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Book Corner – June 2017 (2)

Cabin Fever – B M Bower

If I hadn’t been so concerned about my mortality – yes, this is one of the 50, or rather, 150 masterpieces to read before you die – I wouldn’t have read this charming and impressive book. 472 more words


June 19, 2017

Books are for those who have cabin fever but can’t physically escape.

-Someone, somewhere (aka me)

Last 100 pages of Anna Karenina? Challenge accepted. 38 more words


Watched - 16 June 2017

It was a super low-key week for me. I didn’t make it to the theater like I wanted to and I only caught one film this week. 411 more words


1. Cabin Fever.

Binge watching. Dressing gowns. Insanity. These are the words that come to mind when I think of what my week (month) has consisted of.

When I came home from college at the beginning of May I had a picture in my head that my summer would look something like this: a job that pays decently, seeing my friends all the time, sunshine, beach parties, shopping sprees due to the aforementioned job etc etc. 475 more words



I like the outdoors as much as the next person by I sleep inside. Longstanding personal requirement. The kids and julio can camp if they want but I need some mental separation from animals and especially bugs. 88 more words


How to survive Typhoon Day

Get your room cozy and your shiz ORGANISED… how have I not lost all my belongings??

Entertain yourself by playing with yummy chateau makeup to match your  63 more words

Straights A's

When I was 28 living in Atlanta I wrote down my goals. I read someplace that a study found that people who wrote down their goals were x percent more likely to achieve them than people who just thought and hoped. 303 more words