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Add Model Validation to Your ASP.NET Core Web API

If you’re used to creating traditional Web APIs in ASP.NET, you’ve probably become accustom to using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations such as the or data attributes. Using these in your models that are parameters to your API project would return the proper… 413 more words


This $30 Backpack Has Everything You Need For Summer in One Compact Design

* A multi-functional backpack for summer fun
* Doubles as cooler, chair, foot stool and more
* Compact and comfortable to carry

Making a case for itself as the ultimate summer festival and beach-trip go to… 252 more words


How to create log file in C#

While developing application we always require to track application by logs. Log file normally contains information about important events, error and bugs. In this blog post we will see  how to create simple txt logger in our application. 45 more words


Article in Technical Magazine Programmez N° 219 – June 2018

May be in next June edition of french magazine Programmez, an article about creating a Windows Service. All the plumbing ! The second part will explain how to host a deamon inside and respond to external communication.


PRNG Tests Using the Now Superseded FIPS 140-1 by James Pate Williams, Jr., BA, BS, MSwE, PhD

This blog post is dedicated to Section 5.3.1 ANSI X9.17 generator page 173 with 5.11 Algorithm and Section 5.4.4 Five basic tests pages 181-183 especially 5.32 Note of the… 624 more words

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What I Learnt After Getting Cs and Ds During My University Days

This was the result from my first semester’s academic transcript in my first year of university.

When I received my first C- in my academic life as an undergraduate, I was awfully disappointed. 1,412 more words


Permutations in lexical order

How to generate permutations of n in lexical order? Just use the code below. 150 more words