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C-Section: Second time around


I finally gave birth to our second child, a girl, named Riley last Wednesday via C-Section. She was out a week earlier than expected but I am glad that everything went well. 636 more words

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I Don't Regret My C-Section

When my first son – a butt-down, feet up breech baby refused to turn on his own – I decided that I would have a scheduled c-section. 1,884 more words


A Letter to My Daughter

You were due on March 18, 2015. By the time March rolled around, I thought I would be pregnant forever. Each week, the doctor would report that all looked well, but I had yet to dilate. 995 more words


Samuels & Son

I suppose its a normal response when you are pregnant for the first time to document absolutely everything. The excitement is uncontainable. Then by the time you’re pregnant with the second child (REALLY soon after your first child was born), things sort of seem more busy and no one has the time to document every small detail of the pregnancy (sadly), though it is still so exciting. 1,162 more words

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C-section babies swabbed with mom's vaginal bacteria proves beneficial

Several specialists believe that babies born via Cesarean section are at a disadvantage because they don’t pick up mom’s vaginal bacteria on their way out. The first bacteria these babies experience often come from the not-so-sterile items in the room like a lamp or a ceiling tile. 117 more words


If You Say These 5 Things to a C-section Mom, Well You Are a Jerk

This is your warning. Don’t say these 5 things…ever.

by Nikki Pennington | Originally Published on The Snap Mom

I laid there in the hospital bed, just learning I would be having an emergency cesarean section. 697 more words