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I'm Over It. I'm Restored.

Any time you get a little bit out of your comfort zone, creativity must ensue. That’s what I was reawakened to this weekend. It’s actually a natural by-product of moving out of your comfort zone – or in my case, being pushed out like an unwilling fledgling bird (what’s the name of a baby bird) being forced to learn how to fly. 703 more words


City Harvest leader rebukes Singapore Diplomat, elevates Kong Hee to Messiah


Dangerous cults present its leaders as Messiah-like figures. When cults do this, it reinforces the idea to members that they should not or cannot question their leaders. 1,405 more words

City Harvest Church

Singapore warns Japan over Australian conman's protege

We can safely say that C3 Church leadership (in Sydney, Australia) are incredibly unhappy with the way that Phil Pringle is still misleading his church into believing that Kong Hee is facing unfair persecution by Singaporean authorities. 900 more words

City Harvest Church

C3 advert exposes Presence Conference is of pagan origin

Phil Pringle in his advert for Presence Conference 2016 is not appealing to Christianity but rather pagan mysticism. In this article – we expose the lies and theological bankruptcy behind his Presence advert. 1,342 more words

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Exposing the "Sunday Morning Stickup".

The secular media sees it, but sadly some segments of the Christian community just don’t see it.

A lot of people attending ‘ministries’ like Hillsong, C3 Church, City Harvest Church Singapore, New Creation Church Singapore, Yoido Full Gospel Church, Saddleback Church, Northpoint Community Church, to name a few, just do not get it. 2,883 more words


C3's Alex Farncomb reviewed on Fighting for the Faith

In the introduction to his program “Fighting For The Faith”, Chris Rosebrough took some time outlining his thoughts about Alex Farncomb’s sermon “I’m Happy Without Jesus” in the lead-up to reviewing the segment. 473 more words

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