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C or S Corporation: Consider tax changes in reviewing your options

Changes to the federal income tax code can prompt you to review the legal structure of your business. Last year’s increase in the top tax rate for individuals is one such change, since corporate rates remain the same. 394 more words

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Tax Shelter – Section 1031, known as Like-Kind Exchange

Businesses involved in real-estate can take advantage of this tax shelter. Like-kind exchange is a tax planning tool and can save you money if used at right time. 434 more words

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Changing a C Corporation to an LLC

Perhaps you incorporated your business and, at the time, choosing C Corporation status made the most sense. But now things have changed and you’ve realized that your company would benefit if it were a limited liability company (LLC). 489 more words


Tax deductions for your corporation, from ABA CPA: auto,home,travel,airplane,boat

Please email me if you want to be introduced to our CPA from ABA. Connie Dello Buono, 408-854-1883 motherhealth@gmail.com or conniedbuono@gmail.com . Helping doctors and business owners reduce their income taxes.


Which Way to Go: LLC, S Corp, or C Corp

For the last few months I have been researching ways to make my company a “real company” and not a DBA using my social security number. 118 more words

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Protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products

Now that you are in critical capital mass and earning more than you are spending, your goals are to protect your cash accumulation from unnecessary taxes, market risks and inefficient financial products. 119 more words

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Income, but what Kind? IRS Wants to Know

The income tax has made liars out of more Americans than golf.                                                                                                          Will  Rogers

Whatever money we earn over the course of time we consider this our income. 643 more words

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