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A C-section Is Not As Bad As You Think!

While I was pregnant, I so often remember seeing these passages or links to read in case god forbid you had to have a C-section, but I refused to click on it or read it.  1,229 more words


Aryana Lorena Moldovan

April 1st 2017, the day our lives changed yet again & a day which we will truly never forget…

Lately the weather hadn’t been so amazing, however, that specific Saturday morning it was sunny, bright and warm outside. 2,028 more words

The Pregnancy Diaries

The Birth Plan: Why It Doesn't Matter

As a mother, most of my friends are either other mom’s or moms-to-be. This is the sort of thing that happens when you become a mom–your priorities change, and the people willing to adapt to those priorities are usually the same people who have similar priorities because guess what–they’re moms (or going to be moms) too! 1,770 more words


Birth Stories

I was reading a post the other day about birth stories and it got me thinking about the birth of my children – I’ve had 1 vaginal and 3 c-sections. 551 more words


Birth Plan : General Anaesthetic Cesarean

Before I became pregnant, I was always quite determined I would have a natural birth and do everything myself. Then as soon as I saw the two red lines on the test, reality struck and I realised there was more to consider than just myself. 463 more words

First Time Baby


It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve been on thyroid medication. Baby J is almost 8 months old. My body has finally stopped hurting from pregnancy and has now started hurting for unknown reasons (oh the joint pain). 465 more words


How My Labor Went

I went from Hey you need to stay in there until it’s time to Dear God child quit being stubborn and get out in the span of weeks while I was still pregnant. 1,809 more words