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Are The Rates of C-Sections Too High?

The Leap Frog Group announced the result of their studies which showed that 60% of the hospitals that they pooled had higher than expected rates of cesarean sections. 232 more words


Open letter to that oh-so-smug woman from my neighborhood

When I was pregnant with Matthew, this obnoxious woman ambushed me as I was sitting on my front porch.  She was super aggressive.  After our encounter, I managed to write her off as that “crazy woman from my neighborhood with no social skills”. 1,799 more words

Baby Loss

To Those Who Say I Was Duped

Here is something that I would like breastfeeding advocates to stop saying about me, a formula-feeding mom:

That I formula feed only because a) I didn’t have the support I needed to be “successful” or b) I was misinformed by the nefarious, sinister formula companies to take the easy route and use formula. 687 more words


Yes, it's what you have been waiting for! Pouring out some pure knowledge.

Hello there!

I decided that it’s time to begin with the advises and stuff, after all that’s what i promised in my For starters post. 963 more words


Sakura Bloom: The Sling Diaries: “Health”

This is my very last entry for The Sling Diaries. I cannot believe it’s over…I’m in tears and filled with gratitude because I’ve met the most wonderful women through this community. 1,116 more words

The Day We Met Sophia Isabelle

On the 24th of November 2013, we received the most precious gift of our lives; two distinct lines on a home pregnancy test kit.

The forty-week journey was fraught with joy, excitement, anxiety and drama – both hormonal and medical in nature. 1,747 more words


The differences between a first and second pregnancy

After reading Kendra Tierney’s post “Hey America, pregnancy: you’re doing it wrong” I felt empowered! I have been feeling so emotional and down the first part of this pregnancy that I wished I stumbled upon this article earlier. 800 more words