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Ultimatums and Departures on the Midseason Finale of The Fallen World

Its felt like a while since the last episode of The Fallen, and remember how we said the show was going to drag out the firefight for as long as possible? 121 more words


In Mourning: Blue River Recap

Last week saw the death of Oliver’s wife along with several other characters and this week focused on the aftermath of such. We got to see how Oliver and Jenna met and how they always vowed to be each other’s side no matter where they were. 138 more words


Emotions Run High On Blackflower Asylum

With the riots and chaos gone within the asylum, the show can now focus on its characters with severe mental issues. We’ve seen breakdowns, but tonight was all about the emotions. 90 more words


Secrets of the Decades, Feud: Bette and Joan & The Shape of Water Lead the Critics' Choice Award Nominations

The Critics’ Choice Award nominations were announced this morning and they featured many of favorite television shows, as well as those movies we haven’t seen, but probably will. 105 more words

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What is the RED on Westfield Asylum?

That was the question that dominated the show last night? What in the hell is RED? Is it bad? Is it good? Whatever it is, it’s a mystery. 111 more words


Oliver Loses His Wife on Blue River

We knew it was coming and it finally came, but that didn’t make it any better when we watched Jenna slip further away until she was nothing. 149 more words


Mental Breakdowns & Subsiding Riots on Blackflower Asylum

After weeks of riots that only got worse and bloodier, the riots finally began to break up in last night’s episode of Blackflower Asylum. And while they’re breaking up, we caught a glimpse of the mental breakdown of Chloe, which will likely not be a good thing in the future. 35 more words