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Pregnancy and Childbirth 101

I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “expect the unexpected.” After having our third, I came to realize that pretty much describes everything associated with having a child. 861 more words


preMature-the worry till safe birth

a fear in her brain,

and baby in her womb,

she was afraid, to have a premature baby,

she always wished for a full term, healthy baby, 94 more words

Daily POST

Letter to a first time mum

I’m only 4 months into motherhood, but I’ve learned some things that I wish I could go back and tell my pre-motherhood self. Here are some of those things. 799 more words

finally, CelAction

Well, here is my first piece of animation done in CelAction!
Setting up in CelAction is such a pain if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’s hard to find tutorials online for it, the animating part however is very simple and I’m surprised at how quickly I managed to figure it out. 54 more words

Mother's day

This is my 3rd mother’s day and it’s still surreal to me, a bit. It took us 6 years. SIX YEARS to get pregnant. That included TWO different surgeries for me (not counting the eventual C-section), more than a half dozen “procedures,”  a traumatic miscarriage of twins, a Lemony Snicket pregnancy that involved (in that order): a Christmas eve uterine hemorrhage at 7 weeks where the baby that would be my son somehow survived (I called it a Christmas miracle), 7 months of nausea and vomiting (btw, “morning sickness” is a cute nickname but really the nausea/vomiting doesn’t discriminate between time of day), a 3-day stint in the hospital with a sudden onset of atrial fibrillation where I almost had to be electrically shocked back to normal and found out for the first time that I have a congenital heart condition which was described to me by the specialist verbatim as “you know when young athletes suddenly drop dead on the football field and no one saw it coming? 529 more words

Happy Mother's Day

I became a mom for the first time on October 4, 2011.

I was just shy of 40 weeks along and it was a planned C-section. 2,205 more words


My Birth Story

My water broke around 11:30 AM on Monday, February 6th, 2016. The night before, I had constant cramps, which persisted into the next morning. I thought it was odd, but it didn’t stop me from carrying on with my day. 1,255 more words