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Belly Birth?

It sounds like a weird term to say, but some moms have now begun using this term instead of saying they had a C-section. The reasoning behind this is that many women have been made to feel ashamed for having a c-section rather than a natural birth. 535 more words

Twin Removal

For whatever reason, I feel weird saying “I gave birth to my twins” since I had an emergency C-section. I like to jokingly say that I had them removed. 1,410 more words

How to Talk to Your Provider About a Family-Centered Cesarean

More and more, women are requesting family-centered, or gentle, cesarean sections. With the number of c-section births on the rise, there are a number of ways in which some providers are helping to facilitate a more gentle cesarean experience. 335 more words


How it Feels: Pregnancy with PPROM

Premature Rupture of Membranes (PROM) can be frightening. When this happens pre-term (PPROM), it is an even scarier prospect. Mother Sider Chloe recently gave birth to twins and has kindly agreed to share her experience of PPROM… 1,819 more words

Guest Posts

Birth. Life. Healing.

Just a few short days after my last post we welcomed our son to the world. He was only 2.5 weeks early and considering we were preparing for a much earlier delivery, I was happy. 1,162 more words

Birth Day

To say I was nervous for Emmalyn’s delivery is an understatement. I have had C-sections before but nothing like this. We knew going into the day that everything was up in the air. 1,388 more words


The Pregnancy that Was

I have had a difficult pregnancy. From the get go, I had a couple of complications to deal with. The first one was that everything happened with an IUD in me. 937 more words

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