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Why Knitting Isn't the Most Apt Zombie Surivial Skill or It's Silly But I Enjoy it Anyway

One of my favorite zombie survival skills is knitting, although it is probably one of the more niche and less necessary of skills. Chances are pretty good that properly gauged knitting needles, patterns, and yarn itself will be in low supply, should some end-of-the-world scenario take place. 656 more words


Boho Blues Neck Warmer, or, I Love Stress

This past Christmas, I was looking for something quick and fun to knit as a reward for keeping up with my crazy busy work schedule. I also wanted to work with chunky yarn, because I was craving squishiness in my projects. 464 more words


hands on ~ cables

You might have noticed, if you’re following this blog – it snowed.

I know this is really no big deal to the folks up north, where our icy pre-dawn low temps are their winter warm spells, but for us – it’s tremendous. 119 more words

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Still nuts for knitting right now!

I’ve been sneaking in a little knitting when I can. It’s been a struggle though and some weeks I’ve managed only one row before other things demanded my time instead. 700 more words

Knitting à-La-Go-Go

Knitting this week (sorry, works in progress only):

Ethel practiced some cable stitches from Alice Starmore Aran Knitting.

Ethel says she and Rachel have started… 95 more words


Hats! Hats! Hats!

One of the greatest things about cold weather (one of the ONLY great things about cold weather) is the chance to wear the things you’ve been knitting all year. 914 more words

Baby blanket Sweet Cloud

This time I want to show you another knitting project – a baby blanket, which I call Sweet Cloud. The blanket has been made for my baby boy, who is due in April 2015. 208 more words