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Integral City Invites You to ITC2015


In Ballroom B at ITC there is a public square that invites you – heart and soul.  Join Integral City for a nourishing lunch once, twice or three times – as we prototype a unique unconference with integral impact. 106 more words

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A Totem for Curating a Story of Leadership in Canada - Integral Leadership Review

Reticence. Modesty. Loyalty. Generosity. These qualities often mark the Canadian character and our propensity to downplay the adventure, excitement, daring, risk and courage that influence how we tell our stories of accomplishment and achievement. 186 more words

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Remembering the Harms

When I think about harm, I am generally trying to ward off the harm others or circumstances might do to me.

The human species has evolved through a continuous onslaught of external threats from the natural world that have taught us to avoid, remove, reduce or prevent harm in a thousand ways. 562 more words

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Russia Behind the Double Veil: Using Integral Eyes to See Russia’s Cities

In May I visited Russia and was surprised to have my stereotypes of the country and the people overturned.

Using Integral City eyes, helped me penetrate behind two polarizing veils – one defensive and self-justifying (aggrandizing?) filter  created by Russia herself through state-influenced (controlled?) media and the other an accusatory finger-pointing filter fabricated by the western media. 618 more words

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Voices of Civil Society Align in 3 Gateways to Planet of Cities

This blog continues to share the Findings from the research conducted in three Learning Lhabitats exploring the 4 Voices of the City in the United States, Canada and Europe in the last year. 729 more words

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Could There Be a Council of Cities

Could there be a council of cities?

How to concentrate level of cities aside from national interest?

To agree on having one city that could be like the hive level … 203 more words

C. Collective Intelligences