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C# - Loop

Đôi khi code chúng ta cần phải thực thi lại đoạn code nào đó nhiều lần một cách tự động khi biết được số lần cần lặp hoặc chỉ cần lặp theo điều kiện; vượt khỏi số lần lặp và chỉ sai điều kiện thì nó sẽ thoát khỏi vòng lặp đó. 648 more words


Galaxy Force

Shooting in space, go!

The same, with our beloved black/white box pattern.


PUBLISHER: Activision (US), Sega (EU)


GENRE… 788 more words


WCF NetTcpBinding Bootcamp


WCF technology is a good and not complicated thing in general, especially the services with basic HTTP binding. But every time I need to develop TCP-binding ( 4,010 more words

SynchronizedCollection gotcha!

Continuing the journey started at my previous blog post. While working with SynchronizedCollection class I’ve found some oddities, which you should be aware off, if you want to use it. 395 more words


Tactics RPG Intro To A.I.

I’m currently hard at work preparing A.I. for this project. I was hoping to have it ready to share today – it works, but I am still polishing the code and working on writing the accompanying tutorial. 2,883 more words


Simple C++11 - Part I - Unit Structure

C++ has long had the stigma of an overlay complex and unproductive language. Lately, with the advent of C++11, things have brightened a bit, but there are still a lot of misconceptions about the language. 937 more words