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Kristine Kathryn Rusch ed.: Women of Futures Past: Classic Stories

A collection of science fiction short stories by very influential women writers. The oldest was written in 1933 and the newest 1989.

Publication year: 2016… 1,081 more words

Science Fiction

Humanity Struggles with what Science Fiction Figured out - Decades Ago

I wish everyone had been a science fiction fan as I was throughout childhood. It would have been a vastly better preparation for the present than the classical public school education that I had participated. 489 more words

Science Fiction

Baphomet's Meteor

The alternate history series continues while I work on new stuff.

I was not aware until doing this entry that this novel was part of a series… 251 more words

Book Review

Cyteen By C.J. Cherryh

Ariane Emory runs Reseune, the only cloning lab on Cyteen, with an iron fist. Her directorship makes her one of the most powerful people on the planet. 172 more words


Black Water - Leslie Fish & Heather Alexander

Black water, final rescue, dark water, lasting peace
Black water, keeping secrets none may know
Black water, final rescue, bring silence and release
Black water, through the city swiftly flow…

56 more words

Bring on the beshi: C J Cherryh's Hammerfall

This is the first C J Cherryh novel that I’ve read, and I’m aware that I’m about to step into a sinkhole of opinions about her works. 932 more words

The Life Of The Times