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Welcome to the Tavern

If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a recent name change for the blog. No, it’s not because of the rambunctious and rowdy nature of the blog, obviously. 507 more words

Christianity Today

Real Manhood

I spoke recently with a man who spent some time as a jailer.  He concluded that most men are in jail because they never learned how to control themselves.  448 more words

Writing on the rocks

The Paris Review once interviewed Hunter S. Thompson and asked him, among other things, about writing under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Here’s the relevant exchange: 715 more words


Quote of the Day | 28 May 2015

“The perfect church service,would be one we were almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God.”

C. S. Lewis



The Present, a present

What more, you may ask, do we want? Ah, but we want so much more – something the books on asethetics take little notice of. But the poets … know all about it.

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Evidence for Existence

Faith. Webster Dictionary describes it as, “[a] firm belief in something for which there is no proof”. It is not unusual to hear people talk about faith in the context of religion and the Bible talks about how we must live by faith. 1,017 more words