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'Shon'jir' and Becoming New

In Kesrith, the first book of the Faded Sun trilogy by C.J. Cherryh, we’re introduced to a universe crawling out of a long war. The humans have won and are moving to claim new territory from the fat, slob-like regul, who employed an ancient race known as the mri. 392 more words


New Additions #41

This has been on my to-buy-list since 2014 or something.


Short Stories and Comic Books

When I’m eagerly awaiting a package with a new book, it means I need to pick something shorter – but not too short! – so that I can be ready to start the shiny new book as soon as I get home.   663 more words


The Faded Sun (C.J. Cherryh)

I happened to find The Faded Sun trilogy on my dad’s bookshelf when I was helping him sell his house. I had never heard of C.J. 1,078 more words

Science Fiction

Reading Choices

I should probably rearrange my shelf slightly, and put Tripoint before Finity’s End.  How’d they end up in what is probably reverse order?  Who knows.   777 more words

Science Fiction

Why I Reread

Finity’s End.  In context, it’s the name of the oldest still-operating (at this point in the timeline) merchanter ship.  The Family is Neihart, and it’s one of the most important ships in the Alliance.   600 more words

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A Positive Outlook

You’d think that, having finished Merchanter’s Luck and Rimrunners   by C.J. Cherryh, I’d be excited to dive into the pile of books I bought yesterday.  Well, I am excited for a number of the books I bought, but I wanted to keep reading through Alliance-Union for the moment.   678 more words

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