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6 Months Postpartum

So it has been just over 6 months now since my c-section and the magical moment of meeting my two miracles.

My scar is fully healed and pooch above it has gone. 515 more words

Twin Pregnancy

What's In My Hospital Bag?!?

This baby of mine will be here in less than 2 weeks! That isn’t based off of my due date, it’s based off my scheduled c-section. 945 more words


Recovering from a C Section

There are a few things that really helped to recover from my first C Section.
So.. If your anything like me you did endless hours of research on child birth and labour. 1,131 more words


It all started at a routine appointment where I was booked in for a sweep, Trudie my midwife took my blood pressure and it was worryingly high so I wasn’t able to have the sweep :( 1,417 more words

Recovery and Roman

Sunday night, after a long weekend of strange looks and nervous behavior towards his Mama, Roman fell asleep cradled in my arms, and it felt wonderful. 447 more words


6 Months Going on 6 Years! (Postpartum Update)

It seems my sixth month old baby (who celebrated her “half birthday” yesterday) is in a rush to grow up! Over the last week she has become a crawling expert. 467 more words

Adventures In Parenting

What they don't tell you about having a C-section

(1) You’ll feel lots of pulling and tugging: It’s pain free but not sensation free. And there’s a LOT of this pulling, tugging and stretching business that goes on as they try to squeeze your little munchkin out of your uterus having made a teensy weensy bikini cut (albeit through multiple layers of tissue). 784 more words