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A Hipster Church in Silicon Valley

These are interesting insights into C3 Silicon Valley,

A Hipster Church in Silicon Valley – Shane Rosenthal, 8/2/16
Shane Rosenthal of “The White Horse Inn” 3,274 more words

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Did C3 encourage members to lie on Australian Census form?

C3 encouraged its members to write ‘pentecostal’ in the ‘Other’ section in regards to religion on The Census. However, Pentecostalism was overthrown then destroyed by the false Apostles by the New Apostolic Reformation cult. 496 more words


Official Statements Surrounding The City Harvest Church Crisis

This article was originally published on C3 Church Watch. We think it is important for readers to familiarize themselves with the article below in light of Kong Hee, Sun Ho and Phil Pringle demonizing Singaporean authorities. 622 more words

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Pringle claims Christ's death was in vain?

In a joint effort, Hillsong, City Harvest Church and C3 Church have pulled our YouTube account. This is an older article of ours that deserves to be republished to expose how Phil Pringle not only exploits the sick at his Presence Conference but blasphemes Jesus. 290 more words

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"Speak" by C3 Church | #discover

Every Tuesday we like to connect you with artists that are up-and-coming or more on the DL. As a worship discovery site, our passion is for underground / emerging artists and we hope that these songs enrich your worship experience. 235 more words


Purpose-Driven NARpostles.

Note: There are no such thing as modern-day Apostles. Therefore, to expose the New Apostolic Reformation teachings on modern-day Apostles, we call them NARpostles.



I'm Over It. I'm Restored.

Any time you get a little bit out of your comfort zone, creativity must ensue. That’s what I was reawakened to this weekend. It’s actually a natural by-product of moving out of your comfort zone – or in my case, being pushed out like an unwilling fledgling bird (what’s the name of a baby bird) being forced to learn how to fly. 703 more words