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We're Still Here and Going!!

Aaaannd we are back!
We have had computer trouble for a little while that may not yet be resolved, and just plain slack about posting! 150 more words

Tech, Confusion, Revelations, and This Week Sucks

I am not a connected educator–my Twitter and blog are more background noise and my brain is too clogged with other information when the email alerts stream in about one thing or another. 199 more words


Managing deadlines

Bluntly, I’ve been falling behind badly when it comes to deadlines for the…what, eight different running projects? Sadly, I know that this is what we as teachers must face every day/week/month if we don’t get our things together properly and plan. 196 more words



There were three bugs in class this week.

Day 1: The Saga of Sam.

During a class held by a different teacher in the same building as my dyad CTs, my dyad partner and I were observing and helping out students as needed, as well as comparing his style to that of our male dyad CT. 216 more words


#NS10 My Favorite N&S fanfiction

After watching North & South¬†for the very first time, I was desperate to talk about the story with others because I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. 617 more words

Shenanigans: Theme of the week

Between fighting off illness and having a mid-quarter crisis (which is like midlife crisis, but every ten weeks), I’ve been less than productive. That said, the non-illness parts of this last month have been really interesting! 68 more words