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C-sections and the pressure to have a "perfect" birth

Last week at my 32 week scan (yes I can’t quite believe we’ve got this far), I found out my little girl is healthy and happy, but that my stubborn low-lying placenta has refused to budge and is completely covering my cervix. 919 more words

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Having a baby part 2

So let’s continue…

I was sent home from the hospital with my baby after 4 days I think? I was sent home with a walker because I was still in too much pain to walk. 1,362 more words

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Having a baby part 1

I have put this in to two parts because it is really long. But I want to share with others my experience not only for me to heal but to help anyone else who has experienced something similar. 1,937 more words

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Our Road (Part 8)

Tuesday March 29th Robin was admitted at South Shore Hospital. We started in the Special Care Nursery section of Labor and Delivery. If you’ve never seen SSH’s Baby Wing, you should. 777 more words


Comeback Tour 2016 - Postpartum Workout Plan

I have been officially cleared to work out!!!

I had my 6 week postpartum check up today and I was given the green light to exercise, starting slowly (my doctor knows me well enough that she made she to make that point clear).   405 more words

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Childbirth Education For The Community

Cost ( 5.00- 50.00 / per couple sliding scale for the series ) on a donation basis! Free to those who need this.


Join us for 7 sessions of childbirth education and breastfeeding training… 124 more words

Osteogenesis Imperfecta |Nationwide Children's Hospital|

On June 3, Baby #2 will be delivered at the 37 week mark. Doctors have found the little guy limbs are measuring small and possibly has Osteogensis Imperfecta Type 1.   53 more words

21 Birth Days