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The Firefight Let Down: The Fallen World Recap

We were expecting a full blown firefight in last night’s episode of The Fallen World and that’s not what we got. Yes, there was a firefight, but it was on a much lower level than we had anticipated. 60 more words


Fan Favorites Return in Blue River

Last night’s episode of Blue River began the two-part episode, “Brothers Mansfield” and it is the show’s highest-rated episode of the season thus far and is its most-watched since the season three finale in May. 166 more words


What's Next for Westfield Asylum

Westfield Asylum is still reeling from the death of its previous episode, and this week, we saw the aslyum in true asylum fashion. The inmates went crazy, both mentally and psychically because doing things “normal” people wouldn’t do. 20 more words


Blue River Focuses on Love

Blue River has certainly had a slow start to its fourth season, and we can see why the ratings have steadied. The misfit group expresses its love for those they love is the main focus on the episode and it felt more like a drama on a broadcast network than a zombie series on A&E. 19 more words


The Fallen World Turns the Tide

Last night the group stumbled upon what remained of the Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, and surprisingly, the interior was largely intact. They met an agent there who managed to get access into the satellite and show the team what the rest of the country looked like. 73 more words


Westfield Asylum's Shocking-But Not Really-Episode

Well, it happened. The end of Karl trial arrived last night and it was not really shocking to us, as we knew it would be coming. 65 more words


The Iconic Key Tower Leans in The Fallen World

Last night on The Fallen World, the group manages to come upon Cleveland’s iconic Key Tower and finds it leaning, you know, since Cleveland is largely a marsh. 51 more words