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Corporate tax cuts aren't boring, it's how money is stolen by investors and CEOs.

From CNBC here:

Contrary to the intent, the benefits skewed toward a select few companies in a select few industries. Rather than use the money for hiring and capital purchases, companies plowed the cash into share buybacks and dividends,

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Facebook charges above top dollar for commercials run against live murder videos!!

From CBS News here:

Facebook on Tuesday acknowledged it had overcharged some advertisers for video ads on the social media site’s mobile carousel. It was the latest in a long string of admissions about incorrect advertising metrics by the company.

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The Collapse Of Civilization

That's what Joseph Goebbels said too!

Headline from CNBC:

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon: ‘I’m a patriot’ so I’ll help Trump

Cross Pollination

These are the finance people you bailed out!

From here:

$44,000 — Strip Club Bill

What do you get at a strip club for $44,000? We may never know.

“Honestly I don’t remember the night,” a trader said.

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The problem with Obamacare that's not Obamacare's fault

From CNBC:

CareFirst CEO Chet Burrrell told the Washington Post, “What we’re seeing is greater sickness levels. The pool of beneficiaries is becoming sicker, in part because healthier people are not coming in at the same level we hoped.”

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Equal, on the same side, and paid completely differently!

From Reuters:

The average S&P 500 chief executive made $13.1 million last year, 347 times more than the average U.S. worker, according to a labor group analysis released on Tuesday, up from 335 times as much in the previous year.

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Again for the non believers, income inequality kills people

From the Guardian here:

Your average life expectancy now varies by more than 20 years depending on where you live in the United States, according to an 

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