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Writer's Block: It's Real

That’s by far my favorite saying about the writing profession. I’ve heard writers say that the dreaded writer’s block is just a myth. I’m not going to tell them that they’re wrong, but my personal experience is that blocks are real. 1,401 more words

Writing Craft

Cabin Fever

We’ve all had one of those days…😁


Cabin Fever

It’s Cabin Fever Friday! This week Trapper embodies one of his cinematic heroes with less than impressive results.  😜

What’s your favorite Indie movie?


Going Viral

We are currently in the throes of hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and facing a week or so of quarantine, while symptoms abate. My fever, of the cabin variety will definitely peak, but The Sausage is the one who’s suffering. 428 more words


Cabin Fever

There’s nothing like a little nature walk.  😁


Classic Horror Movies: Cabin Fever Trilogy


Een trilogie over een bloedvirus dat op snelle manier slachtoffers maakt. Eli Roth weet weer een geweldige lugubere horrorfilm met daaruit twee vervolgen. 395 more words

All Of The Above

Movie Thread: Film Original VS Film Remake

Nggak cuma plastik yang harus didaur ulang, tapi ternyata film juga. Menurut lo kenapa film-film itu harus dibuat re-make nya? Menurut gue sih buat menjaga orisinalitas dari ide film tersebut, meskipun film… 320 more words