. Chapman - The Influencer Series

I recently had a chance to check in with C.C. Chapman, Storyteller, Explorer & Humanitarian to talk about some of the changes that we are seeing in marketing industry.  1,653 more words


Lights...Camera...the Return of Captain Video!

Have you heard about the New Rage, video?

Whether you need branding, marketing or training, video offers everything you need. Or at least, everyone seems to be offering video advice in one way or another.  516 more words


Content really does Rule!

As technology continues to evolve, so does the role of a PR representative. This book packed a lot of information and really showed how important the role of a content creator is in today’s online world. 317 more words

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