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Post-Op Belly and Clearance

I have received clearance for exercise! Yesterday was my five week post-op appointment and the doctor said everything looks great. My incision is still healing and I have minor diastasis recti (muscle separation), but my abdominal muscles are getting stronger every day. 226 more words

Mom Life

I Felt nothing- What I wasn't prepared for while I was pregnant.

When you become a mom for the first time it can be scary. Really scary. As soon as you announce that your pregnant you get bombarded with “you will need this”- “Don’t do that”-“Do this instead”-“When?”-“Did you?”- ” are you”…the list goes on and on. 1,174 more words

6 weeks postpartum

Wow, it has been six weeks since the birth of my little Livy. Time really does fly by :/ It’s crazy how much a tiny little human can impact your life in nothing but good ways; even with all the sleepless nights, the consistent crying. 570 more words

How Autism Changed Me...Part 1: Surviving Pre-eclampsia.

This will probably be quite long, so I’ll need to write it in segments. I apologize ahead of time and I think I’ll also include a trigger warning. 2,072 more words


My Story

Lets begin with my story – In April 2014 I Found out i was pregnant, I

was only 17 at the time. i was very worried about money and were me and the child would life. 803 more words

Angel Baby

Giving Birth

I can’t believe Eric is turning 5 months in a few days!! With all honesty, the past 5 months goes by in such a quick pace, that I didn’t realized Eric will soon be starting solids. 338 more words

SOL: The Story of Piercings vs. Breast Feeding 

I start this off with a young picture of my daughter because this story is the struggle of me not knowing a thing about pregnancy and having a baby but hey, she turned out so cute anyway ! 421 more words