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Amazon drone delivering rich lady's hemorrhoid cream almost causes plane crash

From NBC News:

A Delta flight from Orlando was preparing to land in New York when the pilot spotted an unmanned drone only 100 feet away.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Hmmm, I want leaf penetrating chemicals in my food

From here:

Then there’s NanoRevolution 2.0, marketed by a company called Max Systems. When goosed with a bit of NanoRevolution 2.0, the company states, “the herbicide ‘piggybacks’ onto the nano particles as they penetrate the leaf structure, carrying the herbicide directly to the root system for a faster enhanced plant absorption of herbicides even on hard-to-control weeds.”

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Tax Prick Grover Norquist returns to fellate Uber!

From here:

Norquist was talking about the point at which Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, said during the address that she would “crack down” on employers who “exploit” workers by “misclassifying them as contractors.”

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Can we shoot down the Amazon drones and steal the shit in the box?

From here:

Amazon Envisions Distinct Drone Zones for Future Delivery Fleet

I’m totally for Amazon drones as soon as that little bald fuck in Seattle can get them airborne.  

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The Collapse Of Civilization

Barney Frank, blah blah blah, Dem. Party tool, bullshit, blah blah blah

From Politico here:

I believe strongly that the most effective thing liberals and progressives can do to advance our public policy goals — on health care, immigration, financial regulation, reducing income inequality, completing the fight against anti-LGBT discrimination, protecting women’s autonomy in choices about reproduction and other critical matters on which the Democratic and Republican candidates for president will be sharply divided — …

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Nothing like dry humping the desperate Greeks!

From here:

ANA-mpa reported that American actor Johnny Depp also purchased a Greek island late last week for €4.2m. The island of Stroggilo is located in the Aegean Sea near the popular Marathos island.

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What establishment dickheads don't get about Bernie Sanders

Headline from the Washington Post:

Bernie Sanders isn’t Barack Obama, and 2016 isn’t 2008

Bernie Sanders is betting that Americans are a lot more dissatisfied with the tepid economy than what is written about in the media.

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