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En Route: HKG, YYZ, MCO

Ok. I know this is weird. But I figured I would combine all three. I totally forgot to write about this experience but… since I’m here :) 588 more words


Macau: 1 Day

Hello! So we did a day trip to Macau. FIRST TIME FOR ME (okay I lied second but my first time since me being at least one year of age).  203 more words


Answered Prayers: Unexpected Surprises

Yes. There is a God.

When I needed that extra cash, God heard my cry for help. I was very generously gifted with some extra cash. 151 more words


Purse Touch Up/Emergency Kit

Ok. So weird enough as it is… Now that I’m pretending to be an adult with a job and stuff…I have a touch up/emergency kit with me that I bring around everywhere (if it fits into my purse… most times it does). 281 more words


Chronicles of a Job Seeker: Interview Follow Up

So you went to your interview and you are thinking of all the things that went well (and if you’re negative like me… went wrong). Before you forget everything… keep in mind a few things you did during the interview that was good! 112 more words


Hong Kong: Day N

Hey there,

I’m sorry I didn’t record more of my stay in Hong Kong but all honesty it’s a bit hard for me to do. It was super busy and also I never seem to think there is much to do because it’s just sorta like home. 93 more words


March Empties and Favourites

Fun fun fun it’s March. WOW. This month has been super crazy busy with the new job and with some added work days at my old job. 427 more words