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Semantic Versioning

Semantic versioning is a scheme to represent an application or a library version:


Both ‘Prerelease’ and ‘Build’ parts are optional. Please read more about semantic versioning rules… 132 more words


Introduction to MongoDb with .NET part 21: bulk writes in the MongoDb driver


In the previous post we discussed how to delete documents with the MongoDb .NET driver. After all we’ve learnt about filter definitions and various options it was really easy to go through the various deletion-related functions. 611 more words


Distraction and Time Progress

Ya ever notice what took more time on feels less rewarding?  Here’s some works in progress

Coconut Curry Chicken

This family favorite Indian dish that the KurryKing at the Dallas farmers market taught me. Its so simple but oh so delicious. Sadly the KurryKing has passed away but his recipe will live on. 89 more words


Porting RLNET V3 Tutorial to SadConsole and MonoGame

Porting the Sample RogueSharp V3 Game to SadConsole

A few weeks ago I spent some time porting the RogueSharp sample game from RLNET to SadConsole. 476 more words


AI getting stuck, part 4

Continuing from yesterday’s work, Justin PM’d me back about the event finding code saying it finds parent class ones as well.  Checked.  He’s right!  He said he’d investigate better way to implement that will fulfil both needs (not finding the version from Task but finding both leaf and intermediate implementations).   1,175 more words

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