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Midge and Jen Visit Chicago Costume

C2E2 is coming up…do you have your costume?

Here’s where to go…

Midge Anthony (Luv Cheez), from NUDE HIPPO, visits Courtland Hickey to see what is happening at Chicago Costume. 60 more words

DIY: Beauty and the Beast Cosplay- Part 2

If you’re new to the site, don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this tutorial- Beastly Cosplay Part 1- Digitigrade Legs.

As I explained in Part 1, my husband wants to cosplay as Beast for C2E2 this year. 1,039 more words

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C2E2 2018 prep

I’ve finally started on my newest (and first of the year) cosplay. My wig gets in today, which I’m stoked about. I still need to find boots (unless I figure out boot covers before April) and get foam for two props. 95 more words


Our 2017 in Jazz Hands: Another MCC Convention Photo-Op Gallery

Previously on Midlife Crisis Crossover, one year ago:

Here in the doldrums of January, when not much is going on outside our humble abode, my wife Anne and I have already tentatively mapped out our 2017 convention plans, with room for additions if any wild opportunities come up in the months ahead.

918 more words

DIY: Beauty and the Beast Cosplay- Part 1

It’s no secret that Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite fairy tale. Whether it’s the cartoon Disney version, the new live action movie, the original French story, or one of the hundreds of re-tellings out there, there’s just something beautiful about this magical tale. 1,123 more words

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A National Concern

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Sorry, but my life got complicated, but you’re empathic, you know what that is like.
I’ve got a lot of topics that I can write about; 661 more words


What Comic Conventions Can Do For You

We all know about comic conventions. San Diego Comic Con is one the most popular and celebrated conventions. It also gets the most screen time on television and social media. 977 more words