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Quick Weight Loss Plan - Cabbage Soup Diet 2.0 step by step Guide and Manual

First of all, I’ll be brutally honest with you. Not everybody can lose pounds as successfully as others. Just as we all have individual personalities, so too we each have our own metabolism, body shape and predisposition to the lighter or heavier end of the scale. 257 more words

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For this article, I am skipping the sombre side of being fat, and examine dieting…yes, dieting that forever kept me fatter.  Some diets melt the pounds off rapidly, so you begin to appear curvy, fitting into smaller sizes, receive compliments, then, … 740 more words


Fad Diets - Skinny Celebrities Can Afford the Health Costs. Can You?

One of the issues we face dieting is learning how to manage hunger. Whether its that mid afternoon slump, or mid morning cravings, being hungry for too long is a fast way to derail all our good intentions to turn over a new lettuce leaf. 524 more words

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Proper Food And Cabbage Soup Diet Preparation - 7 Secrets to Unlock Nutritional Value

If you think buying, cooking and eating fresh, natural, organic whole foods would be adequate to get the most nutrition, you would only be partially correct. 799 more words

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Cabbage Soup Diet Day 3

Weight 266

In 2 days I lost 4 pounds…

Today was a bit all over the place. I started out with my yogurt and a coffee. 119 more words

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 2

Weight – 267.2 (down 2.8)

Today was a write off. I woke up at 5am with the worst migraine I’ve had in years. I spent the day face down in a pillow, or hugging the toilet. 89 more words

Cabbage Soup Diet Day 1

Starting Weight – 270

When I got pregnant with my first, I was at my highest weight ever. I went to the Doc to double check the + test and he did the usual blood pressure check and weight in. 407 more words