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Notes To My Grandson

On the day you arrived, temperatures dropped into the single digits. A winter storm had battered northwest Oregon. For three days, feathers of dry snow fell in the mountains and throughout the Columbia Gorge. 601 more words

Natural Birth Plan vs. Reality

It took us two and a half years to start our family. Once we got over celebrating getting pregnant we signed up for a natural birthing course. 1,081 more words


Due Dates

Forty weeks is  full term.

Forty weeks is 10 months.

Forty weeks is a long time to be pregnant.

I’m 40 weeks today.

According to fancy pregnancy math, today was my due date. 527 more words


Alessia’s birth story

I had finally reached week 36 and despite not having the crazy nesting instinct to clean my house, I was starting to feel more ready and equally more afraid of my daughter’s arrival. 2,382 more words

Mr & Mrs <3

C-Section Recovery

I am currently 3 weeks out from my c-section. On the one hand, it feels like it has been forever since that day and on the other hand, it doesn’t seem like that long ago! 834 more words

Unexpected C-Section

I was SO ready for pregnancy to be over, that I was jumping at the idea of being induced. Not to mention, my due date was Christmas Eve. 769 more words

5 Tips to prepare for a c-section

If you’ve ever thought about being pregnant, or envisioned the birth of your children, chances are you think of a grueling, sweaty labor while your significant other rubs your back, wipes your forehead, and feeds you ice chips. 592 more words

Chicken And Dumplings