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It's All About "CATALAN"

If you know what CATALAN numbers can do ,You are curious about competitive programming.”                                                                                      –A_OLD_MONK  

CATALAN numbers are series of amazing numbers which answers your lots of questions with simple implementation (Simple ? 480 more words


quick sort program : c++


Step 1.  Choosing the Pivot Element

Choosing the pivot element can determine the complexity of the algorithm i.e. whether it will be n*logn or quadratic time: 735 more words

Technical Round


1. The following program has syntax mistakes. Correct them. On each successive line, assume that any preceding error has been corrected.

const char = STAR = '*' 
const int PRIME = 71;
int main
 int count, sum;
 double x;
count = 1; 
sum = count + PRIME;
 x := 25.67;
 newNum = count * ONE + 2;
 sum + count = sum;
 x = x + sum * COUNT; 
cout << " count = " << count << ", sum = " << sum << ", 
     PRIME = " << Prime << endl;
} 465 more words
Technical Round

C Environment Setup

C Environment Setup

This section describes how to set up your system environment before you start doing your programming using C language. 282 more words

C Compiler

Armstrong Number

নাম্বার থিওরিতে কত যে মজার মজার নাম্বার আছে …! আজ এমনই একটা মজার নাম্বার নিয়ে আলোচনা করব

আর্মস্ট্রং নাম্বার

আর্মস্ট্রং নাম্বার হল এমন একটি নাম্বার যে নাম্বার এর প্রত্যেকটা আলদা আলাদা নাম্বার ঘনের (cube)যোগফল ওই নাম্বার । একটা সহজ উদাহারন দেই ৩৭১ স্বাভাবিক একটা সংখ্যা । এর প্রত্যেকটা ডিজিটকে আলাদা ঘন করে যোগ করলে কি দারায় 69 more words

C Program

The Power Of Two (more than 2^64)

The range of number is greater than long long int that is greater than 2^64.
Therefore each digit of the number is stored in a character array terminating by backslash zero :P(i.e.  371 more words


Lập trình C/C++ hiệu quả hơn với Notepad++ kết hợp command line!

Có lẽ không phải bàn về tính hiệu quả cao của Notepad++ trong việc lập trình rồi nhỉ :3 Không chỉ là công cụ hữu ích cho các “ 1,101 more words

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