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Update and Other Adventures

This will probably be a short post.

There isn’t a lot going on at the moment on my end of the stick. Currently going through the process of railroading my story. 139 more words


Writing Rant

This is my first official blogging rant. There may be a few of these from time to time depending on things going on in the world or in my own life. 164 more words


Building FFmpeg for Android


Some time ago, I got task on my work which required processing of video on Android. As you probably aware – Android doesn’t deliver ¬†built-in tool for such task (Ok-ok, there actually is MediaCodec, which, in a way, allows you to perform video processing, but about it in the next post). 2,046 more words


Security, Sports & Writing

Hello World!

In this blog post I’m going to talk about the various going on in my world or at least those that I’m paying attention to. 345 more words


Back to the Grind & Future Adventures

Well my weekend is up.

I’ve got to leave for work in a few hours, toiling my life away on the daily grind of security life. 287 more words


The little things

Feeling better today.

Or at least less irritated.

After having my set back the last couple days I decided to go out with my fiance for a little surprise dinner. 354 more words


Set Back and Recover

Not the best twenty four hours in my short writing and blogging career. My blog post yesterday didn’t receive any views. I know I shouldn’t be to concerned but with the good start I established, I was hopeful that it would continue but it didn’t go as I hoped. 107 more words