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LINQ-Part 1 (Introduction)

LINQ is Language Integrated Query.It helps us in dealing with Object Data, Relational Data, and XML Data. Whenever you are working with Objects, Files System, JSON etc, to query the data set, you can use LINQ. 137 more words


Sticky Any Part of Webpage

Hi Friends,

After log time today i published new article from my experience which recently i have faced. In my recent project i need to sticky left portion of the website. 67 more words


Resolving null values in C#

Say you have a method which accepts a string parameter. The method may need to handle null values in some way. One strategy is to validate the parameter and throw an exception: 549 more words


The Player and the Environment

This is post 2 in my Dream.Build.Play Rogue-Like entry, click here for part 1

Whats a procedural generated world without any procedural generated subjects ?! Using the same “Fill” algorithm I used to place treasure around my map, I quickly made adjustments to allow for a player object to be Instantiated at a “Appropriate spot”. 333 more words


Special Interfaces to know in C#.Net


The point of Dispose is to free unmanaged resources. It needs to be done at some point, otherwise they will never be cleaned up. The garbage collector doesn’t know  455 more words


Membuat Kalkulator Sederhana dengan C#

Pada artikel kali ini kita akan membahas bagai mana membuat aplikasi kalkulator sederhana dengan C# (C Shap). Disini saya menggunakan Microsoft Visual Studio 2013.

Yang mana komponen yang digunakan sehingga muncul tampilan seperti gambar diatas adalah, TextBox dan Button. 475 more words


Mocking MySqlException

As pleased as I am about Entity Framework Core’s InMemoryDatabase for testing, some failures cannot be easily simulated because InMemory doesn’t enforce database integrity, like constraint validation. 173 more words