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Has every Wall Street orifice been overstuffed with bills and quarters bitcoin yet?

I had no clue that a huge stock rally based on nothing more than a giant orange haired idiot being elected President was what it was going to take to make America great again.  55 more words

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Another anti-Trump billionaire unhitches the Donald's belt and trousers!

From CNBC here:

Billionaire investor Mark Cuban said Wednesday it’s probably best to wait until Donald Trump takes the Oval Office before judging him, calling the president-elect America’s “number one draft pick.”

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Behold the smell of freshly mowed Wall Street horseshit!

From CNBC here:

Hedge funder manager Paul Singer, once one of Donald Trump’s harshest critics, is making up with the president-elect.

Singer attended a fundraising breakfast that Trump held Wednesday at Cipriani in New York, CNBC has learned.

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Wall Street's credibility is a cheap turd floating in a gold toilet

When we talk about the landslide of fake news why do we not discuss the months long drumbeat of ‘oh the market will crash 10-12%’ if Trump wins.  87 more words

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There goes Wall Street's honeymoon with El Trumpo!

From the Daily Beast here:

In a series of tweets early Sunday morning, President-elect Donald Trump warned U.S. companies that ship jobs overseas that they would face a 35 percent tariff.

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New Treasury Sec. is a double victimizer just like his boss, President GropeNutz!

From here:

IndyMac was one of the most notorious fraudulent lenders in America. It specialized in making liar’s loans – and again, I want to emphasize that there’s testimony in front of the Federal Reserve by the top attorney generals, state attorney generals, who investigated these kinds of frauds.

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Trump's Treasury Trump-A-Lumpa is a foreclosure whore!

From the New York Times:

Steven Terner Mnuchin, 53, is expected to be named Donald J. Trump’s Treasury secretary as soon as Wednesday, people close to the transition say.

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