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I have been looking into some concept artists to try and develop my own style through practicing by repeating masterpieces of professionals. I love Star Wars and to start this long journey I thought it only fitting to begin here. 457 more words


TISZTA SZÍVVEL (Kills on Wheels)

“The chief success of Tiszta Svívvel is its ability to switch confidently and effectively between the thoughtful, the action-packed and the at times downright ridiculous…” 733 more words

*Contains Recycled Content (Part 4)

The clip show keeps rolling along! We’re now onto the prequel trilogy. As you know, prequels are always super awesome and far better loved than the originals… 1,206 more words


Spoilers: Smuggler's Bounty Droid Box

Funko is at Disneys D23 Expo this weekend and did a couple of umboxings. One of those was the Smuggler’s Bounty Droid box. They also revealed that the next box’s theme will be Jedi. 70 more words


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

Now I’m not saying that George Lucas was actually inspired by medieval artefacts from Rome but…

D’you see it!?



Les derniers Jedi - Bande-Annonce

Aujourd’hui, j’ai eu l’occasion de regarder à nouveau la bande-annonce du prochain film Star Wars, Les derniers Jedi de Rian Johnson.


Après la découverte que les héros de son enfance existent bel et bien, Rey continue ses aventures aux côtés de Luke Skywalker. 484 more words

Bandes Annonces

Weiss Schwarz: Star Wars Trial Deck Review

Greetings Star Wars fans! The time has finally arrived- Star Wars has come to Weiss Schwarz! This highly anticipated set has been released and as promised I will be discussing it starting with the trial deck. 2,563 more words

Weiss Schwarz