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Coveo facets based on ID fields

A while back I had the chance to look into the Coveo for Sitecore search framework. One of the common approaches I take to getting to grips with new software or technology is to try and re-implement something I’ve done before using the new system. 1,246 more words


Meet me at EclipseCon Europe 2015 - Session Xtend beyond Java

Last conferences I didn’t found the time to attend EclipseCon because of so many projects for BlackBerry10.

This year I’ll be again at EclipseCon Europe in Ludwigsburg… 167 more words




Is procrastinapping a real word? Well it is now.
It’s what I’ve been doing as the exam dates gets closer and closer and I’ve figured that best way to handle this is to stay in bed to the point of no return. 439 more words

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Task vs Task.Factory in .NET. Task and Dispose.

If we open source file of Task.cs class, then we can see comment for Task class
The link is http://referencesource.microsoft.com/#mscorlib/system/threading/Tasks/Task.cs.html:

/// <summary>
/// Represents an asynchronous operation. 696 more words


Linux + C - Some other Facts about Pointers

Pointer Math

Pointers are numbers, which means we can use math to change where they point. For example, in an array we store the pointer for index 0, then add to it in order to find the later indexes. 294 more words