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VBACs are Safer Than You Thought, Study Finds

For most moms, one c-section means more c-sections to follow. While a vaginal birth after a c-section (VBAC) does still come with a risk of complications, a new study found that those complications are rarer than you’d think. 169 more words


From home birth to emergency C-section. My birth story and your choices.

Choosing between home, a midwife led unit or hospital delivery suite…

Giving birth – for most women, it’s the most physically challenging thing you will do. 1,178 more words


Full Bellies and Humbled Hearts

Every single day over the past two weeks, someone different from our faith community (usually someone with a busy family of their own) has faithfully rung our doorbell between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, their arms laden with casserole dishes and Tupperware brimming with delicious food.  327 more words


Third time's the charm

When Kyle got back from school he went back to work in his regular capacity and we would settle into normal family life. It was a very happy time in our marriage. 738 more words

Carter's Birth Story: Part 2

I stared at at Dr. Mason in disbelief.

“What do you mean, I’m in labor?” Pause. More staring.

My thoughts raced: I know someone who’s cervix shortened then elongated then shorted and she stayed home on bedrest, maybe I can go home and be on bedrest too. 990 more words


Caesarean sections: my story, history and present day beliefs.

I remember sitting on a bed in the maternity ward and wondering why everyone around me was either screaming, groaning or panting whilst I felt no pain. 1,312 more words


When Jessie came out of the sunroof

Pre-baby (and pre-pregnancy) I went to see a friend who had just had her little boy via an unplanned cesarean. Whilst I was there she mentioned that she was gutted that she had to have a c-section and felt like she’d cheated birth. 1,294 more words