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Meeting Avi for the First Time

A year ago today I was just getting out of bed about 6 hours after my c section. I was begging all of the nurses to take me upstairs to the NICU to meet my baby and they kept telling me there was no one who could take me and it was my husband who should. 343 more words

Infant Loss

Creation station: lava town

Todays creation station was also a 5 minute put together… I can see a pattern forming here 🙄. Life of a mum with 13345677 things to do and 0 time on her hands. 183 more words

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My Birth Experience

I guess every mom in the world, given the chance, would want a peaceful normal delivery. I wanted that too! Since the beginning of our pregnancy, I had been praying and hoping for a normal delivery. 963 more words


Happiest time of my life?

Ben and I had 1-2 appointments per day this week.  Between appointments, Ben and I had the pleasure and disappointment of running into NICU friends at the hospital.  195 more words

A Year Ago Today: my short stay in high risk pregnancy

One year ago today I was 34 weeks and 5 days pregnant. The day started like any other day. Unknown to me it was to be the last worry free day I had for a long time to come. 1,105 more words

Infant Loss

Who Am I?

Before March of 2018 I would’ve read that title and gave the generic “first day of school” or “interview question” answer, but March brought me the biggest blessing and realization of my life — my son. 132 more words

C Section


For the most part, the final stretch of pregnancy is spent asking the final down and dirty questions about labour and beyond.  Chats that include formerly un-speakable subjects: maxi-pads, stool softeners and Sits Baths, become common-place. 1,421 more words