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Uses for Reverse Engineering: Debugging C Code with a Disassembler

One thing I like about C programming for the DOS prompt is that when there’s a run time error, a whole collection of debugging information gets dumped to the console. 877 more words

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User Defined Function to find Square – in C.

/* With a help of:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uR4tL-OSNI */
int squarefn(int input);

int main()
    int x;
    int squared;
    printf("Input a value: ");
    scanf("%d", &x);
    squared = squarefn(x);
    printf("The square is: %d", squared);

int squarefn(int input)
    input = input * input;
    return input;
C Programming

A Rant Against C# Tutorials From A Linux User

When the pandemic began earlier this year, I had quite a bit of extra time on my hands. I was still working, but all other time I was at home. 1,449 more words


Technology News Worth Reading

Here are a few technology news stories that I’ve read in the past week or so.

Reading Code Is a Skill

The problem is not that we shouldn’t write readable code.  924 more words

C++ Programming

Using the Eigen C++ Template Library with C++Builder and VCL

It’s been almost 50 years since I took a Linear Algebra and Matrices course as one of my Computer Science electives at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA… 2,353 more words

C++ Programming

Pattern's in C

If u are looking for pattern programming….

then your search ends here!!!

Hey, Now we are going to discuss about various patterns in language C. 149 more words

New in C++Builder/Delphi 10.4.1 IDE: Package LibSuffix Auto Choice

The C++Builder and Delphi Project | Options | Description page allows developers to

  • Choose and Set build target configurations
  • Write a description for the package…
315 more words

C++ Programming