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Back to the basics...

While watching this course from K. Scott Allen I’ve re-learned some things about Object Oriented Programming, namely this ..

If you have a class…

public class GradeBook
    public List<int> ListOfNumbers { get; set; }

    public int ReturnLowest()
        int lowest = int.MaxValue;

        foreach (int number in ListOfNumbers)
            lowest = Math.Min(lowest, number);

        return lowest;
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紫春花 - 港油麻藤 a violet spring flower - hong kong mucuna (mucuna championii)




it was a great surprise spotting this beautiful native species during a hike around luk keng in mid march. the dark violet is so gracious. 132 more words

Plant 植物

Membuat 1 Solution dengan Multi Projects pada C#

Sebagai programmer C#, beberapa dari kita pasti pernah membuat program besar ataupun kecil. Saat kita membuat program kecil (bagaimana kalau kita menyebutnya tool) untuk membantu kinerja rekan-rekan kerja kita, pasti tanpa sadar kita sudah membuat banyak tool yang tersebar di kantor (entah ada yang digunakan maupun tidak). 580 more words

Information Technology

SLINGSHOT (A Prototype game in Unity3D)

So this is a prototype game I made in Unity based on the blog I wrote

The Science of “The Martian”


Introduction to ASP.NET Core part 27: showing the user status and logging out


In the previous post we looked at the basics of authorisation and the log in process in .NET Core. The Authorization attribute which can be used for controllers and action methods helps us introduce a basic form of restrictions. 962 more words



Every morning I wake up and look at a prayer card for St. Francis. I was at my home group one night, and about five minutes into the meeting I spotted two women looking a little lost in the hallway (aren’t we all a little lost in the “hallway?”). 209 more words


164. Write a program to initialize the member variable in different ways using constructor?

class demo
                int a,b;
                demo(int y,int z)
                void display()
                                cout<<"A = "<<a<<endl;
                                cout<<"B = "<<b<<endl;
void main()
                demo d(10,20);