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NY's Chuck Schumer is the anti-Elizabeth Warren and he's rising!

From the Daily Beast here:

The New York senator’s ascension would be good news for Wall Street—his top five contributors from 1989 through 2014 were the employees and political action committees of Goldman Sachs ($543,000), Citigroup Inc.

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Elizabeth Warren exposing Wall St fellaters in Democratic primary

From Reuters here:

(Reuters) – Big Wall Street banks are so upset with Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren’s call for them to be broken up that some have discussed withholding campaign donations to Senate Democrats in symbolic protest, sources familiar with the discussions said.

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Take away the oxygen!

From here:

“Large banks provide the oxygen for large corporations.”


Greedy a-holes goin' over the top again!

Headline from CNBC:

Stocks are expensive—but investors ask: So what?

Smells like another bubble for the 1% while everybody else eats cake.

God bless America.

The Collapse Of Civilization

Wall Streeters on Wall Street's Get Out of Jail Free Card

From here:

“You think, what penalties have they paid? Maybe a little embarrassment with their kids’ friends who all know what happened, sort of,” Ellis said.

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Ah, the slow motion death of the NFL!

From ESPN:

BERKELEY, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, one of the NFL’s top rookies this past season, told “Outside the Lines” on Monday that he is retiring because of concerns about the long-term effects of repetitive head trauma.

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