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C3 Parramatta Scandal (Part 5) Phil Pringle's leadership - an unresolved mess


Phil Pringle and his cohorts continue to refuse to deal with issues that occured in the C3 Parramatta scandal 25 years ago… 1,583 more words

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C3 Parramatta Scandal (Part 4) Pringle regards pastors "gambling" worse than pastors defending a pedophile?

Although this scandal is old, this issue is important to analyse due to current events and behaviours we see in C3, Hillsong and the way they are governed. 861 more words

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Thus sayeth the windbag...

Here is Phil Pringle supposedly prophesying on behalf of God at Presence Conference 2015. We know he reads our site. So we assume he is aware that we have exposed his false prophecies in the past. 758 more words

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CWs promote hooded vacuum logic

Christians are called to be witnesses, from Jerusalem to the uttermost. Nowhere in scripture are we told to be secretive about our ministry.

So it’s weird, to say the least, and totally unbiblical, to see the CWs produce a graphic (slightly modified here) on their sites which promotes secret critics, anonymous fault-finders, and hidden denigrators. 3,207 more words


The Story's Inspiration

The goal of Christianity is not heaven when we die but Christlikeness now!! – C.S. Lewis

This implies that we can live a life with no regrets, but it also implies that your life is going to be filled with great stories.

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Chad Spriggs

Dossiers of discontent weigh down discerners

So-called self-styled discernment sites like the chookwatchers‘ numerous franchises attempt to convince their audience and supporters that they follow and adhere to Christian principles. 2,083 more words


'B.E' Inspired - C3E 'Confident & Free' Womans Conference DIY Notebooks

For this years C3 Church Edmonton ‘EveryWoman’ Conference I wanted to make the gift bags that all the lovely ladies got to take home even better than last year. 357 more words