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Cabin Fever

Gazing out my window

Roof drips melted snow

Crystal droplets slide down glass

Each one trails one another

Racing to awaken spring grass


Snow Days 1/5 Stars, Would Not Recommend 

We’ve lost that loving feeling
Remember that time that our kids went to school? I think it was called 2015 and it was pretty awesome. I admit I was a little bit excited about seeing the pretty snow and having a day off but the truth is, when a snow day overstays its welcome, the harsh reality sets in. 518 more words

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You GOTTA read this post! Anyone who has "survived" snow days with their kiddos will identify with Simon. Teachers will secretly laugh, until they have to make up all that time on a Saturday....

I Love Movies | Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever remake by the gore-tastic filmmaker, Eli Roth. I can vaguely remember the original but I did enjoy the tasteful gore and scares.

Scouring the internet can be fun, so hope this gets the ball rolling for this site.


There's a Blizzard Out There!

02 February 2016, Hastings, Nebraska.

For those of you not really paying attention to the national (or international, I suppose) news, it snowed all barking night here. 642 more words


45 Cures for Cabin Fever

Stuck inside? Make cabin fever fun by trying something new.

Set a new world record and register it on Recordsetter.com.  There’s even a junior division, with records like… 1,813 more words


Dear Groundhog …

Dear Groundhog,

I’ve been asked to speak to you as a representative from the bipedal, furless community & to offer you what we feel is a lucrative business proposition. 514 more words

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever is defined as “boredom, restlessness, or irritability that results from a lack of environmental stimulation,” according to freedictionary.com. The term originates from a time when snow isolated people in tiny backwoods cabins. 764 more words