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How to Run C/ C++ Program on Android Device 

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Today let’s learn how to compile and run C or C++ program on any android device or smartphone. Without wasting time lets get started. 274 more words

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A wide character trie implementation

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Therefore I decided to dig out some quick and straightforward stuffs from my disk which I previously decided should’t be in this blog. 1,090 more words


how to sum of array Using programming c.

AIM:-Write a Program Sum of Array Using programming c.



int main() {

    int i, arr, sum, num;


    printf(“\nEnter no of elements :”);

    scanf(“%d”, &num); 77 more words

Programming C

How To Create Simple Pattern in Programming c.

AIM:- create Pattern Using Programming c Following Below.


* 5 *4

*5 *4 *3

*5 *4 *3 *2

*5 *4 *3 *2 *1

INPUT:- 41 more words

Programming C

C Program to find the factorial of the number

//Note: Program is compiled and run using Turbo C++ Compiler

void main()
 int i,n,f=1;
 printf("\n Enter any number ");
 printf("\n Factorial of %d is = %d",n,f);
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Control Structures In C

C Program for Circular Queue


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Today’s topic is Circular Queue. Cque is basically improved algorthm of queue.

In cque front and rear both are interleted to each other. We also use array in cque same as queue but we add front and rear point each other using algorithm to making queue efficient. 550 more words

C Program

C Program for Double Ended Queue

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Today I am here to tell you about Deque or Double Ended Queue. I mentioned it in the title : ) . So start with definition, Deque is an advance… 643 more words

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