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I'm Hard...

…ly paying attention to anything right now.


Superheroes to protect your keys!

Movies based on DC (Detective Comics) and Marvel characters have become real popular and have taken the comic book industry to a whole new level. Be it Batman or Antman or Deadpool, their movies have shaped these characters so strong that just like a nicotine-addicted-brain, we humans wait for the sequels to come every year!! 316 more words


Blue Highways

In a galaxy far, far away, or more accurately, during a time long, long ago……Bill and I loved to take road trips. The truth is, I think our hearts are still willing, but our bodies are not. 699 more words


Agents vs Robots

For the sake of discussion, let’s call a system an agent if it has a mental embodiment, and a robot if it has both a mental and physical embodiment. 199 more words

We all have our own hell

I once thought that I was good for nothing.

I’d like to stress this early that this ain’t a drama series just so I could save some of your time. 1,362 more words

Misty Chase