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CPPCON2020 Session Review: Back To Basics: The Structure of a Program

If you think that a “header-only” library is where you dump all of your code in a header file, this talk is for you.

Joke aside, this talk is at a level that I can give it to my daughter and she’ll get a big chunk of it. 172 more words


Haiku is not compiling!

One of my GSoC task which is to set the mouse configurations for each mouse separately is now working on my mentor’s side but not on my side. 271 more words


CPPCON2020 Session Review: Back to Basics: The Abstract Machine

If you’ve been flirting with C++, and are past the customary “Hello, world!” program, have been programming for a few months, but want to commit to a serious relationship, then this talk is for you. 299 more words


How to initialize adc stm32l011 stm32cubemx

How to initialize adc stm32l011 stm32cubemx

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Entertainment for Engineer’s break time… 777 more words

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Programming Persistent Memory: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers Book

After many months of hard work by everyone involved, I’m very pleased to announce that the book “Programming Persistent Memory: A Comprehensive Guide for Developers… 433 more words

Persistent Memory

Introducing DotNet.SystemCollections.Analyzers

I have been a developer for the past 7 years. I’ve gone through a lot of code reviews during that time. I have devoted my time to learn good software engineering practices through C#. 510 more words

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Cigarettes (Unnamed)

n. a narrow cylinder of tobacco or other psychoactive herb wrapped in paper. (Djinn Marquis of Gluttony, Significant Word)