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Shoreham Gallery

It was busy in the gallery today and I met lots of friendly people.  One lovely customer gave me this beautiful “cabbage flower”.  What a kind thing to do – I decided not to try and eat it and as advised put it in a vase…… Thank you  :-)


Day 303 - Cabbage Flower

I really like this flower, it is very unusual and pretty. The only problem is that after a few days it can get very smelly. We got some before, walked into a room and the smell was very bad; we had started blaming the cat until we realized it was the plant.


Cabbage Flowers

Cabbage flowers make my heart sing.  Their name is deceptively mundane – conjuring up images of a bland-tasting vegetable taking up space in an otherwise adequate $10 laksa, or an abandoned plastic Cabbage Patch doll in a Toys’R’Us carpark, but the humble cabbage flower is so much more than its name implies. 118 more words


*video* :) Fun with grocery store flowers

It’s so easy to swing by the floral department on a trip to the grocery and pick up a couple of bouquets for under $20.  But then what do you do with them when you get home?   306 more words

a vasefull of cabbage

I entered the flower shop with a red autumn bouquet in mind and walked out with some cabbage.

Ornamental cabbages love the cool weather and when the late autumn frost bites them, their center leaves begin to change color resulting in this beautiful shade of purple.


An Ode. To Cabbage.

I was sat, yesterday evening, in my Mother’s kitchen, deep in discussion regarding the frivolities of her relentlessly busy day, when I noticed behind her, one of the most obscure flowers I have ever seen. 787 more words

Brussels Sprouts

a modest begining...

Painting is never easy! Let me tell ya!

I probably don’t have to tell you…if you are a painter, you already know! Its especially hard when you haven’t been painting consistently. 216 more words