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Inline assembly

To implement bitbanging I need to generate code that has precise timing. Each instruction’s cycles count.

Inline assembly directives are new to me and I got some… 41 more words

Using C++ templates

  • You can’t easily typedef template classes (see C++11) so it’s not obvious how to give multiple names to equivalent classes. I wanted to do that so that a user can instantiate ws2812 or ws2812b or ws2812s or ws2801 etc.
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What is the type of a PORT?

I need to pass the PORT to use to my class.

Typical usage is PORTB |= _BV(bit) to set a bit of a port, aka a pin of the chip. 58 more words

Getting My Gamer Teenage Child Interested in Coding

Developing games these days isn’t always quite like it used to be back in the 80’s when the closest thing we had to modern AAA games was… 1,585 more words


Setting up custom Selenium test with Chrome frontend

In this example we test T-Pilet for containing “Piletid sinu teekonnale” and having a Tartu – Tallinn line. Test fails if service is unavailable.


NUnit tests comparing WebClient sync, async and lazy loading

In short:

  • synchronous loading loads items 1 by 1 – it is the slowest.
  • lazy loading starts loading when data is asked – it is faster and you get first result back quickly.
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[C++] Include Static library in Static Library

Environment : MSVC2013, Windows 7 (x64), C++

I’m trying to build my personal static library including open source library such as boost. However, There are some compile error such as C1083 error. 129 more words