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Pink Basketweave Sweater

A new top for spring! And the way it’s been warming up lately, just in time. Sigh. I don’t really feel I got full use out of my winter wardrobe this year. 402 more words


Learning to Love the Rib...

…one (tongue-in-cheek) meditative stitch at a time.

There has been frustration. There will be frustration. This week, I am ignoring the frustration. Frustration, thy name is rib stitch…this week, however, I’ve decided it’s somewhat soothing. 693 more words


Knitting with Cables

In all honesty, I really don’t like cable knitting. I find it to be way too laborious. I like my knitting to flow. I want to just keep going and going in a smooth forward movement.When cabling, I find all that fiddling with the cable needle really puts a kink in my groove. 232 more words

Getting Crafty

In Defense of DPNs...

I feel I have a need to defend my dpns this week. They are my favorite “in the round” needle. They are used for most of my projects. 1,020 more words


Testers Wanted: Men's Zipped Jacket

Hi All! I’ve just opened up the test for Atticus Men’s Zipped Jacket over in the Free Pattern Testers Group on Ravelry, If you’re interested (or know anyone who might be) please follow… 12 more words


It's Officially Spring Break! There Will Be Knitting....

….There will be sewing/quilting….and yes….(There will be (some) studying).

But the focus does not have to be on the studying for the next week. So long as I read ahead in    the classes that allow for it. 690 more words


Lifelines and the Mail...

I think I’m growing up knit-wise…I actually willing inserted a lifeline in this sock….before I screwed it up….I forgot my undershirt today, but I remembered I needed lifelines. 507 more words