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Episode 48 – Back to Back with the Diad

Here’s something special, a free picks episode in which I team up with one of my VGM podcasting heroes – the Diad! Join us as we crank the ‘tude up to 11 and jam on some deep cuts from adult visual novels, isometric adventure games, street basketball simulations, and bizarre movie tie-ins! 126 more words


Can an 8-Bit Computer Run On Love? Or Is It Just A Desperate Bid For Attention?

Yesterday evening, the kiddos, most likely in a desperate attempt to get some attention from me, and having a vague understanding of my weird interests, entered my room and demanded I show them a computer restoration video. 762 more words


Briley Witch RPG Diary – 10/06/2018

SprEd, My Sprite Editor.

A few things have happened recently while coding my C64 RPG, one of them being my own sprite editor, one I’ve (rather boringly) named… 517 more words


I know it's late, I couldn't wait

Debunking Hello again!

Hello again from me! I feel I must explain about what I‘ve been doing in recent months since my last blog entry on here.

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Bounder [Game Review]

Bounder was not a game I played much in its original C64 incarnation. I think I did eventually own it, but by that time I had so many games that I only ever really played a handful of my favourites. 1,178 more words

Game Reviews

Terrible Old Games You've Probably Never Heard Of by Stuart Ashen [Book Review]

I don’t know about you, but writing a bad review always seems so much easier and more fun than writing a good one. I’m not a nasty person (honestly!), but it is a lot simpler to heap ridicule on something truly awful than to write a more balanced review about something that is good (or even just mediocre). 692 more words