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Blessed Pregnancy Scriptures!

Scriptures for a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth, compliments of John Parker

Why Speak, Decree, and Declare God’s Word?

Because speaking the Word brings God’s power and authority to bear on a physical problem! 4,955 more words


My C-Section Story!

Due to it being Cesarean Section Awareness Month (month of April), I am sharing my story here on the blog. Enjoy!:

It all started Monday (January 31, 2011) night at 8:30, we arrived at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland, KY. 1,244 more words

You Get a C-Section! You Get a C-Section! Everyone Gets a C-Section!

I get this question frequently (with judge-y eyes): Why did I get a C-Section? Because I could schedule it between yoga and a pedicure, of course. 273 more words

On this day 7 years ago...

On this day, seven years ago I was getting ready for my appointment at the hospital. Nerves were high, mostly due to a combination of fear and excitement. 1,386 more words


Because April is Cesarean Awareness Month

I’ll never forget how it felt to hear “OH, you took the easy way out!” during the first few weeks of my son’s life. He was born right smack in the beginning of the holidays (like, the week before Thanksgiving that year), and we were dealing with feeding issues. 2,123 more words


C section Friday!

So due to the fact that baby is too big to push out I am having a schedule c section super excited and super nervous!!!! I keep watching videos and it seems like there’s alot of cons to it but I think its honestly for her best so I have to faith in my gut I just want her healthy and strong. 27 more words


7 Things I Learned About Having A C-Section

So I’ve heard in the Mom Blog Community that April is “C-Section Awareness Month.”  It’s amazing to me how much C-Section shaming goes on in the online community.   1,559 more words