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Haul: HK and Korea - Skincare

I guess after being away for so long… It’s about time I share what I bouhgt

I actually bought so much stuff when I went to Hong Kong and Korea… Not including the stuff I bought for other people so I’m going to split it up. 199 more words


Reading the Word

Oh hi. Just another friendly thought/rant from yours truly.

Have you ever had that time when you had so much anxiety and so many thoughts going through your head and you just couldn’t calm down. 332 more words


Tutorial: Contouring Technique (by request)

A lovely lady over at everythingyouneverneededtoknow ;) also one of my guest bloggers (Addie) requested this tutorial about contouring. I’ll be straight up and honest, I’m not make up smartie pants, but I figured I’d show you what works for me. 167 more words


Answering Prayers #Humbled

I think God has a funny way of answering prayers sometimes. It could honestly be the worst of situations but sometimes we need something like that to be our reset buttons (which really sucks on my part and is totally my fault for not listening to Him better). 140 more words


Chronicles of a Job Seeker Update/Blog Update

Hello my lovely blog readers. I don’t know if anybody actually follows me or even reads these BUT I wanted to make a brief announcement about this ‘series’ I’ve been doing. 187 more words


Praise Report

I cannot express how excited I am to share this with all of you today!

I learned today that my cousin has a job (praise the Lord) and he has another interview which is SO exciting. 92 more words


Rant: The Mixed Feelings

There are plenty of times when we get mixed feelings. Trust me. As a relatively young woman/girl I feel the mixed feelings all the time. I also feel like I get mixed signals, but that’s a whole other topic. 553 more words