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Register and Deploy Plugins

Register and Deploy Plugins

The Plug-in Registration tool provides a graphical user interface and supports registering plug-ins and custom workflow activities with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. However, plug-ins and custom workflow activities can only be registered in the sandbox (isolation mode) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. 399 more words

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Objective-C on Multiple Fronts

Okay… So I started learning more in-depth Objective-C from various sources, and they all, and I’m not kidding ALL start out the same. I’m not complaining, but it’s just funny. 229 more words


Windows 10 on the Raspberry pi 2

Microsoft’s Windows 10 IOT core , has been available for the Raspberry pi 2 since around April to May 2015 and brings the Raspberry pi range of development boards into Microsoft “ 1,551 more words

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Debugging and Breakpoints not working in Visual Studio 2015

If you are opening your old solutions in Visual Studio 2015 you may experience some problems with hitting breakpoints and debugging therefore debugging is not possible especially in Unit Test projects. 29 more words


C++ Programming Series: Complex Conditions

In the previous post, the topic of ‘Using Conditional Statements’ finally, came to an end. But only now, there is something we call as ‘complex’. Actually, from the word, ‘complex’, it means… 261 more words


An example of using the dynamic keyword in C# .NET

The dynamic keyword in C# is similar to Reflection. It helps you deal with cases where you’re not sure of the concrete type of an object. 463 more words