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SSIS - RecordSet Object set to NULL after ForLoop

This was a weird and frustrating one. I’ve got a package that has a ForLoop in it and inside the ForLoop I’m loading records that need to use a Lookup. 344 more words


C# Multithreading interview questions with answers Part 1

What is the difference between Process and Thread?

A process is what the operating system uses to facilitate the execution of a program by providing the resources required. 681 more words


malloc() and free() implementation on an array in C

malloc() function is use for getting memory allocated from Heap section of memory. Heap is a memory section, beside Stack, that is use to store the application/process data at run time. 2,265 more words

Embedded System

Lesson 2: Start your day right

This is another obvious lesson, something we’ve been told since we were in primary school but it’s as relevant today to you as a student waking up at 1 in the afternoon feeling tired and hungry as it was when you woke up at 7am to start a full day of school. 313 more words


C++ Beginner Samurai – Lesson 4: Variables and Data Types

Hi everyone! I know it has been a long time since the last lesson but with school and midterms everything just got postponed. But here I am again with a new lesson on variables and data types. 487 more words


part three..

And to complete the trilogy here another bit of fractal fun (in case your PC is not equipped with a fast enough graphics accelerator you can find a video recording here: https://youtu.be/PzTwOfoZp0E):

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