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500 And 1 Words At A Time: Storyteller Takes A Day Off

My apologies if you came here looking for your noon (ish) fix of Puddles and Whiskers, Nail Clippers, or the soon (ish) to be restarted Worldship Horizon. 480 more words


Unedited stream-of-consciousness grumbling paragraph on being stuck inside in the office on a beautiful spring-like day

Only humans are stupid enough to stay inside a “box” (building) that they’ve built themselves, working themselves into a mind-numbing, soul-killing stupor or boredom and silent fury, just for the sake of not breaking w/ “convention” and continuing to type away at a thing w/ little plastic buttons b/c that somehow “earns their keep” on this world by magically generating some sort of profit to the plastic-hitters by an abstract accumulation of paper to their name that we have arbitrarily assigned value via “buying power.”

84 more words

Self Love

Regard for one’s own well-being  and happiness

Every winter in Upstate New York, I tend to get cabin fever; I’m sure I’m not the only one at that too. 461 more words



The basic definition for Cabin Fever is—irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter. Of course, that could be a description of me at any time of the year. 508 more words

Cabin Fever Lecture Series: The Birds of Taiwan

On Thursday, February 9,  at the Ilsley Public Library in Middlebury, Otter Creek Audubon held our second of three Cabin Fever Lecture series presentation of the winter. 103 more words


Cabin Fever

(This is the entrance to our shared driveway. Those puddles are about a foot deep).

Its been raining since Monday and I am missing being outdoors. 277 more words


they're calling it a snowmageddon

It’s been a week today since Vancouver and the Fraser Valley got blasted with historic levels of snow, ice, and wind. That’s one week of being cooped up in the house with two kids and a mind that’s slowly (rapidly) going insane. 414 more words