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C Clown is gone? 어떡하지?!?!

Okay I know I’m very late on my Kpop game. These days I only listen to the groups I like instead of listening to everyone. And when it comes to news I rely on Twitter but OMD (oh my days) I can’t believe there is no more C Clown! 197 more words


C-Clown disbands but their music will remain in us forever

Yedang Entertainment just announced C-Clown’s disbandment on their Official Facebook account and I’m greatly devastated of this news because they are one of my most favorite boy groups. 360 more words



So just the other day our dear band had disbanded! Now here is for the juice (lol) it’s still unclear why they have desided to disband, about six months ago “rumors” began to speed that C Clown would be disbanding, you may wonder could this be the cause of the so call end of this amazing band? 170 more words


Monday Kpop Update | C-CLOWN Disbanded + YG Stage Teaser + Minzy's New Studio

I started this new kpop update format because it just seemed more convenient to me. I like highlighting the top stories I read for each day and share my opinions on it with you guys but I don’t want to overwhelm your inboxes, especially since there’s a WOTD post too.

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Boy Grup C-Clown Resmi Bubar

Boy grup C-Clown telah resmi dibubarkan.

Pada 5 Oktober, agensi Yedang Entertainment mengumumkan kabar tersebut melalui sebuah pernyataan resmi yang dirilis melalui akun media sosial mereka. 130 more words

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