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My Birth Story

It dawned on me yesterday that my beautiful daughter will be 4 in October, 4! It sounds stranger each time I say it, but whenever it comes close to her birthday, I’m always taken back to the day she was born and the journey that got us here. 1,061 more words


As Simple as Do Re Mi, A B C-Section

A very dear friend of mine is scheduled to have a c-section next month; both of her pregnancies have been high risk but her first resulted in such a disastrous labor that it’s unsafe to go natural again, so a c-section it is.   1,424 more words



Matthew 1

I’ve been wondering a lot these days, “How painful was childbirth for Mary the Virgin Mother of Jesus?”

She was probably a teenager by the time she got pregnant with Jesus by the power of the Holy Ghost. 161 more words


Birth Experiences

I don’t really have any personal birth experiences. I’m not  a parent, and I’ve never been a direct part of anyone’s birth experience. I have read many, many women’s birth stories, and have heard many birth stories of friends and family.   647 more words


I have Vulvodynia... and a baby!

It’s been three months since we welcomed our little daughter into the world. She arrived a month early giving us a bit of a scare but she is strong and healthy now, having more than doubled her birth weight! 998 more words

The Long Awaited Arrival

The birth of our son has been the most amazing thing that has happened in my life so far, especially given that my husband and I had difficulty conceiving (more so getting through the first trimester). 936 more words