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A Ritual To Remember

year old I am writing this whilst under the influence of alcohol, quite a lot of it to be honest. I decided that I had some free time, so why not make the most of it. 1,095 more words


HARPPI: A HumAn Readable Parameter-file ParsIng library

Since becoming a post-doc, most of my days are spent writing code. I do the majority of my programming in C++, because as a compiled language, the compiler is able to make many optimizations to ensure that even my poorly written scientist code is reasonably fast. 632 more words


Can’t you believe it?!  Its already the 30th day of AG Doll Craft Camp!  For one or two days C. will be doing the crafts!  So it won’t be a full week.  164 more words

AG Crafts

love is a better teacher

Day 1… ok, Day 5 of Week 7

The weeks have gone by in a blurry scramble. I fully intended to write much more often about my experiences, especially because before I made a decision on a coding bootcamp, I looked a lot of other students’ blogs for information about what the experience would be like. 601 more words



Declare an Array, later assign an Array to this Array

public Ability[] m_abilities;


m_abilities = activeObject.GetComponents<Ability>();

In this way, we can dynamically set the size of the Array and import the elements into the Array in one step.


Hackerrank : Largest Permutation

*   Path :  All Domains > Algorithms > Greedy 
*   Code By : Pritish Thakkar
*   Logic :
*      > Remember given array consists of permutation 
*        of numbers from 1 to n
*      > Make an array for storing index of elements
*        of the given array ! 300 more words
Data Structures

ASP.NET is the road to becoming a true high profile software folk

Asp.net is the fantastic platform that develops natural programmer qualities in a newbie coder.The more you code the more you sharpen your skills in programming ASP.NET. 56 more words

ASP.Net Technology