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South Africans take to the Streets

The 7th of April was a monuments day. On Friday, the people of South Africa came together in all of the big cities to protest against our leader. 825 more words


The Next Rainbow

“When the sun rises over South Africa this morning it will be a new country.”

In the first few minutes after Jacob Zuma’s midnight purge, the Facebook status of columnist Marianne Thamm spoke the feelings of a great many South Africans. 1,093 more words


Will ANC ever purge corrupt sytems?

The aftermath of cabinet reshuffle has seen Lots of disgruntled South Africans took to the streets in a bid to oust president Jacob Zuma. Notwithstanding that some were ernoumously intimidated by pro-zuma faction amid this widespread #ZumaMustFall protest on friday. 236 more words


Zuma a Day Before April Fool's

Zuma a Day Before April Fool’s

A snake may have no ears,
but it doesn’t mean it is deaf. Under that
scaly head, attached to its jaws, 117 more words

The ANC Did Not Liberate South Africa

To understand why ANC members make utterances that contradict the spirit of the Constitution whenever their party and its president are threatened, we need to understand why the party is so distant from the Constitution. 1,165 more words


4 April 2017 - Revolving Doors

Standard and Poor downgrade SA bonds to junk status, highlighting the cabinet reshuffle as one of the reasons


Junk Status: The Gift We Never Wanted

On Sunday,  our shell-shocked country yet survived two pressers. The first was by the Parliamentary Speaker. Its late start bit into the official opposition’s airtime. The second was by the DA on the disciplinary actions against Helen Zille, and the march to the vicinity of Luthuli House. 1,231 more words

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