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Are Phil Pringle's 'visions' from God just as infallible as the NT Apostolic letters?

Is your leader just as infallible as Phil Pringle? Are  your leaders’ visions as divinely inspired as the writings of scripture? C3 Global Church members accept this premise. 673 more words

New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

Reminder: Phil Pringle's NARpostleship, connections with C. Peter Wagner & his false apostolic testimony.

CWC can demonstrate Phil Pringle has long been an apostle in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) cult by republishing some old articles documenting his early beginnings and association with the leading figure of the NAR, C. 5,648 more words

C3 Church

Phil Pringle portrays pedophile Frank Houston as a legitimate 'Shepherd' in his book 'You The Leader'.

Phil Pringle is an Apostle of the global New Apostolic Reformation cult. He is also publicly recognised and endorsed by its top leader C. Peter Wagner as an “apostolic leader.” In this article it is our aim to highlight just how connected and unethical Apostles are in the NAR and how willing they are to cover-up or brush over crimes or criminals in their movement – in this case Frank Houston. 1,295 more words