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Cloudy Days Good As Sunshine

This cabinet card has so much going for it!  From the lovely studio backdrop, to the girl’s big eyed, faraway stare,  to the awkward pose made to show off her dress bustle (and wow, what a bustle!)  … 606 more words

From the grave

Pat Cook’s family portrait wound up in a sale basket in Archbold, Ohio. While the cabinet card shows a lot of wear, and the mother and daughter on the left appear ghostly pale, the overall depth and detail of the sitter’s images held up well.   740 more words

Until the serpent crossed her path

I picked up these old photos from a wonderful shop on etsy, The Wurdeman Studio.  If you love old things, especially photos and jewelry, take a moment to check it out. 840 more words

Selections from 'Ghosts'

Article Dedication 

in Honor of

Martin Sharp  &  Caroline Coon


Phantom images from verso of cabinet cards…

Selections from Ghosts artist’s book by Daniel D. 11 more words

New Blog For Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Archival Collection

Unrelenting Death

This cabinet card was found in a Goshen, Indiana shop and features Lizzie and Emma Boeckling during happier times; I uncovered a sad tale during my research. 568 more words

You Had Me at Fancy Yarns

Well, doesn’t he look spiffy!  He’s even sporting a cane!  I fell for this cabinet card the moment I saw it in an antique shop in Auburn, Indiana.  298 more words

Cabinet Cards

Here I will list Cabinet Cards I have acquired.

Above: “F. LUCKHAM, 33 Hunter St. West, Newcastle N. S. W. (Australia)”
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