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A National Concern

It’s been awhile since I posted anything. Sorry, but my life got complicated, but you’re empathic, you know what that is like.
I’ve got a lot of topics that I can write about; 661 more words


What Comic Conventions Can Do For You

We all know about comic conventions. San Diego Comic Con is one the most popular and celebrated conventions. It also gets the most screen time on television and social media. 977 more words

C2E2 is Still Better than Comic Con

Yah, I said it.

I used to go do Wizard World Chicago every year, like a religious pilgrimage to the closest shrine of comic geekdom we had. 1,060 more words


The Geek World

I wasn’t exposed to anything geek related until I met and started going out with Richie. Richie has shown and opened a world that I want to part of. 336 more words

Writing about Film

Recently I’ve been able to do more of what I love: meaning, I have been watching a lot of film and occasionally writing about it. 227 more words

Comic Book Storytelling: Dirk Manning's Nightmare World Vol. 4

Comic Book Storytelling is back.  To kick things off we will talk about the final volume of Dirk Manning’s Nightmare World graphic novel series.

Nightmare World is a horror anthology but all the stories are written by Dirk Manning with a different artist on each one.  184 more words


C2E2 2017 | 3 Days of Nerd Prom!

Hello, Nerds! Well, after some recovery time, I can finally report back to you on how absolutely amazing C2E2 2017 was! There’s three days of fun to cover, so make sure you have some sort of delicious snack handy as you read on. 1,244 more words