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The Cabin

my body is a wooden cabin
rusting in a storm
the rain teasing out mildew
from its marrow.

this cabin has doors boarded
up with lead. 132 more words


The Cabin In The Woods (2012) Review


So me and a few friends decided to have something of a movie night and my pick of a movie was Cabin in the Woods, the reason for this is because it is one of my all time favourite movies and a lot of my friends hadn’t seen it yet. 696 more words


Five film characters I'd like to take a road trip with TODAY :: Friday Five

Five film characters I’d like to take a road trip with TODAY :: Friday Five

1. Margot, Take This Waltz

Video killed the radio star… 25 more words


Mind Games

The front room of the flat was in its usual state. My desk was cluttered with case notes and half written drafts. Sarah’s saxophone stood proudly on its stand, next to a coffee-stained pile of music sheets. 3,890 more words


DIE (Flash Fiction)

I woke up with a start, sat up and looked around, disoriented for a few minutes. Taking in whatever I could make out in the dim light that was coming from under a door. 736 more words

Background tweak

I realized that the white background made the picture that much lighter which detracted from it. Only change is grey background instead of white.


Cabin in the Woods 2.6 (Spring 2015)

Spring brings new life to the island and the cabin!

My only connection to the outside world is my mobile phone, which had to be replaced after it took a spill in the drink with me. 703 more words