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A325 C Lhiannan-Shee

Cost: 3 Attribute: Blue Position: All Limit:Gender: Female Pre-evolution:Evolution: UC Leanan sídhe Level Break Limit: 67 more words

A331 C Gnome

Cost: 2 Attribute: Black Position: All Limit:Gender: Male Pre-evolution:Evolution: R Gnome Level Break Limit: 99 more words

"This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way"

If you get this message it apparently has something to do with C++, I’m not a programmer but I’ve had to get computers out of a few more problems than I would like over the years. 431 more words


#NoobTips Pseudo Update method using Coroutines

You know what an Update method does. It loops indefinitely after the Start method is called. But sometimes we want some code to loop for a fixed amount of time. 140 more words