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Due Date

Colin was born on the 13th of January, 2018. It’s probably going down as one of my most memorable dates from and for the rest of my life. 1,089 more words


My C-Section vs. Natural Birth Experience

I’ve had this post drafted since Week 2, post-partum with Elodie. She is now almost 5 months. Oops. So I guess that answers your question of has life changed with 2 kids? 2,087 more words

Family Life

The Postpartum Life Party

You did it! After nine months of swollen ankles, ridiculous food aversions and cravings, excited planning, nursery decorating, uncomfortable waddling, leg cramps, sleeping with a man-sized pillow that your husband was strangely jealous of, and happily comparing your growing stomach to fruits and vegetables, you delivered a precious, healthy baby. 1,076 more words

Year 1 of Marriage Down!

I shared our wedding what feels like yesterday but it’s already been a whole year! When I really take a step back and reflect on our first year of marriage, I realize how much strain was put on it but it didn’t affect us in the least bit! 453 more words


7 Common Misconceptions About Doulas

Although I haven’t been a doula very long, I have already noticed a trend… There are definitely some misconceptions out there. So for the next few minutes indulge me, as I break down the 7 common misconceptions that I have heard in my short time of being a doula. 666 more words


Our Journey to Parenthood - Part 2

This part of our journey would usually be referred to as our “birth story”. It is, after all, the story of how our darling son arrived into this strange world. 1,896 more words


My Birth Story

My birth story and why I needed an unplanned c-section.

First stage labor started for me on June 24th, the Sunday, I would get mild contractions (felt like normal period cramps) that would come very sporadic, probably around every 10-20 minutes and they would only last about 45 seconds to 1 minute. 1,621 more words