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Vision Builders 2014 Information

The false doctrine on tithing is an illegal doctrine of the church; a legalistic heresy that is promoted by Prosperity Cults who do not rightly handle the different covenants between Ancient Israel and the covenant that God has made with New Testament believers. 1,056 more words

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There is a river: the one and only Phil Pringle.

On the first night of Presence 2015 (not the opening night), Phil Pringle had this to say about his upcoming Miracle Offering Session:

The river of Phil Pringle… 285 more words

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Should Tony Abbott endorse institutions that cover up pedophilia?

We recently covered the stories of C3 not reporting pedophilia to appropriate authorities and also attempting to cover it up.

And recently Tony Abbot and Mike Baird made appearance at Phil Pringle’s C3 Presence Conference. 510 more words

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Christian's petitioning for Hillsong to remove the disgraced Mark Driscoll from their Conferences

If you want to sign the below petition – click here.

Natalia Collins from the UK writes,

Remove Mark Driscoll from the Hillsong Europe Conference… 551 more words


C3 Penrith Scandal (Part 2) - The cover-up scandal that Pringle refused to deal with...

This is footage we have had for a number of years, exposing the cover up of pedophilia in a C3 Church. To this day, Phil Pringle never dealt with this issue. 130 more words

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God help Australia... Abbott & Baird speaking at C3 Presence Conference?

Yesterday, founder Phil Pringle of the C3 Church Movement, announced at his annual Presence Conference that MP Mike Baird and Prime Minister Tony Abbott will be speaking at his event at the end of this week. 742 more words

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Angels on trapeze are bringing miracles to people at C3 Presence Conference?

Are you getting ready to BUY your miracle from Phil and Chris Pringle at this years Presence Conference 2015 Miracle Offering?

Here is a small snippet of Chris Pringle emotionally manipulating people to give their hard earned cash back in 2013. 486 more words

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