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Yes, You Definitely Need a Gnome For Your Cabin. Here's Why:

Whenever I arrive at the cabin, before unloading our duffel bags and the cold-chest out of the back of the Jeep, I walk the barely-there path to the screen door and simultaneously reach for its handle and bend down to pat Woody on his little pointy head. 494 more words

Cabin Style

Things I Bought For My Cabin Because I Miss It: 2016 Edition

January is over and that’s a good thing. I had a little meltdown recently because my post-holiday slump was dragging me down the rabbit hole and it lasted a whole freakin’ month. 779 more words

Cabin Style

How to Keep Toasty Warm During Winter

Winter officially began on December 22nd, but the chilly weather started long before then. Add to that the fact that tomorrow is Christmas and I think we all wish we were cuddled up by a roaring fire drinking egg nog and roasting chestnuts. 267 more words

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How to Stay Happy in the Dark of Winter

As we edge closer to December 22, each day gets darker and darker. I begin my day in the dark — and my day isn’t even close to ending when darkness falls again; I often have a compulsion to put my jammies on before I’ve even figured out what we’re having for dinner. 1,038 more words

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The Social Media Introvert's Guide to Instagram (plus Cabin Crush's Top 9 Instagrammers)

Of all the social media outlets, Instagram is my favorite. Despite carving out my own little corner of the inter webs, I’m sort of a social media dum dum when it comes to the rest. 778 more words

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