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Phil Pringle peddles Word of Faith & Arian heresy: "God spoke Christ into creation before anything else"

Phil Pringle of Christian City Church (C3 Church), Oxford Falls preached a sermon titled, ‘Prophecy’. Not only did Phil Pringle espouse pure Word of Faith heresy, he also preached the damnable Arian heresy. 6,071 more words

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Former CHC fund manager: "I was brainwashed"

You cannot separate the anti-Christian theology and cult-like system of Kong Hee’s City Harvest Church with Brian Houston’s Hillsong, David Yonggi Cho’s Yoido-Full Gospel Church, Phil Pringle’s C3 Church and Peter Wagner’s New Apostolic Reformation. 642 more words


C3’s very own MystiChick Vicky Simpson gives God some space.

Chris Rosebrough, on a recent Fighting For The Faith program, reviewed C3 ‘prophetess’ Vicki Simpson, as she preached at C3 San Diego. In his review Chris makes it quite clear that when Vicki Simpson gets up to speak: 365 more words

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Phil Pringle once again endorses a damnable 'gospel' on his own blog.

A few years, ago we made our readers aware that Phil Pringle held to the damnable $Health and Wealth$ gospel. In his book ‘Dead for Nothing’, Pringle distorted the gospel of salvation by making the following claim: 866 more words

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Phil Pringle: spiritually abusing and fleecing attendees at Presence 2016

Earlier this year, Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith reviewed segments from Phil Pringle’s C3 Presence Conference in Sydney, Australia. Chris’ review includes:

  1. The lunacy of a totalitarian New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) “Apostle” Samuel Rodriguez promoting classic NAR ‘devilstomp’ (this is not a Christian doctrine).
  2. 864 more words
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A Hipster Church in Silicon Valley

These are interesting insights into C3 Silicon Valley,

A Hipster Church in Silicon Valley – Shane Rosenthal, 8/2/16
Shane Rosenthal of “The White Horse Inn” 3,274 more words

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Did C3 encourage members to lie on Australian Census form?

C3 encouraged its members to write ‘pentecostal’ in the ‘Other’ section in regards to religion on The Census. However, Pentecostalism was overthrown then destroyed by the false Apostles by the New Apostolic Reformation cult. 496 more words