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#080 ~ Postpartum Fitness And C-section Recovery with Jessie Mundell

In this episode, Stephanie interviews a special guest, Jessie Mundell. Jessie Mundell is an expert in prenatal/postnatal fitness and a mama herself.

We discuss healing mentally and physically from a home birth turned cesarean, why it’s important to work with a counselor or therapist if you’re still recovering from past birth trauma, smart postpartum training for post-cesarean and vaginal delivery, why pelvic floor physiotherapy is so important, why it’s not “normal” to pee a little when you workout, and so much more. 332 more words


Sophia's Birth Story Part 3 (The NICU Stay)

So we’d been on a pretty crazy adventure up until this point.  Feel free to catch up with part 1 and part 2 if you are happening upon this out of order.  2,386 more words


Five Things Every Mommy Needs to Keep in Mind when Recovering from a Cesarean Section

Cesarean sections are the most commonly performed abdominal surgery in the United States. Approximately 30% of all deliveries are cesarean sections. A majority of cesarean sections are performed due to complications of the labor process. 790 more words


My top C-section recovery essentials

If you follow my blog I’ve written numerous articles on pregnancy and essentials for newborns. I’ve also written about my V-Bac experience. I haven’t really focused on my C-section as such because well, apart from being last minute and completely unexpected it was uneventful I guess. 716 more words


Worst Parts of an Emergency C-section.

Babies are great, and we would do anything to get them out safely. With that being said, having an emergency c-section was horrible. You don’t get to follow any plan or make your own decision about what you want to do… you HAVE to do it in order to get your baby out safely. 519 more words


The Postpartum Life

You did it! After nine months of swollen ankles, ridiculous food aversions and cravings, uncomfortable waddling,  sleeping with a man-sized pillow that your husband was strangely jealous of, comparing your growing stomach to fruits and vegetables, and trying to believe friends when they complimented you on your beautiful glow, you delivered a precious, healthy baby.   842 more words

9 Things No One Tells You About C-Section Recovery

Even if yours is planned and you think you’ve done your homework, these may surprise you.

You know that C-sections are major surgery and you may have heard  1,256 more words