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A perfect post-9/11 headline

From Bloomberg:

JPMorgan Goes to War

The bank is building a new facility near the NSA’s headquarters to attract new talent


“Convinced that it faces threats from governments in China, Iran, and Russia, and that the U.S.

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We're not on the same side anecdote #4297

From CNBC here:

Wal-Mart is bumping its minimum wage to $10 an hour by next February. That’s a big deal in retail. Worker pay is a major piece of retailers’ costs.

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Our Iraq adventure was a blaze of incompetence across the sky!

I was listening to the World News from the BBC and the announcer was discussing the upcoming battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Casually she mentioned that last year 1500 ISIS fighters defeated a force of 50,000 Iraqi soldiers and by defeated she meant that none of them fought and the city collapsed into ISIS control. 81 more words

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Destroy Uber now before we have another fascist Amazon on our hands

From here:

At $40bn Uber is worth more than big listed companies including Delta Airlines and Kraft. Hamadeh is skeptical that the company can live up to that promise but he said the company wouldn’t give up without a fight.

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More proof that we're all Americans, united and on the same side

From the Guardian here:

A network of Republican lawmakers and their rightwing corporate funders are battling behind closed doors to block minimum wage increases in cities across the US, in a step-by-step counter-attack that could cut back the incomes of millions of Americans despite an economic upswing.




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Why outsourcing jobs to Asia should be illegal

From here:

Of the approximately 233,000 suicides examined for each year, around 45,000, or 20%, were linked to unemployment, the study shows.

What’s more is the study found that there was an uptick in suicides following the 2008 financial crisis.

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What's good for the worker goose is not good for the sociopathic oligarch!

From CNBC here:

Jamie Dimon has some advice on how to deal with bad employees: Fire them.

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO said Thursday that poor-performing workers will “destroy your companies,” The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reported Friday.

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