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Inktober 20/16

Hari ini banyak kerja. Tak ada karikatur manusia. Watak dari Star Wars saja, Chewbacca, R2D2 dan C3PO.


Personal Hygiene Required

This morning I awoke confused and unsure of my location. My body felt like a wreckage of stiffness, aching, and soreness.

In the bathroom I stared at the person in the mirror and thought, “F—k, you’ve got to fix your face” 130 more words


Yes, It's Star Wars

Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977)

I will not dignify this with its subtitle. It’s Star Wars. I caught a glimpse of it at one of those horrible grown-up parties where kids were summarily thrown upstairs with an underpaid baby sitter and forced to hang out with a bunch of strange children. 355 more words


A brief guide to the Star Wars universe: C3PO


This intelligent humanoid droid is one of the more intellectual of the droids that we see in Star Wars. With over six million forms of communication to his name, C3PO’s services often come in handy, such as translating Ewok speak. 59 more words


It's A Great New Lego Star Wars Level, But It's PlayStation-'Exclusive'

(Source: kotaku.com)

Famous droid C3PO had a red arm In last year’s Star Wars The Force Awakens. The reason why was explained in a Marvel comic… 877 more words