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          All programming languages provide comment statements in different forms. Comments are used to increase readability of our source code. We can add comments in the form of single line or in block form. 107 more words


POJ 1086 Parencodings



  1. 一种是顺着题目的思路,先通过 P-sequence 首先模拟出原来 P 的括号序列,再根据 W-sequence 的定义来依次计算输出。
  2. 另一种是直接通过 P-sequence 来计算 W-sequence,其实基本思路也就是第 i 个右括号减去第 i – k 个右括号的 P 值,一定得大于等于 k (即第 i-k+1 到第 i 个之间至少得有 k 个左括号第 i 个才能有匹配)。当然,算法的顺序应该是从 k=1开始 k++。当第一次 P[i]-P>=k时,左括号的数目足够和从 i-k+1 到 i 的 k 个右括号匹配了,此时 W 值即为 k。
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This project was made back in 2015 and was made with C# with the MonoGame framework. In this project I made my own Button UI element. 17 more words


Show love to the Remnants

They say time heals nothing, it just replaces memories. I think what truly heals is the will behind a soul wanting to heal. A soul who through truth and sincerity seeks Allah in its inner most deepest thoughts. 231 more words

Duck Defense

This project was made from April 2014 up to July 2014. It is made in C# and the XNA framework. This is the first game project I made but I’m still pretty proud of it. 36 more words


On the road again - serializing and deserializing bitcoin transactions

In this post, I will show you how a bitcoin transaction presented in the raw format is to be interpreted and how conversely a bitcoin transaction stored in a C++ (and later Python) object can be converted into a hexadecimal representation (a process called… 1,917 more words