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The Day Our World Changed Forever

It was 3 in the morning. My alarm was set to go off at 4. As I laid on the couch, my mind was racing. So many thoughts rushed through my head. 638 more words

Ten ways to help yourself after a C-Section

April is Caesarean Section Awareness month, and I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of posts about the topic, so here’s another!

As someone who had a C-section due to… 921 more words


C-section Births hit 50% in Kenya

The Daily Nation in Kenya recently raised concerns about the increasing numbers of births which are being delivered by c-section, now estimated to be 50%. This is very much higher than the rate thought ideal by the WHO, 10% – 15%. 360 more words


Can I have a vaginal birth after a caesarean section?

In my prenatal programs, I commonly hear “I already had a C-section and hope this time I can have a vaginal birth”. Depending on your previous birth experience(s) and your own health history, you do have a high chance of giving birth vaginally. 362 more words


Getting a C-Section, Pt. 1: Breech Babies and My First Feelings of Failure as a New Mom

“Still breech,” my OB-GYN exclaimed, as she glided the ultrasound probe over my belly.

It’s been two weeks since my standard 32-week prenatal checkup, where — in addition to analyzing my urine, asking about my exercise and diet, and addressing any concerns about the quickly approaching birth — my doctor checked the baby’s position. 1,027 more words


A new miracle

Today one of my best friends become a mother for the second time. She was in the hospital for 5 days straight, but they finally decided on C-section.  60 more words

The Birth of a Warrior

A planned C-section is much calmer than an emergency C-section, so I’m told.

My first daughter was born after 70 hours of labour that essentially ended with my body going, “well, we tried, but this isn’t happening,” and an emergency delivery was followed by an exhausted, full night’s sleep for both of us; me on the maternity ward, my daughter in special care (because she was an enormous 4.5 kg). 1,841 more words