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Digital Publishing: Essay

My house is a library, everywhere shelves of books, music, and film. This is a passion and comfort I share with my partner and our children. 3,628 more words


Rainy write-off

Good lord..

What an awwwwwful-toddler-terrible-twos day.
Earlier I felt like I was going to explode.
It is freezing today. It is pissing with rain. I decided we might as well try our first cinema visit. 105 more words


Chemo & Cabin Fever

July has been a busy month! There has been lots of birthdays including my husband’s and outings to go with them too. I’ve also managed to fit in a concert and a mini break to Cornwall so I haven’t really given chemo a chance to get to me. 457 more words

Cabin Fever

It’s the Summer – that’s meant to be a good thing right? For me it’s not really turning out that way, don’t get me wrong the sunshine streaming through my window currently is gorgeous and I am eternally grateful that I have no deadlines to adhere to for a few weeks but honestly I’m bored to death. 323 more words


198 - I'm not dead

Yes, it’s been ten days since my last post –┬ápartly because I’ve been avoiding you and partly because it’s been school holidays and I just kinda let everything slide… 852 more words

STARDATE - 20065.3

Leenda Valda, back on her homeworld, stands once again, in the grand crystalline chamber, before the elders. And once again, she is lying.

‘Yes, i have just recently been in talks with the computer, or the new life form, whichever you prefer, in fact, that’s a massive over-sight on my behalf there, i haven’t actually asked if it has a name…i will rectify this however, as soon as i return, you know, i really do look forward to re-joining the crew, they are a strange bunch and terribly draining, but i do love them so…’ 4,813 more words